How My Student Made $39,000 Profits With Amazon FBA In One Month! Success Story

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my channel today. I have one of my students, Katherine. I think it’s this way, this way. Katherine, she is here with me today because
she wants to share her experience with Amazon FBA. For everyone who is starting on Amazon FBA,
I have Katherine here because I was super, super amazed at how much profits and everything
that she has made in a very short period of time. So Katherine, hi. Hello everyone. Thank you so much for inviting me. Yeah, so let’s just tell the audience a little
bit about who you are. Sure, well, obviously my name is Katherine. I’ve been in this Amazon journey. The idea was born in March. It kind of started refining, looking up products,
what did I need to do, do I need a course, do I not need a course, lots of YouTube watching,
which I where I found you, and yeah. So, it was a long time before we actually
decided to. And I say “we” because I see this as a family
adventure. I basically started my business with what
I call my husband’s money. So, I… Hey, it worked out for you. I know, right? It’s all in my name, and all the debt is in
his. So, results. No, I am just kidding. So, we actually took form a few months after. So, I think I placed my first order the coming
August. It was because I watched, I remembering watching
your video, you said, “if you’re thinking of Q4”. Obviously, quickly Googling, “what is Q4”. You’re going to be late if you don’t act now. So we did. And I am glad I did because it worked. Yeah, it’s crazy because – so for myself,
and for my students, I always, always, I make sure that they have a schedule in place, right? Because you have to be doing things, with
Amazon, it moves so quick, that if you’re not doing things quick enough, you would have
missed out on Q4. Q4 was crazy. Katherine, I have a few questions for you. And I am sure the audience would love to know. We’re going to start with the hard questions. You guys, me and Katherine did not rehearse
this so these questions are going to be a total surprise for her. So, I am sure the very first question is “How
much money are you making right now on Amazon FBA”? So, you first shipped your product in August,
it’s now January. We are recording this on January 8, 2019. For you guys who are not in my Facebook group,
Katherine has posted some impressive, impressive numbers. So Katherine, why don’t you tell the audience
a little bit about your sales. Well, the first product that we launched the
second week of September, we actually broke even. But we managed to rank to page 1, position
1, without doing a giveaway because it was an expensive product. So we steered clear from that. Now, that broke even and now we are on our
third batch. So probably from that product alone, I know
we’ve done something in the region of $19,000, $20,000 profit on that. And on the second one which we launched the
second week of November, I think that’s when we actually started getting into that one,
we made about $39,000 in profit. Crazy! Okay, that’s crazy. You see that was, I wanted to bring Katherine
here today because that’s crazy, like obviously in Q4, your sales are a lot higher. But, I mean for a beginner seller, that’s
super impressive. And that’s, you know, it all comes down to
taking action, knowing how to choose your product and making sure you know how to sell
on Amazon before just randomly selling on Amazon. Katherine, I know you ran some PPC as well,
right? Well, basically, for both products, we – that
was the only method we used. We steered clear from giveaways for many reasons
but mainly because we did our work beforehand and I think that’s so important because the
research was done thoroughly. We take how many units are selling, how many
competitors are there, what could we do different, we read every single review existing for products
alike, we took time to send out many, many quotes through Alibaba, to actually get the
samples, to get a feel for the products, so we wouldn’t have the problem of getting 1000
one star reviews, and we did all of that work before. Going through your course, there are many
little things that I have found that I am like, “oh, I didn’t know all that”, you know. From the program you used for currency conversion
to many other things, it’s something that I would have definitely spent the money on. Yeah, and you know what, with Amazon, I always
make clear to people, you know what, like training is great, and with Amazon, there’s
always something to learn. There’s always something to learn. There’s no such thing as you know it all. I don’t know it all, you don’t know it all,
7, 8 figure sellers don’t know it all. But we can only share our experience with,
through our own, from what we did, right? My next question is, “How did you choose your
product?” Because I know a lot of people, they’re so
scared of pulling the trigger, like, “okay, should I do this product or should I do this
