How pro skateboarder Paul Shier uses Skype to Go

Come one Bernard. I moved to Los Angeles seven years ago from
London as a pro skateboarder and have now started my own skateboard company. I use my mobile phone and Skype To Go to call
my business partner Nick in England all the time. Did you get those boards I sent the other
day. Yeah yeah, they came in, they look so nice
man. It gives me a local number in LA that calls
Nick’s mobile in London and it saves me money because I am only paying Skype’s low international
rates. It doesn’t need an internet connection so
the quality is always great and it’s simple to set-up. Go to the Skype To Go tab in your Skype account
and enter the international numbers you want to call. Save the new number in your phone book to
use next time. Come on Bernard. Skype To Go. Call international numbers from
any phone at local rates and keep yourself (and your dog) in the loop, wherever you are.

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  1. Miscrosoft, who most probably made this video, are you quite sure it should be clear daylight in both Los Angeles and London at the same time?

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