How to find Off Market Apartment Deals For Less than $5

alright guys let’s go ahead and look for
some off marque department deals and I’m gonna show you guys how to do it for
really really cheap, in fact, you’ll probably spend less than the dollar
looking for a deal and this is something that I did beginning early on when I
just got started you know I didn’t have hundreds of dollars of you know
the marketing budget for post cars and bandit signs and ads so what I’ve done
is I’m going to show you exactly what I did using a screen share so that you can
be able to dive in right with me to show I’m gonna show you exactly what I did to
look for off market apartment deals just using the internet a laptop and some you
know brainpower you’re gonna need some of that so stick around and I’ll show
you guys how it’s done all right guys so what you guys are
looking at is the screen of my laptop and you probably see me here as well
right on the upper right hand corner so I’m gonna assume a role of someone who’s
just getting started in this business don’t know pretty much anything other
than just hey I’m gonna go and look for some deals now this is a very very very
cheap way of doing very archaic way but it really works and it’s really
effective especially if you’re looking for a multi-family I don’t let me quite
see this working for single-family no you’ll see why so I think she’s really
really excited because I’m I’m gonna go ahead and actually look for a real deal
and show you guys how this works and by the way any information that I share are
gonna be off are gonna be available to the public anyway so I’m not gonna share
anything that’s private I’m not gonna go and disclose email addresses or phone
numbers I’m gonna do my best to make sure that any information that is being
shared is already on the public record so you guys something guys know I’m from
Chicago Chicagoland area and that’s nice that Google was telling exactly where
I’m at so for those uh want to stalk me down there right there I am but I’m
gonna go and look at completely different area so that I am NOT biased
because I know all the areas in Chicago that are that are hot and yeah places
look at but I want to go and look at somewhere else where say like
Indianapolis I actually know very little about Indianapolis
I’ve been there a couple times right for different events but I don’t I don’t
know particularly a whole lot about Indianapolis so I’m gonna go and assume
that I like I’m new to this market right I’m not I’m not sure what I’m looking at
so first thing I’m gonna do and this is Google Maps by the way I’m not using
some fancy schmancy software it’s just simple as going to maps google calm and
you’ll you’ll see this so first thing I do is I switch to satellite and some of
these smart cookies you already know what I’m doing here um so I’m looking at
Indianapolis and honestly Anna I don’t really know where to start but I’m just
gonna zoom in to where I can at least see the content of the streets so I’m
gonna look around this area now already I think I found something here so you
guys can see here that I’m it’s kind of obvious right so you you look after the
like mAb you and you’ll see rooflines and you’ll notice that some of these
roof lines like this one actually looks like an apartment now
oh this actually it might be a church or some sort of a industrial campus so if
you guys want to pan down this way to actually see I call this the FBI view
because you know I feel like the government agents I don’t know like I’m
like a satellite view but what you do for this and you guys are thinking well
how is he doing that so what you do is you hold that control key right the ctrl
key for those are what that is control key and click and drag so you’ll be able
to just pretty much drag and do one of these things it’s pretty cool I feel
like I’m in Mister Rogers neighborhood so this is really cool you can just go
around you know stuff like this this is pretty cool right so here’s something
ready it’s just a church another church this isn’t a part of building right it
appears so I’m gonna verify that it is yeah it looks like I’m partly clicking
apart building it’s right in front of a bus stop as you guys can see right here
Michigan Street and State Avenue so now the question is okay well how do I know
the address I’ve never been there well click right over the right click over
the building and click where it says what’s here click on that oh ho look at
that’s 504 with wood rough place West Drive Indianapolis Indiana right so I
know the address now right ok there it is boom might do a little Street View as
well see what it looks like cuz I again I’ve never been in this place so I I
cannot be biased it appears that there’s oh I see ok got it
that’s why it looks different ok so I was looking at the side of the building
instead of originally how I was the connect ok all right terrible neighborhood again I don’t know
this area so for those who are from Indianapolis
you might be thinking yeah this guy has no idea what he’s saying well yeah
because I don’t know this area and I’m looking at it as if I’m brand new to the
market but honestly this building doesn’t look too bad it’s you know brick
I can see there’s been some tough pointing done right and this was
captured in October 2017 so last year and it’s got a parking on the back nice
nice okay cool so here’s what I’m gonna do
guys I know where this is I know the really I just at least the address is
here’s what I do I want to find out who the owner is I want to make a contact of
the owner now we’re looking for off-market deals and this may not be
this may not turn into a deal right the owner just just might as well say I’m
not interested right they may give us a cold shoulder so this is just about any
like a marketing where in the beginning you’re gonna do a lot of hustling you
did a lot of work so let’s go and copy down the address okay there you go
control C which is copy for those tow know what that is there you go copy and
to do to find out who owns this public records says it all right so if we want
to find out who owns this baby we’re gonna go into the tax assessment so
county tax assessor sites so in Annapolis I’m gonna first find out what
county it is Indianapolis County there we go so it’s its Marion County wow it’s
pretty square so we’re gonna go to Marion County tax assessor there we go and go in dive in boom again
this is public record so I’m not doing anything fishy guys so one of the things
that we want to do is I want to I want to go into more the tax Treasury records
so let me see if I can do this and again I don’t do this a lot in Annapolis
search by address boom boom boom there you go so hit no results so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna try that there it is so if you guys are having a
hard time looking for or searching by address and nothing’s popping up it’s
because you added a little too much data so what you want to do is cut back right
and just leave the the street street name and street number so here we have
it right there we go final four would replace West Drive it’s owned by mr.
