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  1. Hi! So I want to thank you for your videos because they bring a lot of perspective and ideas to improve my life a bit at a time. I have a question about this one, though: around minute 5:51-53 more or less, when you're talking about how it's good to take a break outside because it switches from focused to diffused thinking. What does that "diffused" mean? Is it letting the mind wander at whatever that is not related to the work you were doing or is it to sort of meditate on the go?

  2. That Snorlax made me click the thumbnail and watch your video. ^_^ I need to thank Snorlax, and you. 🙂

  3. Great video. I practice this. I'm a freelance writer self employed working at home. I write two hours then take two hours off and relax with movies, music, reading, playing guitar etc then back to work for two hours again. During the two hours I write 50 minutes and take 20 minutes off then finish the last 50 minutes of work.

  4. I tried this app called focus at work that provides background music and after activated it stops with a ding after 45 minutes and I take a break. Not a silver bullet and it was not free (which is why I force myself 2 use it), but I feel the improvement.

  5. thank you for making this video.
    This video would be very helpful.
    I am type of easy bored person, I can not focus in one thing more than 30 minutes. After looking at this video, I hope I can be more productive.

  6. i participated in nanowrimo and camp nano. what i figured out during the twitter nanosprints is that i am actually a very short sprinter (in terms of work). i write a lot more and produce better story when i write for 10 minutes, take a break, then another 10 minutes for as long as i can. the first and second 10 minutes may not be up to expectation, but once im warmed up nothing can stop me. (except the timer that says i should take a break, haha.)

  7. i love this. as a student, i often find myself getting drained from my stressful workload, and although i used to use the pomodoro method, i slowly burned out and my entire studying system lately has been distracted and i just feel awful about myself for not working, and end up procrastinating even more. it's an awful cycle, but now is the point where i put my foot down and just get productive. i absolutely love this video, and i'm just as happy to subscribe:)

  8. I was doing it… But what should you do when you discriminated in home because of your age and nobody even gives you any time to work?

  9. I take a 5-10 minutes break every hour to stretch my lower back and step out of animating. Its been really helpful on my daily positive health. But what about interacting in social media? Should that be considered as work?

  10. I think, that the title is misleading. The subject is not about 'How to be lazy', but about how to work in a healthy manner. But never the less, everything you stated is true.

  11. Hey sir, I just wanna know which of these study technique is better
    Study same concepts multiple times as revision or learn once, learn good ?

  12. Another tip I learned that works for me when doing homework is to start with the work that is easiest or the one you enjoy most. Once you finish this work you kind of get into a rhythm and you will be able to do the difficult more boring work. I found this to be really effective.

  13. u r life saver 🙂 , i'm going to say thank u for all of this videos and i suggest a video about raising concentration during classes , specially boring ones

  14. For my small breaks I hula-hoop.
    At first I actually didn't know how to use it when I got it, I just bought it hoping that I could learn at home. I watched a tutorial to learn the different techniques, and during my breaks I kept practicing and practicing until it became second nature to me.

    Now, I really love it as a break because the motion of the hoop is really relaxing and calms my anxiety. It also helps you focus/meditate because you can't drift off and think about other things while you're hula-hooping, otherwise the hoop will fall immediately. You think about the hoop and only the hoop and things you can do with the hoop, and all your stress and workload magically disappear for 5-10 minutes~~

  15. You are helping to ace my last year of high school and i'm sure i can slay college as well with your videos by my side ! A Massive Thank You!

  16. So this happened to me… I was about to start on my homework and as soon as I put my butt in the chair to to my homework, my dad literally says take a break. Not even joking.

  17. I mainly study in coffee shops so what do you do with the breaks when you're at a coffee shop, other than going onto the internet?

  18. Amazing video! But I have a question: What can I do if I live in the city and don't have any park or green area to go for a walk?

  19. oh god, 15 minute breaks after 45 min work. I'm scared to do this. I usually do 45min work with 4min break of mindless surfing

  20. This has actually helped me. I'm studying for certification exams in several adobe programs. I used some of these tips today and got caught up in some of these pitfalls. I think the bit about avoiding social media on the breaks is absolutely spot on.

  21. Occasionally in my life I come across truly inspirational people (I'm almost 60) and you just did 🙂 As a teacher I will heartily recommend you to my students who find it hard in today's world to focus on the work set, revise and prepare for those all important exams.

  22. This was the big one that I never was allowed to learn. Eben Pagan's Waking Up productive really got me, well, awake on this one. What a difference..! Good for you!

