How to Convert Google Sheet into Skype Call Center

Hey guys. I’m Vasiliy Smetanin and today
I’m going to demonstrate you how to convert Google spreadsheet into their
call center. So like we are using Skype as call service and that’s what you need
to do. So basically you can use direct number or you can use a link to some
cell in a shape. So in our case it’s a tune. I will add this link into
description so you can edit and organize. If I want to move the the number I just
need to specify where it’s located So in this case it’s going to be 5. Let’s try it So let’s check It works awesome,.So guys I hope it was
helpful and you are going to use this trick to organize your calls and Vasiliy
Smetanin thumbs up subscribe to this channel and I hope you will find the
link and you find this video positive for you and get more organized

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