How to Film Protests | Work as a Team | Part 3 |

WORK AS A TEAM Consider filming with a trusted partner who can watch your back as you film guide you if you need to move while filming help you stay aware of your surroundings and alert you to opportunities for different and more important shots. Also, filming as part of a team can have its advantages. If it is safe, work in a team and determine roles before filming. For example, in a team of three filmmakers one person can film at a distance to capture the context another can film different angles of the event and get closer to the action for detailed shots while the third could conduct interviews to help explain what is happening. In a high risk situation team communication can help you coordinate your shots, protect each other, and your footage. Always carry multiple tapes or memory cards. If you shoot something important, remove the card or tape, and pass it off to someone that you trust will keep the footage safe. Be sure everyone knows their roles, and is aware of all potential risks in advance. REMEMBER Film with a trusted partner
Determine roles and film as a team
Evaluate risks and develop a plan before filming For additional training videos and resources, visit Subtitles by the community

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