26 Replies to “How to Elevate Your Marketing Business | Why You Should INNOVATE, Not Copy Strategies

  1. Hey Neil,
    I have a question and that's how to know other people's strategy? How they are making their post at no.1 rank?


  2. Hey bro! Now you're confusing me. Some days ago,I read your blog post which said "good marketers copy great marketers steal",in that post you said 'steal what competition is doing',but today you said 'don't do that others are doing'. Can you clarify please?

  3. True one should be very innovative to compete with others love your videos đź’– just because of some work I was unable to watch some videos now I will be covering all those videos. The videos to make about SEO and other topics are good, but can you show them practically it will be more efficient easy to understand Thanks

  4. I LOVE this channel. It's likely the most valuable content I consume on YouTube or anywhere on the internet––THANK YOU, Neil.

    I would amend (for beginners) what was said in this video to say that "copying" when you are starting out at ANYTHING is valuable. Where what Neil said comes in is once you have a foothold in whatever it is you are doing. In this case, you can begin to make your own predictions about marketing strategies and how your audience/potential audience will respond and try and innovate the strategies you were merely copying before into a strategy for the present and future, at that point. Then, like Neil said, ALWAYS be changing and innovating. peace

  5. I sell digital products, courses for drawing and design. Where to invest my earning? Ads, other websites, …. ? Thank you for mentorship.

  6. Hey man. Is it a wise thing to buy an Instagram account with 50k + followers (that has an engagement group) for your shopify niche in 2018

  7. Write live article. And showing showing every thing, how to you make your SEO of post, (setup, description, keywords)

    I mean when you writing post on your site go live recording.

  8. A good example, I was helping a financial firm out and while they were doing digital marketing, I told them to try postcards since their demographic was a bit older and not many people use it. In the end, it was cheaper with a higher conversion rate. Keep on testing ladies and gentlemen.

  9. I stumbled upon your blogs and as a current Social Media Marketing student, I loved what you had to say! You are definitely right that everything is constantly changing, no exact situation is going to replicate itself so why should we replicate exact marketing strategies! Prior to studying marketing, I honestly never put much thought into how innovative this field requires people to really be. If we can't come up with fresh and unique ideas, consumers can become bored, and social media sites/channels can raise the stakes and alter a businesses organic reach. I will definitely be checking out more of your vlogs. Thank you!

  10. Hi Neil do you have any reading suggestions such as journals or literature within marketing that you think are great ?

  11. Thank you Neil for educating the masses about marketing…the more content you have, the better your business will run, I think that applies to everything in life..if you don't give it your ALL and put your mind into it 1000% you will fail, but failure also creates greatness! Thumbs up Neil, looking forward to the next educational video about business, good day to you sir.

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