How to Deal with People of Different Time Zones

*Snoring* *alarm goes off* So, when you travel, you constantly meet people of different cultures and of different time zones. If you go to Mauritius, and want to meet your Mauritian friend at 12pm, don’t be surprised if they are half an hour late specially if they are taking the bus. But, if you go to Japan and you want to
meet a Japanese friend, and you say 12:00 p.m, make sure you’re there by 12pm. I am coming now So you must know that Indians are quite sneaky. So, if you want to them at 12:00pm, they are not gonna come at 12:00pm. They will purposely come 10 to 15 minutes late, just because they don’t want to be waiting for you for that long and they also hope
but you’ll be there already but they don’t know that you know how they do it. So, what you can do is, you can also be late. But, be careful though, because in India,
you might get stuck in traffic. So I think you all heard of the question ‘Why did
the chicken cross the road?’ Well, in India it’s `Why did the cow cross the road?’ OH! Wow! A cow is crossing the road! Cool! Nice! Hello Hello Eh? Where are you? Err..I’m coming now. Me: Oh! Wow! Two cows are about to cross the road!
Friend: What? What? Oh..oh my God, they are so slow. Me: Yeah yeah, I’m coming now!
Friend: You’re coming? What? Nothing! Nothing is coming! Me: I’ll be here
Friend: okay
Me: I’ll be here Friend: okay
Friend: fine Friend: Bye
Me: yeah okay bye! THOSE COWS! MOO MOO! HURRY UP! Thanks guys for watching my video!
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