John Simmons right now again on the record we’re not exposing John here okay
he should have known better to put this on a trust if you wanted some privacy
right so we’re gonna generate the record card hey oh I don’t see if we do this so
it’s I mean having oh there it is okay so I have to download it got it kiss
it’s not a browser view somebody obvious I’ll download it okay here we go so this
is what the owner is seeing I believe if I can predict this right this is what
the tax though is so come on now yep there you go so this is what the owner
gets every year there we go John B Simmons and here’s all the
information okay now some of these information is gonna be you know it’s
gonna be important especially if you’re doing your due diligence but I don’t
need it right now what I really want is I need to know the sellers information
it’s all looking for it so the rest of the information can be useful and it
will be for sure in your due diligence period but what I’m really after is this
right mr. John B Simmons so I might go and look for the tax by the tax Treasury
so let’s this Marion County Tax treasurer there
we go so we’re gonna look going here a different Department of write the
Marion County so we can look at property taxes again I’m assuming the role of a
beginner so let’s see so obviously if you guys are from Marion County but you
guys may have done this thousands of times but I’m I’m assuming it all wrong
okay so I found the the view payer view bills which should give me the address
of the the person perfect there we go may have found something
so that was Woodruff place out here do the CAPTCHA okay oh we
could have done through owner’s name instead of the property street address
okay so we’re here all right so just go run with this okay so after a couple
minutes of waiting we’re finally here and we got the enquiries as you can see
there’s a lot of entries so there’s 300 entries and I’m sure it’s more than that
so what we’re gonna do and what this allows us to do is just hit property
addresses and we have it in order so let me see if I can find this baby which is
504 Woodruff let’s keep on going 0:01 so I’m gonna keep going and I mean
you would imagine this would be much easier right is I mean so alright we’re
getting close by 20
– 509 wow that’s interesting 503 and 505 so 504 is missing we have a ghost
property interesting hold on so let’s let’s see I might be wrong as far as okay so
5:04 does not exist maybe because let’s see if I can do this okay so it’s clear
that this guy it’s got one address now sometimes it can have multiple addresses
and if that’s the case and it’s probably a condo condos will obviously have
multiple addresses or multiple unit number but in this case I’m seeing I’m
seeing just one address and things like five oh five or nine is missing or 504
is missing so I am not sure of what is going on so yeah it’s it’s missing goes
to 509 502 503 504 505 for you guys obviously this isn’t telling us maybe
John Simmons living living him which I don’t know if that’s the case but let’s
go and look for a different property okay but you guys might already be
getting the idea here um that you look for the refine and if it looks like a
multi-family and you can confirm that it is alright you know you got yourself a
database without you even have to go out the door of your house right this is a
berry except you know quote-unquote lazy way of doing it but it is very effective
and it’s time time effective sure so here’s some couple of part of buildings
yeah what appears to be okay so senior community so obviously I had to do get
to take a look very closely but here’s something I think could be a potential
candidate let me go ahead and drop my okay yep
so we got a couple part buildings now not the best shape in the world but hey
if the figures work why not right so 202 for East 25th Street okay that’s what
we’re looking at so let’s see who owns this baby here we go so we’re looking at
fifth streets 202 for 25th Street so we’re gonna go ahead and put the CAPTCHA
in there and now we wait so obviously we can
always go back we can go into the the Assessor version of this right the
parcel numbers but let’s go and give it away
so you guys can see that actually I ended up finding this other site that
seems to be a little more easier and funny loaded finally waited but here if
we’re going to look at this but if you can’t find anything like this will
definitely go and look at this cuz it looks like this is the new government
government page apparently so we’re looking at 202 for
East so we may have to do a lot of searching here as well so you guys can
see here that to get to 2 or 2 for 2 or 2 for East and I’m not sure if you’re
gonna get much luck in this either yeah it’s it’s going up and uh oh
all that no yeah so this is obviously not the best you know organized thing in
the world as you guys can see here it’s just going off of everywhere so not the
biggest fan not the biggest fan of the way that this is this is structured so
what we’re gonna do I’m just gonna go and mess with this here search yeah this this seems better so I’m gonna
actually do control fine I can do that two and two four it’s not in this page
so we’re gonna go next to it to four in here maybe not okay so none of these have two two fours and go back to you so I’m gonna go back to looking at
proper cards just this is what we’ve seen earlier if you guys remember so
let’s go ahead and hand hit there we go so it’s actually owned by an LLC which