product?” What made you say, “this is it?” Well, again, I was debating a lot, I was obviously
using the usual Junglescout, following the Million Case YouTube video, and I did use
that, I did use that to find ideas. Now, the way to go about and what gave me
the final idea for the products was to see what the reviewers was saying and what was
well, and how can I actually make that product better. And offer more for sort of the similar amount. And I think that was key. So, I did look, I did a lot of research on
category, what sells together, frequently bought together, and customer feedback that,
and also take the trend line. Just to see it wasn’t just a seasonal thing
that we are just going to sell in the summer, and then we’re going to be stuck with. And I really, truly believe that if you offer
something that’s unique, in a way, well, not unique because it’s not a new idea. I don’t think there’s anything new you can
come out with on Amazon. I don’t think that for it. But, you can offer things that are slightly
better, that actually solved a problem, or offer more value, there is no way you can
go wrong because you want to stand out compared to all the other five competitors that you
have. Which is the case that worked for my products
that offer more for similar bucks and addressed all the other reviews that were in that other
listing… Yeah, so a lot of the times, that’s the main
thing that I teach, right? You have to go through a lot of research on
your competitors, what is wrong with product, what’s good with the product? You know, if you’re selling a soccer ball,
you’re still selling a soccer ball. But how is your soccer ball better? You know, a lot of the times, and the listing,
the product listing is so important because you know, when you’re buying things on Amazon,
you don’t get to feel the product, and a lot of the times that’s when the images and the
product listing kind of sells itself, right? So, I am glad that you took the time to do
your research before just jumping right in. Very, very good. What would be the hardest part, would you
say, about this whole journey though? Because, you know, I think with sellers, we,
everyone has their times when it’s getting hard. What was your struggle? So I think, probably, there are three main
things. It’s the emotional component where you’re
just too scared to jump in and go for it, that will stop a lot of people. Secondly, I think it’s, you know, all the
details and how to do the most mundane things like how to fill out this particular cell
in my listing when creating the Amazon product listing, the description, what should I write
in here, what does this mean, who is the manufacturer, is it me? You know, I found that a lot of time went
into the details and that, again, is when I think having guidance, that will answer
those questions, that may be very basic, but when you’re starting, it is really everything. And the third one is cash flow. OMG, cash flow, you can never have enough
cash to keep your product from running out of stock, which we did. And we lost out on many more sales that we
could have made. Yeah, that’s definitely, so that’s one thing,
I always give a realistic number to sellers who are just starting. Come on you guys, you need a few thousand. You need a few thousand dollars and you’re
not paying all of that upfront, it’s not like, “here’s $10,000”, it’s not like that. But, you need some money in the bank for advertising
and photos, and just really, really perfect your product or else it can go wrong. Absolutely, and sometimes, you could – well,
I spent a lot more than a few thousand. I only spent a few thousand on PPC for launching. So my launch tactic cost me that. For everyone who is watching this, I want
to be very, very clear. So obviously, Katherine launched her product
using PPC. A lot of strategies that I teach is implementing
giveaways with PPC. Whatever launch strategy that you’re using,
you have to pay, you have to pay for it, right? There is no such thing as not launching your
product. You have to run traffic towards your listing
so you can get some momentum and sales and slowly rank up to page 1 for your desired
keywords. It’s a must, launching your product is a must. Yes, I mean, and you’re only going to do it
once or twice. If you do it right in the beginning, you don’t
need to keep launching or relaunching, and all of that. So you cannot not spend that money because
that’s an investment. I wouldn’t have seen any return whatsoever
had we not actually, you know, just spend that money… and timely, actually we got
there and got seen at the right time. Yeah, it’s actually, I know some people, they
don’t want to put up that money, they’re like, “OMG, I am so afraid to spend X amount of
dollars on advertising, I don’t have that much money”. But for everyone who’s watching this, you
know, it is a business, you have to invest. And if you do it right, it will come back. It will come back in large, large amounts,
