How To Build An Importing Business and Amazon Business – What You Need To Do!

hey how are you are you doing hope
you’re having an awesome day so if Alex Ryan here coming to you from Hong Kong
if you look at the started Amazon business or import business or maybe
you’re currently in business quick word to the wise you need to be on things
like social media you need to be doing things like for example Instagram you’ve
got to be on Twitter you’re gonna be doing videos I like like he I’m doing
videos right people watch the video could be two o’clock in the morning in
Australia but you might be watching in your country right now me midday so you
need to do these videos you’ve got to be on Instagram you’ve gotta be on Facebook
have a facebook business page you actually need to have a very smart
social media presence and if you’re not then you are missing out on a lot you’re
leaving a lot of money on the table and that’s you can’t run a business without
social media these days unfortunately you might be thinking oh well that’s
crap you know all these youngins and and they know it I don’t you know but where
you can learn because I knew nothing about this and I learnt but then once
you learn you don’t have to be an expert on this you can actually outsource this
stuff to people overseas and that Philippines in Manila who can do it for
you for about three bucks us an hour and they’re experts they actually know more
about it than I do or I’m not an expert bye bye or any means but you know I
don’t manage my own social media I don’t understand really a lot about Instagram
I don’t understand anything about Twitter and as I get facebook but I’m
gonna say guys if you’re looking to run an Amazon business or import business if
you’re importing your own products and your own brand whether you’re private
labeling end or white labeling it you need to be on social media you need to
be doing this stuff and you’ll be doing like friggin every day unfortunately
that’s how it works with with social media so just keep that in mind I mean I
I do teach we have people in our programs who come along to our live
events we’re doing one in Tijuana this year and in Australia we do these
live two day Amazon workshops and import/export workshops where we teach
you how to find hot products and he’s ship them to your country but we
actually have people come in and teach social medias they actually show you how
to how to put your products out there have products lists on Facebook and sell
products through chat BOTS and so on through through twitter and youtube and
on that we actually people who come and teach us stuff but it’s good to sort of
note before you outsource us so before you hire somebody to go out and do this
for you which by all means you know I would advise you do right you can
actually it’s good to know a little bit about it and then hire someone for three
bucks an hour to manage your whole social media presence right so short of
it guys to take away from this video is you need to be on social media you need
be doing the stuff you’ve got to be on Facebook on Twitter and YouTube and
posting videos about your product doing product demonstrations videos the whole
thing and the videos don’t have to be long either it could be a two-minute
video or three-minute video or four-minute video like this video right
that’s it it’s very it’s very easy it’s very simple to do even if you have a
face for radio and all of that if you have a face for radio you can you can
hire other people to go out and do videos for you can pay someone 20 bucks
an hour to do I spend a day with you so a hundred bucks and they can shoot a
hundred videos for you that could be your whole video campaign right but guys
you gotta be out there doing stuff so that’s it for me and my name’s Alex
rhyme if you are if you’re looking at if you need help with marketing your
product if you’re bringing your own product by the way guys you gotta be
you’re gonna be doing product demonstrations if you’re the founder of
the product or the business it helps that you do you do you’re doing stuff
that you’re you’re actually putting your face to the tube video because you look
at you think Apple you think Steve Jobs if you think Marcus or if you think Bill
Gates you know if you think a lot of brands out there a lot of smart brands
are actually putting people behind those brands so just keep that in mind it’s
good if you are actually you know if you’re happy to do videos if you’re not
then you can hire people but if you need help guys
visit my website i’ve got a free video program showing you not only how to
import from china how to star your amazon business how to choose hot
products but also how to sell the products you know how to do the the
online social media stuff which a lot of people seem to be struggling with
and we cover a little bit about it but I’ve also got a course it shows you how
to do it as well guys if you’re looking to get started make sure you you do
share this video or comment on it you might have a friend or someone wants to
start a business online or somebody that wants to start an Amazon business please
share the video and I’ll talk to you real soon it’s a bit stretch of the bat
that’s these little characters on a stair it’s my audience didn’t hit
waiting for me alright guys have an awesome day see you later

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