How to Deal With Rumors About Me | The Guilty Secret | EP.04 (Click CC for ENG sub)

I’m more interested in them
than our exam. I’m talking
about Jisu and Dasom. Hey, be quiet. (It’s too late
to tell the truth.) Jisu. What is this? Is something going on
between you and Asung? It’s really not what you think. Asung dozed off
and leaned on me. You know how ridiculous
it is, don’t you? How could there be something
between him and me? What about you? What? Do you have no feelings for him? What do you mean? Then why couldn’t you
answer me last time? What was that look you gave me? See? You’re speechless again. If you couldn’t
deceive me properly, you shouldn’t have
gotten caught. Would it have been better
if I had told her the truth from the very beginning? (-Is Asung cheating?
-She betrayed her.) Dasom, did you know? Is that why you fought
with Asung? Then what is this? What is that? Don’t tell me this was
why you got mad. I doubted myself too. But how will you explain
what happened back there? I was there to see you. You wrote online that
you were going there with Miji. That’s okay. You don’t need to talk
if you don’t want to. I can’t believe
Asung cheated on her. It must be true. That must be why Dasom hasn’t been hanging out
with Jisu lately. I can’t believe her. Does that mean she cheated
with her friend’s boyfriend? -Yes.
-Hey, are you sure? Talk to her face. You should stop assuming things. Asung, are you going to take
the exam while standing? No, ma’am. Let’s just abandon her. I can’t believe
he cheated on her. Is something going on
between you and Asung? How could she seduce
her friend’s boyfriend? -Abandon her.
-I can’t believe her. Does that mean she cheated
with her friend’s boyfriend? You have one minute left. Time’s up. Those in the back,
gather the papers. It’s too late. I think I finally got
the answer. (Too late to tell the truth.)
Is it too late to fix it? I’m sorry for leaving first. I left my AirPods. I’m sorry I misjudged you. I thought you told Dasom
everything. Never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be
such a photo. In any case, it’s all my fault. I’m sorry. That’s fine. I would’ve reacted the same way. Don’t worry about me. Bye. I’m usually very shy
around new people. But I felt comfortable
around you from the start. Do you know why? Why? It was because you were honest. Perhaps, I still have a chance. A chance to revise my answer sheet. I’m sorry. You’re right. I did like Asung. I didn’t want to ruin
our friendship, so I tried not to like him. I was going to hide it and stop liking him. I’m sorry that you found out. What if I didn’t? Were you going
to hide it forever? I was afraid
our friendship would end if you found out about it. I should’ve stopped liking him
after you two started going out. That means you liked him even
before we started going out. But I realized something. You are far more important to me
than him. And that photo from the bus is really a misunderstanding. Do you think this is all
just because of that photo? You act all close to me
at school but never tell me
the important things. You think telling me this to lessen your guilt
will fix everything? Are you done talking? Bye. This will come out. -This?
-Good luck. Thanks. It’s this one. No, I bet it’ll be this one. I’m more interested in them
than our exam. I’m talking
about Jisu and Dasom. Hey, be quiet. -What’s up with him?
-Who cares? He’s just bragging
about getting good grades. Do you think he and Jisu have
something going on as well? You guys are so noisy
I can’t concentrate. What? Aren’t you sick and tired
of talking about the same thing? Hey, you saw that photo
of Jisu and Asung. Hey, have you never dozed off
in a bus before? It’s easy to lean on someone
while dozing off. We have less than 30 minutes
until the exam. Stop gossiping and study. She’s one to talk when
she has the lowest score. That brat doesn’t study either. I’m going to make sure I get
higher grades than them. What’s gotten into her? What? Don’t stare at me.
I can’t focus. The exam will start soon.
Where is Asung? He’s such a headache. I’m relieved. You have five minutes left.
Let’s wrap up. I’m not late. I ruined the exam. Why? You were studying hard
back there. Hey, Dasom. Forget it. But I still hated you. You kept me in the dark. Do you want to have
some tteokbokki? Sure. Tteokbokki is
the best food to have after taking an exam. I’m so stressed.
Let’s have the spiciest one. -You’re stressed?
-Yes. I’m so upset that they keep
talking badly about Jisu! Why are they making a big fuss
when even I’m keeping quiet? I know, right? By the way, wasn’t I a bit
awesome back there? No. It wasn’t just a bit. You were totally awesome. Come on. Miji, are you treating us today? -Why me?
-We’re all happy today. Just treat us. Anyway, let’s promise never
to keep secrets again. Actually, there is someone
I like. But that person has
a girlfriend. Aren’t I weird? By the way, how did you know? Was it obvious? I saw your Instagram. My Instagram? “If my words could reach you.” That’s not about my crush. What? It’s about how I was bullied
in middle school. Let’s just abandon her. Jisu, aren’t you coming? I am. (The Guilty Secret) What took you so long? Did you find your AirPods? Yes. By the way, what did you want
to tell me? Jisu was also worried
about this during the break. She didn’t want to lose you.