  23. Is it ironic that he used deep work to show how intensity changes the quality of work you can produce, then he goes on to say you should break every 25 minutes – 1 hour, which is in direct opposition to what deep work teaches? It's a great video, with lots of helpful information, I just thought this was funny

  24. Great Vid. Especially like the Ying Yang explanation of Work and Relaxation. Do you have any vids on feelings guilty for taking breaks or relaxing?

  25. I got home from school and I took like two hours working outside my parents' house and mow the lawn and I was very productive that night. I did a whole marketing chapter and a quiz. I strongly believe that doing something extremely productive really motivates and refreshes me to do work.

  26. When I take a break I have trouble starting back and when Im working I have trouble stopping to take a break

  27. My ability to focus varies. Sometimes I find it hard to work even for 10 minutes, and sometimes I can focus and work for 2 hours at a time. Yeah, those 2 hours are usually when I am in a time crisis… Anyway, I am trying that 45 minutes of work and then 15 min break and lets see.

  28. How do people suggest going about long breaks? I find that what I would want to do during this lazy break is watch tv but I feel that it makes me unfocused for the rest of the day? Are there people who have successfully used long breaks to do something like that? What do you do during ur long breaks to make it most effective?

  29. 50mins 10min break x 2 – then 30min break at then end; repeat again with 40min session; then finally 30min cycle- this suits long research days
    For in work days where a lunch may be taken adjust; morning – hard complex work 50min cycles till lunch, after lunch 45min cycles dropping each period by 5mins per episode 45, 40, 35, 30, 25 etc.

  30. thumbs down for promoting the lie of 'evolution' which has been debunked. if anything, the DNA of humans is breaking down

  31. It's a bit of a derivative of "work smarter not harder," or "sharpening the axe," very important concepts to live by. By breaking up your time and being prepared you don't have to work as hard. Instead of working on something all day you can work a little, get a sandwich, work some more, watch some birds out your window, etc… hahaha Deep work though.

    Honestly this technique has worked amazingly for me because removing distractions is the most important step in getting shit done! You could work for hours and get nothing done if your attention is segmented.

  32. If only I could get my kids to understand the Pomodoro Technique, so far it's been all
    ME: Okay I'm studying for the next 25 mins so no nagging me or asking questions or fighting until after the alarm goes off okay
    Child 1 and 2: yeah yeah
    Child 3: laughing
    Child 1: MUUUUMMMM she touched me!!!
    Me: Work it out yourselves please I'm studying right now
    Child 2 : screams OWWWWW exaggerated crying he punched me in the arm! dramatic sobbing
    Child 3: AAHhhhh! ha ha ha ha ha giggles
    Me: He barely touched you, go away from him please I need to study without you fighting
    Me: giving them the look I swear to God if I hear one more peep out of either of you before that alarm goes off!
    Child 1 and Child 2: Muttering at each other
    Alarm: bbbrrriiinggggggg!
    Me: Facepalm
    Child 3: laughing [crawls over to indicate he wants to sit on my knee] cuddles

  33. I've used the first strategy over the weekend when I was drowning in a boring assignment. I would work on the assignment, piece by piece in about 30 minutes and then allow myself no more than a ten-minute break to get up, walk around, get a drink of water. Daydream a bit, then back in the zone. This has helped me tremendously, especially for assignments I find very dull!

  34. 1. Preplan the long breaks
    2. Short breaks: physically get up and relax
    3. No social media and other distractions during short breaks
    4. Walk outside when stuck at work
    5. Experiment with your work-rest intervals

  35. Why the heck a random guy I found on YT, is more inspiring and helpful than all those pumped up self-help gurus?

  36. Hye Thomas Frank, thanks for your video. I would like to suggest you to make video about time management for college students, which they are busy with study and co-curriculum(outside class activity).

  37. stretching on breaks is the best! not like the easy, at your desk kind, i like the deep stretches you need to get up and get on a yoga mat for. alivia d''andrea has some great follow-along routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced. my other favorite thing to do on breaks: annoy/cuddle/chase the cat, depending on how both of us are feeling at the time 😀

  38. I'm watching this video after 25 minutes of study. I realise that I spend 7 minutes break instead of 5 minutes. I feel guilty then

  39. I consider myself a kind of lazy person and a perfectionist. This combination tho… you can get very efficient workflows 😂. (Well, maybe I’m not lazy, I just don’t like inefficient ways to do my work/study etc.)

  40. Love you love you love you Love you love you love you sooooooooooooo much thanks to you for making this video

  41. You take for granted English, me as a native Spanish speaker can fully conceive how gifted you are, this kind of quality of content is not available in Spanish, I'm so thankful for being part of the world that understands this amazing language

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