How to Comment: Engage in the Rulemaking Process

Hello, I’m Martha Miller, the SEC’s
advocate for small business capital formation. I’m here today to reach out to
all of the small business owners and their investors. We want to hear from you. We want to hear your perspectives on SEC initiatives, and are asking you to engage
in our rulemaking process. After all, you’re directly impacted by the outcome
of these rulemakings, and engaging with us is easy. When the
SEC publishes a concept release, a rule proposal, or otherwise requests comments, submit a written comment during the 30 to 90 day comment period. You can submit in three ways: through an online forum on, emailing us at
[email protected], or by mailing a paper copy. A comment does not need to be lengthy or formal. Even a couple of sentences explaining how a proposed rule would impact your company or your investment decision can be very helpful.
Every comment is read and taken into consideration, and these comments greatly influence how Commission staff view the issues and can impact what the
Commission adopts as a final rule. So engage with us, submit a comment, and help
shape the future of capital raising.

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