How to Cook Simple Malaysian Mee Goreng – Street Eats Journey E1 S03

From Kuala Lumpur, it’s only a short drive
before you reach the rural parts of Malaysia. It’s a lush green environment that’s under
constant threat as cities grow and demand increases for things like timber and farmland.
It’s an ongoing battle to find a balance between economic growth and sustainability. One of the main reasons for the deforestation
is for the growing of palm oil. As [unintelligible] a lot of bad press but it can be grown into
sustainable manner and one company that has taken huge steps to be as environmentally-friendly
as possible is Carotino. So this is what the oil palm looks like, right? Yeah. And how many, how many trees do you have in
this plantation? Oh, roughly about 300,000 palms we have in
this estate. That’s a lot right? Or is that about average
for… It’s average about 136 palm per hectare. Okay, sure. Tell me a little bit about what
all this is here in the middle, with all this mulch and all that. This actually is a by-product of our [unintelligible]. Okay. After process… Right… So, it’s a by-product from the mill, we just
transport it and dispose it and do as [unintelligible] mulching here whereby when it rot them, this
will be what you call the nutrient will go back to the soil. Okay, okay. So this is part of the whole philosophy
of sustainable agriculture that’s employed by this plantation over here. Really what
you’re doing is just kind of reusing the by-products of the palm fruit.Once you extract the oil
from it, you sell the [unintelligible] to other producers. And then what you do, you
get the mulch and then you process it and use it as compost essentially. Yes, [unintelligible]. And the point of that is so that you can continue
to replenish the earth and just continue to keep reusing it for palm oil. There’s no denying that they’re going to be
some negative consequences in food production. But it’s how we go about minimizing the impact
that matters and here, they’re well-aware of the environment and the need to be as sustainable
and nature-friendly as they can. After all, the people that run this plantation have kids
and grandchildren, just like the rest of us. And they, too, want them to be able to live
on a healthy planet. We’re in the middle of a palm oil plantation,
what better thing to do than to cook something quintessentially Malaysian with the oil produced
by the plantation itself, so I’m going to be using some Carotino oil to cook some Mee
Goreng. Let’s get started. So, I’m just going to heat up some oil here.
So, I’m just drawing in some noodles here, just something that I picked up very quickly
at the local supermarket. Just swirling it around the oil. Now the great thing about
this oil, I really love the fact that it’s got this nice yellow-red hue. I think it just
really adds to this particular dish as well. So, noodles in first and as you go along,
just drizzle more oil in if you think it’s drying up too much. Now,I’m just going to
throw in some minced garlic and some chilli paste as well. I like my chilli’s so I hope
everyone sharing this dish with me likes it too. Now, I’m just going to throw in some
tomatoes and just throwing in some sweet soy here. Just a bit of drizzle. And don’t be
afraid to just add things in small amounts and then just add some more if you think it
needs more as well. Again, the whole concept of [agak-agak], I always try and say [agak-agak],
I know all this like to measure everything to precision but really when you’re trying
to cook Malaysian food, you have to kind of like go by feel and by taste, okay? And a
bit of patch up. Now, I’m just going to throw in the tofu now. This is all vegetarian, so
far, but I’m going to de-vegetarianize it by adding some chicken stock seasoning. I
like my chicken stock seasoning. Some Chinese greens [unintelligible], [choice them], you
got to put whatever you want. I’ve also thrown in some curry leaves as well, okay? Found
these at the local supermarket. You can remove the stems just to make them easier to digest.
Fun fact:my parents actually used to be street food vendors when I was growing up in Malaysia.
They had it pretty tough but I think it’s kind of programmed me to be very adaptable
to cooking on the fly so I’m really enjoying this. And of course, if you got seafood, if
you got chicken, you got the steak slices, throw them in as well if you like. And this
is just about done. And there you go. I’m just going to sprinkle some fried shallots
over the top and some sliced green chilli as well. Let’s try this and make sure it’s
all good. Hmm, fantastic! Promise, I say myself. Right in the middle of the palm oil plantation,
I’m just going to go away and enjoy this. There you have it, Mee Goreng. cooked using
locally-grown palm oil. It’s a street food favourite and takes just 5 minutes to make.

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