How the Sun works: Fusion and Quantum Tunneling

Did you know that if the sun were fueled by
combustion of, say, gasoline or wood, it would burn out in just a few millennia? So how is
it still here after 4.5 billion years? Physics. The sun is like a big nuclear submarine…
in the sky. That’s right – it’s fueled by nuclear reactions that fuse hydrogen atoms
together into helium and other heavier elements, releasing huge amounts of energy in the process.
In this way the sun is slowly converting its mass into energy – in the form of sunlight!
And it has more than enough fuel to last billions of years. But nuclear fusion’s no walk in the park – on
earth we need to heat hydrogen up 100x hotter than the sun to get a fusion reaction. So
how does the sun do it? Quantum tunneling. There’s a small chance (which I’ll explain
later) that hydrogen atoms, even if they aren’t quite hot enough for fusion, will fuse together
anyway. And the sun is SO big and has so much hydrogen that these small chances happen all
the time, and that’s what keeps the sun energized! So when the sun shines tomorrow, give thanks
to quantum mechanics.

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  1. You know when i watch these videos I begin to get that there's only one thing we can know for sure, and it's that something's there.

  2. Does that mean that sub-fusion temperature hydrogen in smaller quantities(like we have on Earth) has an incredibly small, but still present chance of spontaneously fusing?

  3. The Day Light™ has been Brought™ to you by Quantum™ Mechanics™™
    ©Quantum Mechanics 16.8 Billion BC – 2016

  4. Doesn't the sun do it because there's immense pressure that we can't achieve here on Earth inside it's core to compensate it's lower temp

  5. Protons are also a factor of how the sun gains energy. Protons should repel from each other since it has a positively charged, although the protons within the sun collide and fuse instead due to the high velocity they are travelling at each other in the sun. What is this does is remove the mass from the protons and convert it to energy.

  6. COLD FUSION IS POSSSSIBLE!!!!! FREEE ENEERGY FOR THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe there is something like a "catalyst" if you will for nuclear fusion. Something like the analog for that of chemical reactions, with this being able to lower the energy it takes to enable fusion, without involving itself too much into the reaction. someone will find it and that person will be positive minded and good hearted.

  8. when the sun shine tomorrow give the the thanks to god because he who create the hydrogen and give it the ability to diffuse to helium

  9. These first videos were probably a hassle to make, for completely different reasons to why the new ones are a hassle to make.

  10. Ok – to everyone thanking god – this is a science video. not a god video. if you do not like it – stay away from it. you don't see many atheists going to god videos and saying Powered by Quantum Tunneling. so if you don't feel like studying, feel free to read the bible or watch god videos. religion doesn't give you answers, it just stops you from asking questions. religion was created to make uneducated people do things which were good for them, but as I can see it didn't really go well did it.

  11. OK, maybe Tesla is right then.  Gravity is due to the ether from around the sun feeding energy into the sun to fuel it.  A constant state of energy influx at a lower  temp or slower frequency then the energy leaving it causes gravity.

  12. The sun is 4 and a half billion years old! Whaaaaat? Says who?
    2Pe 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

  13. Except nuclear submarines don't use fusion like the sun, they use radioactive decay to heat the water which turns to steam and then mechanical energy.

    Yours Truly,

    Buzz Killington

  14. Very religious people in the comments, trying to understand concepts like this is the cringiest thing ever.

  15. so hydrogen might, with a small chance, fuse in air and cause a nuclear reaction
    Re-explain this one man….It'll be worth it

  16. is the fusion process not also impacted by the immense pressure in the sun compared to the smaller atmospheric pressure on earth?

  17. All of these idiots who believe in god, they should know about the REAL god the Flying Spaghetti Monster… he created the universe after drinking alcohol and thats why it is not perfect.

  18. Me: sees video Oh! This looks interesting! starts watching Wait… I already know this. Who cares? I'm gonna watch it anyway.

  19. So when they tunneled under the English channel why didnt the Earth spontaineously ignite . . Oh right its cos we had fireman on standby for when it did happen . Ok im back to believing yr vids. Why not do a vid on how the fireservice grew alongside our knowledge of tunneling

  20. Wait . . Wait . . Wait . . Energy crisis solved . . Dig a tunnel unlet the chain reaction power the planet . . Im getting sooo smart watching these vids . .

  21. I watched this video again because it was linked-to from another video and wanted to refresh my memory on what you said. I'm glad I did because something you said begs a question. You said that the Sun does not need to be as hot as we need for fusion here because there is a small chance that two hydrogen atoms would fuse due to quantum tunneling and there is so much hydrogen that it happens all the time (scores of billions of times per second, I suppose). I don't need to know the exact probability but it begs the question as to what is the critical density of hydrogen in the Sun below which fusion won't happen through tunneling? According to what you said, the Sun won't run out of hydrogen before it stops fusing atoms, will it? Maybe we don't have as many billions of years as the mass of unfused solar hydrogen would lead us to believe. Can you expound on that a bit?

  22. This explanation completely ignores the role of gravity in stellar nuclear fusion. Good luck trying to reproduce pressures on earth comparable to that found in the sun.

  23. "give thanks to quantum physics" lol the sun was doing it all along, quantum physics just explained it. Not that the sun works because of quantum physics. smh


  25. why thanks to quantum mechanics ? thank that all pervading consciousness which made it work that way .

  26. I have a question: since a white dwarf is half the mass of the star it used to be, but is almost 1000 times smaller, if you found a way to feed it enough mass without increasing the size of the star, could it turn into a black hole.

  27. LOL…why thanks to quantum mechanics…Quantum mechanics should thank the SUN for proving its theory right

  28. What is exactly the "small chance" that fusion happens at sun temperature and pressure in terms of probability ? It would be interesting to know 🙂

  29. Technically speaking, is there a positive probability (however minute) of the Sun just suddenly stopping today? I mean, suppose suddenly no hydrogen atom is able to quantum tunnel, purely due to chance, would that extinguish our star?

  30. The night which is considered nothing in science is somthing was made, created, or vibrating and dark substance just like light, . The sun is covered by the night whereas the day gives light to the sun, Warning against staying up late, scientifically proved that the pineal gland, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions, secretes the antioxidant melatonin hormone only in darkness. “Experiment on chicken has proved that 30% of chicken exposed to light most of the night suffered from cancer whereas those which slept in darkness at night were cancer-free.

  31. Next time give thanks to Allah(creator)… Quantum physics is just the study not the controller of these phenomena

  32. But wut is quantum tunneling. And why can’t a haystack made of needles be a needle stack WE NEED ANSWERS

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