How much Internet Bandwidth does a typical family need? (2018/2019)

Hello in this video I want to talk about how much internet a typical household family might need So I have two main providers in my area I have Mediacom and CenturyLink and I want to look at what they are offering on the website here I haven’t punched my address in but this I was able to pull this up so they have internet 60 internet 100 internet 200 and internet 500 and gigabyte at mediacom and then CenturyLink has this up to 20 megabit 40 to 80 megabit and 100 to 140 megabit service I do know they put fiber in here so I could get gigabit at my house I don’t see it on here, but that doesn’t really matter for what I’m talking about If you’re a power user what I’m talking about here is probably irrelevant If you download super large files all the time, you probably already know what you need for Internet But this is just someone who’s just starting out in a new area. It needs to get internet How much should they get one place to look here is? Netflix has this help file and it says internet speed recommendations and they recommend they say you have to have a half megabit is required and then one point five megabits is Recommended and three megabits recommended for SD five megabits recommended for HD and 25 megabits Recommended for ultra HD. So I think most people are going to fall into this a 5 megabit category So it’s 5 megabits per second recommend for HD content. That’s very common on Netflix If we go over to Vudu, you’ll see something kind of similar. It says SD requires one megabit HD requires 4 point 5 mega bit and UHD requires 11 megabit here again 5 megabits kind of a target when you’re looking at internet speed you need to look at you really want to consider video because text like email text downloading pictures social networking that stuff is going to be lower bandwidth consumption than Video video is going to take up the most so what I tend to like to recommend is you get about 5 megabits per person in the household that could potentially be streaming video at the same time or Internet users in general if you have a household of four and you have Two parents a teenager and maybe like a three-year-old So then you have three people that are probably using the Internet somewhat regularly I recommend about 5 megabits per person and then add 5 on top just for extra breathing room so for 3 people I would recommend get at least 20 megabit download speed if we look here at the marketing here We have internet 60 it says stream music download files and surf web up to 2 to 4 Devices at a time if we go to 100. It says 4 to 6 devices at a time Internet 200 says 6 to 8 and Internet 500 said gigabit it says it’s perfect speed for everyone in your home Doesn’t give a speed. So let’s look at internet 500 Well, when we looked at Netflix that said you need 5 megabits to download HD video So here it says this is for 8 to 12 people So if we take 12 times 5 we’re getting 60 if you look here the lowest is 60 so in perfect situation Like if you could get that full 60, this should be plenty to download HD streams for those 12 people You know the marketing here they act like you need this 500 megabit to do that Well, you don’t the 60 would be fine Although if you had 12 people you might want to bump up to the hundred just for some breathing room It’s not I’m talking about kind of the minimums. You’d want to get the same here We look it says up to 100 megabit to connect multiple users and 10 plus devices Same thing here. So, you know a household of four, you know, I said would probably want 20 megabit But you look here the price they have this deal where you can get 40 to 80 so I would go with the 40 to 80 there and maybe you Really have a tough budget and it’s cheaper to get the 20 you could start with the 20 one thing to consider is you might ask when you’re ordering it how hard it is to upgrade so you can start with a minimum start at 20 and then if that Doesn’t work go up to the next level in your area because everyone’s gonna have different plans I’m sure for that. Another thing to consider is latency. Like if you’re a gamer you want high? Lower latency, which is the time to connect to sites and that’s hard to judge I don’t see that advertised a lot on these you can probably go to sites online They might have ratings for which Internet is good for gaming. So that might be something to look into Another thing to consider is that the site you’re connecting to may be overwhelmed and you might not get the speed So say you have 5 megabits dedicated to Netflix well if Netflix was overwhelmed or that the backbone can’t handle your 5 megabit and doesn’t matter that you have the five megabit you the other end needs to be able to handle the speed you have so if you Can’t get fast internet where you live. So say you’re in a rural area and you can get five megabit I wouldn’t rule out streaming. Well rule out streaming. Maybe you could probably stream one stream pretty good Maybe a low-res stream but something to consider is to get a tablet like I use an iPad and all the apps all the big Apps like Vudu Netflix and such you can download your movie So what you could do is you could set that to download at night and then watch it the next day That’s an option for you. Another thing would be video podcasts. I don’t know how popular those are They used to be pretty popular you can download Different things like that. This was a quick video I want to make on internet speed because I know a lot of times people get these mailers I get them all the time in The mail that say you get some fast streaming and get this gigabit service or whatever Well, you don’t really need that and you know, it’s right here in this net flew Netflix page I’ll put a link to this in the description, too So, you know if you’re ever trying to figure out what you need you can reference this So well if you have any questions please leave them in the comments if you have any tips or you know related to this go ahead and add those in the comments also and if you like this video Please click like if you haven’t subscribed my channel, please do that and thanks for watching. Goodbye

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  1. The older one is, the faster the internet they need.

    After all their time on earth is increasingly limited and why waste it playing hurry up and wait?

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