right? So just make sure, just make sure you’re thinking
about it that way. It’s not a 9 to 5 job, you don’t get paid
by the hour. You get paid by your efforts. You more you put in, the more that will come
back to you. Again, you’re going to have to put in a lot
upfront. In time. I have my daughter who says, “oh, it’s not
Amazon again, is it?” She’s like an Amazon poor child, she hates
it. But, you know, we had to spend that time,
we had to spend that energy, we had to have those conversations, and sacrifice, and things
had to wait. Because we’re investing on a longer term business…
we didn’t want to just sell something and then cash out and that was it. We really want to quit our jobs like you did,
we all want to be Tamara. Yeah, and Katherine, I know that you were
on vacation. And when your Amazon business is up and running
like Katherine’s is, she can go on vacation. And she’s still making money. That’s the good thing about Amazon. But just make sure that everything is done
properly in the beginning, you’re doing your research, you’re having the guidance, you’re
joining a support group, you’re getting the proper training that you need, and it will
all come back. It will all come back to you, if you do everything
properly. It was great, I was on vacation and I was
replying to customers that had an issue and, you know, thinking, “OMG, I feel like one
of those gurus”, no just kidding. Here in the Caribbean answering Amazon questions. Yeah, so my last question for you, I don’t
want to keep everyone too long. Now, for everyone that is a new seller, I
am sure there’s a lot of people watching this, Katherine, “what piece of advice can you give
to them?” I actually feel. There’s a lot isn’t there? No, no, no, I actually feel like I am not
even in the right place yet to give advice to anyone but I can only humbly share what
we have gone through. And that is research, research, research. Your product, your competitors, what can you
do better, don’t go generic because that’s a 50/50 chance that you are going to fail,
or you’re going to have to sell out your inventory eventually, just do something different, and
whatever you do, do it with passion. And know that you’re always going to spend
at least double the amount of money that you initially thought that you will spend. And you know, things can go wrong, and you
also need to be prepared to take that as part of the learning. And you scratch it off and keep going and
not giving up easily. And find yourself resources such as your channel
and everything that’s available out there. And ask questions. And be 100% sure before you actually make
a decision to go for it. Because if you follow everyone’s advice, there’s
no way it’s not going to work out. Yeah, actually, I know when I was just starting,
I was super confused but one thing that was for free, one thing that was for free and
I learned really well off of was just reading other people’s questions and then applying
it. I remember when I first started, I was like,
“oh, that’s interesting”. Let’s read about it. The more you read everyday, and then you apply,
of course, you have to be following the right people here, right? Just apply what people are asking to your
own business and it will work out. But, again, nothing that is worth having comes
for free. I know there’s a lot of people who struggle
with the initial investment and running PPC, spending money on things, you guys, you have
to spend money. You have to spend money on things but if they
are an invested in the right places, your money will come back like what happened with
Katherine. And get to travel and do all these fun things. I actually came back and was fully reinvested
in new stock that’s going to keep me going to avoid running out of stock during Chinese
New Year and all that but… Yeah, Chinese New Year, that’s coming up and
we need to be, I always make sure that I am, I rather be over stocked than under stocked. Once you’re out of stock, it’s going to rank
you down and you’re missing out on all of those sales and it’s just not fun. We’ll talk about that on, for you guys that
are watching, I have another video on that topic, running out of stock. But Katherine, thank you so much for your
time today. I am so happy for your success. I am sure everyone else is as well. This is really, really great because you were
one of my students that had crazy success in my group. Like crazy, crazy success. So I am very, very happy. Keep me updated with everything else that
is going on with your journey. I love these topics, success stories, they’re
awesome. Absolutely, I am going to shoot you all the
annoying questions that I am going to for sure keep having. Okay, guys, thank you so much for joining
us today. Make sure you are subscribed to my channel
and please hit that bell if you want more videos like this to come. I’ll see you guys next time.

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