How to deal with work and money stress without freaking out

Here at ReachOut we get there not having
a job, and not having enough work and not having enough money is the perfect
recipe for life to feel quite *fart noise*. Feeling useless, worthless and not good
enough are pretty common. So if you’re struggling with work and money, there are
three things we want you to know. Number one you’re not alone. With youth
unemployment pretty high here in Australia dealing with feeling crap
about not having work and not having money is unfortunately pretty common
Number two – this is not forever. Things will change in your life and you will
not always be feeling this bad. And number three, you are still a valuable
person it’s really easy to tie your identity to your job and a sense of
contributing, but job or no job, you are still a person with a whole stack of
stuff to be proud of. Plus there are three things we want you to try. One – talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Whether it’s friends family or even a
counselor or your GP, if you’re feeling down it’s important to talk and get some
help. Two – check out some of the links below. We got together with a bunch of
young people from across Australia who’ve all struggled with money and job
stress and they shared their tips on what can help. And 3 check out our best
of the web guides about employment and money. You can get practical tips and
resources to help with everything you need to know about looking for work and
how to budget, even when you have hardly any money. Stressing about work and moneyis really tough and while you may not be able to create a job out of thin air,
there are things you can do to make yourself feel better. Head to to find out more

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