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  1. Have personal problems in the middle of exams-period really suck! Anyways, I like that guy with black hair, he seems to be cool.

  2. Am i the only one who think that jisu and the new girl act weird and like a robot i just find their face without expression?

  3. i think jisu has lots of secrets Cus at first i thought jisu’s guilty secret is when she liked asung but now its another where she gets bullied in middle school and maybe after that secret is out there’ll be another secret of jisu’s? idk

  4. Can you make ateen season 3 with some person, doha,kimha, and others? I really love it, or make other story but the actors same lika ateen season 1 and 2.

  5. at least in Korea they say it to your face but here you even don't know if they talked about you. anyways i love their cute relationship

  6. I can’t believe Dasom is actually Lee Jinsol from April. She’s growing up well, I didn’t even recognize her. Playlist is employing all the April members, first in Lee Na-run in A-teen now in this series.

  7. I’m just like Jisu’s other friend, minding my business and then once people start talking Bad about my friends, I’ll defend them.

  8. Their friendship is kinda weird🙁 or should I say awkward? They don't even trust each other properly. And the way they act… it's confusing. Jisu & miji act like robot & there is dasom who sometimes appears as innocent idot,other time arrogant idot! Aahh it's stressing me!😑

  9. This is literally me and my brother. We won't sorry to each other after a fight, we would just find a way to talk to each other again

  10. I am not first but i am also not last, However i like this K-drama.
    U w U i think Jisu should be more open to her friends because if she doesnt it might lead to some big problems between herself and her friends.

  11. Okay she literally didnt do anything wrong. She has the right to secretly like whoever the fuck she wants. She didnt try to steal him from her friend or anything and she pushed him off her when he fell asleep. She literally did nothing wrong. The concept that best friends have to tell each other everything is just wrong.

  12. So the new girl is actually a mediator for them to get back together again… Indeed, the World is full of misunderstanding

  13. Jisu was also bullied as lee eunbi in another drama. Such bad luck. But I'm happy they all made up 💕 precious friends

  14. I don’t think being bullied is really a secret, a lot of people go through it and it’s not something to tell someone, there’s really no reason Jisu should be ashamed of that.

  15. why do students in korea gossip about others in the same classroom as the people they r talking about loud and clearly for everybody to hear? that is so weird

  16. Wait how is korean exams looks so easy , they do it in the class, they can bring pencil case,bag in, and more wow not to strict and almost everything abt the school and korea i like it

  17. This just shows how in situations like this everyone is always ready to jump on the girl's throat when the guy is the one who's in a relationship

  18. man i'm only here because i was told they are gay WHERE'S THE WLW ACTION I SIGNED UP FOR CMON IM TIRED OF DASOM'S ANNOYING SELF

  19. Who the hell cares? Jisu freaking hid her feelings while you and your boyfriend fight 24/7. Sure she has feelings for Asung but its not like she purposely tried to break you up

  20. why isn't anyone taking about riho? she's such a nice and pretty character and she's always in the shadows but it shows she's watching over and cares for jisu a lot.

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