is good I actually like properties that are owned by LLC and I’ll show you why
as to why I like them better so here we go we got the property cards and they’re
this car carving in scar minions LLC so here’s what we do with the LLC name
because for right now all we want to do is contact the owner so we’re gonna go
ahead and actually do a indiana LLC lookup now let’s see you look up and
we’re gonna go ahead and hit yeah i’ve been i’ve been on this site before so
i’m gonna click on that and we’re gonna go ahead and search the LLC name
carbanions LLC and of course there you got to capture thing going so i gotta
click on capture ed search and we should have anyway there y’all boom so they’re
actually out of Illinois which is quite interesting or actually Indiana so there
it is they’ve owned that they have this LLC since 2008 so they’ve they’ve been
have been the game for a while and here’s the individual Paul or Watson is
that is a person who is the the owner of the LLC which obviously is all is the
owner of the property so what’s really cool is that you have an address and a
person’s name to which you can go and start sending out a letter now with the
letter I’ll show you guys how to do this in a very systematic format is you take
the name you copy it and put it in a spreadsheet ok and what I want you guys
to do is is separate the first name and the last name okay and go ahead
write the address down of the mailing address and what you also want to do is
you want to break this down to into state city zip code all of that now you
don’t have to do USA cuz you know that’s kind of apply so here it is and actually
add another roll above so owner first name I’m gonna do owner last name
mailing address mailing city mailing State mailing zip now those labels are
gonna be super important I share exactly why and okay so we got their info we got
that as your business address let me see if one second if I can verify something
okay sometimes you can google them and see if they have you know if they’re
public if they are great then you can contact them so here it is you got their
mailing address and you also have their the address for the property so we’re
gonna do property address it’s just what we’re interested in boom property city
which I know is Indianapolis same thing here this property state and property
zip so all right by the way this is Google
sheets so this is absolutely free if you don’t have Microsoft Office guys if
you’re using Gmail you know Google Apps comes in it’s free doesn’t cost anything
so there we go make it this make this a little bigger so here we have the data
right so the owner first name last name mailing address all public records I’m
not sharing something that can’t be found anywhere else right so here it is
so here’s what I’m gonna do okay and this is a super important now this is
where you know I’m going to take back with take that back with the Microsoft
Office but you can go to the library and dig out out Microsoft Office so you need
Microsoft Office for this one so I sorry guys I’ll I forgive me
so we got the data right here and go and download this as as an excel file okay
I’m just gonna throw in the desktop okay and what we’re gonna do is I’m going to
open up word there you go and we’re gonna go ahead
and then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna do is go ahead and write a letter
and before we do that we’re gonna go ahead and click on mailing and select
recipients use existing list so the list that I that we downloaded guess what
comes from the excel sheet right so obviously the the proper way the more
effective and efficient way to do this is if you have a say twenty twenty eight
enquiries write list of twenty property owners that will be more effective so
I’m just giving you more of an example you know for sake of time so here’s a
non-title shift spreadsheet there we go and what was really cool and some of you
guys may already know this cuz you guys went through business you know classes
for those who haven’t here it is so we’re gonna do is going to insert merge
field on our first name on our last name now this is super useful if you’re
dealing with twenty different names you don’t wanna have to write twenty
different letters that will be lots of time you’re gonna it’s fine
so owner first name or last name mailing address city so what this is doing is in
place of this these codes that you’re seeing it’s gonna go and merge those
data for you so that you don’t have to write twenty different letters if you’re
dealing with twenty different owners okay so the preview results boom look at
that you see it goes right in there right and then I’m gonna make slow
prettier there you go and then go and put you know just as any
professional actually you want this first so I’m gonna do Sam Kwok where I
can put my LLC in there okay X Y Z you know I’m gonna do I don’t want you guys
know where I live okay Main Street Chicago Illinois there we go and then
going around your letter so dear again insert first name my name is Sam Kwok
I’m a real estate investor in the area I am writing to you to ask if you would be
interested in selling your property , and we’re gonna go and insert the
property address right there so that’s the property that we’re interested in
looking at and seeing if they’re interested in selling that property
right there we go I’m writing to you to ask if you would be interested in
selling your property right I may be able to help you potentially double your
