How to backup Office 365 Mailbox from Microsoft’s Cloud to Local Hard-drive

Before creating an Office 365 backup set, read the Office 365 Backup and Restore guide from our Forum. Go to page 6 of this document Go through the steps in “Granting Permission to Accounts for Creating Backup Set”, and “Granting Permission for Application Impersonation” Then, you can backup all the mailboxes within your company’s Office 365 account with your administrator role. Open your CloudBacko Pro software, and click “Backup Sets” to create a new Office 365 backup set. Enter your Office 365 administrator credentials here. Here, you can select the Mailboxes and Public Folders to backup. In this Schedule section, define the time that you need CloudBacko to start the backup automatically. You can define multiple schedules. E.g. you can have another Weekly schedule. Now, we have 2 schedules created. Next, define the Destination for storing your backup data. In this demo, we are going to use Local Drive as the destination. You can backup to multiple destinations simultaneously if needed. You can encrypt the backup data with an encryption key for security purpose. With the “Default” encryption type, CloudBacko will generate a 256-bit full length encryption key to encrypt the data. Or you can define your own key and algorithm by selecting “Custom” encryption type. This is the 256-bit full length encryption key generated by the software. Save this key securely, and ideally outside your existing computer so that when you need to recover the backup data on another CloudBacko installation, you can do it with this key. Ok, the backup set is created. We can trigger a backup now. When backup is completed, you can click the Report icon to see the backup details. Thanks for watching.

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