How to Create a Leadership Culture at Work

Let me take you on a tour of our office. When
we built this space, we wanted to make sure we accomplished a number of different things.
We wanted to demonstrate that we were good at what we do. We also wanted our core values
to really be seen, rather than just heard. I think cultivating love has everything to
do with business. Because if our employees are happy, and they are happy doing the job
you’ve asked us to do, that’s going to translate directly into the service that you get. I
think that so often companies are more interested in selling the next product, making the next
deal, that they forget about providing what’s really important.
Love, energy, audacity, and proof has become a deeply personal thing as it relates to everything
that we are doing in the organization. These people that work here are brilliant, they
are geniuses. They love what they do. Our job of running this business is to give them
a platform from which they can express themselves based on what their passion is; what they
love. Because that’s where their energy will come from. That will give them the audacity
to stand up and say this is the right way to do things; and I believe in it. And when
people are empowered like that they simply go out and prove it every single day.
On the far side of the office you can see the acronym LEAP imbedded into the windows
when you stand back. And it is the LEAP concept that attracts the
best customers. When we are interviewing people, we hand them the book. We say this is what
we are all about. Read it, come back, have another interview with us, and tell us what
you learned, not about us, but about yourself. If you really want to practice that as an
organization and as individuals, you better roll your sleeves up and you better check
your ego at the door, because it’s hard work. We have almost tripled in revenue. We are
more profitable than we’ve been in the past. Our retention is at almost one hundred percent.
I look at the client experience as layers. Whether it’s a receptionist answering the
phone at the front desk, or our CEO having to come on site and have a meeting with their
CEO, a client CEO. It’s the fact that every experience with their journey with Agile 360
is exceptional, it’s extraordinary. And they feel the love because of the power and the
energy and the connections that we’ve made internally. And that’s why you’ll see a very
large majority of our clients have been clients of ours for ten, fifteen plus years.
There is so much love in this organization. There is a lot of love, and that does generate
energy. It does, and when you’re really passionate about something, you feel that energy. Then
you are really willing to take risks that you’re normally not willing to take. We are
an organization that looks at not only customer/client experience, but it’s also about our organization
and the employees that are a part of that. I mean, proof is everywhere, recently we were
awarded the Citrix partner of the year. For me I feel like LEAP is everywhere in my life
as far as work, personal and just with myself as well.
You must have the courage to stand in front of people and truly believe. Be authentic.
Do not fake it, and really go for it over all; and even when it gets hard. Do not turn
back. Do what you love in the service of people
who love what you do.

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