How to access DOL’s new Professional and Business Licensing

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] In November 2019, the Department of Licensing upgraded to a new computer system for professional and business licensing. This video demonstrates how
to access that new system. Start by going to Click the button that
says Log In or Sign Up. (clicks) That’ll bring you to this page, where it says that DOL uses
SecureAccess Washington, or SAW, to protect your personal information. SAW is a gateway to many
different state services. You can access many of your state services with just one SAW login. Let’s demonstrate how to create one. Click here, where it says, Continue To SecureAccess Washington. The appearance of this page may
look at bit different to you depending on whether you’re
using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile
device to access it. The first thing you wanna do is click this button that says Sign Up. (clicks) Enter your first and last
name, and email address. You’ll also need to create
a username and password for your SAW login, and enter it here. To verify that you’re a real person, click here where it says, I’m not a robot, and then select the images requested. (clicking) Click here where it says Verify. Now that the system knows
you’re a real person, click the button that says Submit. You’ll receive an email from [email protected] That email will include
an activation link. Click that activation link, and the SAW website will tell you that your new SAW login
has been activated. Next, click the Login button. This is where you want to
enter the username and password you created a moment ago. Click Submit. (clicks) You’re now logged into
SecureAccess Washington. Next, click the button that
says, Add a New Service. (clicks) That takes you to this page,
where you can add new services. Again, the appearance
of this page can vary depending on what device you’re
using to access this site. Next, click here, where it says, I would like to browse a list of services. (clicks) Now, scroll down this list, and look for Department of
Licensing, and click it. (clicks) Look for Professional
and Business Licensing, and click Apply. Your registration is complete. Click OK. (clicks) The SecureAccess Washington
website shows you that professional and business
licensing has been added to your list of services. Click the link. (clicks) Click the button that says Continue. (clicks) This is where the system
adds a new layer of security for your login, called
multi-factor authentication. You’ll be asked for your email address and your phone number. Click the button that says Begin. (clicks) Go ahead and enter your
primary email address. We highly encourage you
to add a secondary email, if you have one. If you lose access to your
primary email address, you can still access your login through the secondary email address. Click Next. (clicks) Now, add your primary phone number. Adding a second phone number
provides another backup method for accessing your login. Click Next. (clicks) This screen displays your
phone and email information. Be sure to check that the
information is correct. Next, click Submit. (clicks) Now you can manage DOL’s professional and business licensing. From this page, your options include
applying for a new license, and linking your existing
license information. Thank you for watching. (music gets louder) (music fades)

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