your net now for those who are wondering why am I saying that can i really help
that person double their net yes I can I have a way there’s a strategy now
obviously you guys aren’t gonna write that down if you don’t know how my
students obviously for those are my trainees guys know exactly why I’m
writing that down so if you guys are interested in that I’m gonna go ahead
and leave that in the link this link description below if you guys are
interested in being one of our trainees and I’ll show exactly what I do I I just
I put that in and I actually help people pick up walk away with double internet
so here we go if you are interested in selling your property please give me a
call or email me at and go and put your email right XS x X Gmail comm and I’ve
just provide a phone number all right sincerely whatever your name is
alright same quacks so here we have pretty polish flutters right so what you
can do is you can go ahead and don’t go to click on prints on the upper right
hand corner what you’re gonna do is go to mailing and finish your merge and
then click on print documents that way if you have 20 owners on the list you’ll
be able to print 20 letters and each letter is gonna have all the data that
you’ve selected through the excel sheet pretty cool right so this is basic merge
this is virtually free if you don’t have Microsoft Office you can go to do this
in your local library fairly easy to do so go ahead and click
on print documents print everything now as far as the envelope I encourage you
guys to handwrite the envelope the reason being is that we want the seller
the the owner opening the envelope in the first place if it’s printed
professionally it’s more than likely that’s gonna go right into the trash can
so we obviously don’t want that so handwrite the envelopes if you don’t
want to do it have a family member if you have kids pay them to write it if
they have good handwriting that is I don’t want a four year old writing the
envelopes for you obviously so 10 write the envelopes because you want to make
sure that they open the letter if you want to make this even more effective
buy one of those gift card envelopes with colors like blue green or red and
actually handwrite those because they will be open and you you’ll notice how
effective those are if you want to increase your effectiveness
now obviously you have to pay postage which is 49 cents hence why I told you
guys in the beginning of this video it’s gonna cost you less than a dollar per
lead if you’re if that’s what if that’s your budget so if you’re doing 10 pleads
that that’s gonna cost you four dollars and ninety cents I mean if we’re gonna
really factor in paper ink you know all that I mean it’s gonna come down to five
bucks for 20 people that are gonna reach out to so based on my math and based on
what I’ve done in my track record you see every twenty to thirty direct
letters I send I usually get one coming back that says yeah I’m interested
so obviously this works it’s all about numbers and and hitting up the right
person really you don’t want to hit up everybody because you’re gonna waste a
lot of money on marketing but if you hit up hit up that certain people that you
want to target you’re gonna have success because you’re gonna have the results I
really want you’re not we start time on results I don’t why
you’re gonna spend time on the leads how you want to work with that you want to
buy properties with so here it is guys um so from the very beginning right
using Google Maps very archaic way very easy cheap you’re not paying for
database or anything like that all you’re doing is you’re scanning around
looking for rough lines to see if there any multi families in your area part of
buildings finding out what the addresses of that
property using that address to going to to go over to your county tax records
and tax assessor records and one thing that I’ll give you a disclaimer certain
states may not allow this certain states it’s not illegal to do this but certain
states won’t disclose certain information to you so some of you guys
may have a hard time doing this but if you guys can figure out a way a
different variation creative way to do this then yeah I think you guys are
gonna be coming at the top so from there we’re gonna look for who the owner is
with their addresses and then from there we send a letter using the method that
I’ve showed you which is very effective very efficient this shingle this should
cost you less than five dollars to send out twenty letters very effective so
guys I hope this helped and this is what exactly this is this step this right
here is literally the duplicate step of what I’ve done early on before I had
hundreds of dollars a marketing budget to spend on postcards right all those
things so guys utilize this tech I hope that you guys
took a lot of notes if you guys need a rewind pause rewatch you guys are more
than welcome and do that so again if you guys are interested in more info more
materials go and look down and in the link description box below because I got
a lot of goodies in there they can check out and download take advantage of all
absolutely for free it’s my gift to you guys you guys can download and have it
so guys I hope this helped and I might do another video just like this to show
you how to find deals in a different variation if you guys are working with
more budget I’ll show you how to properly use that budget so that you’re
not wasting money on you know silly marketing tactics that aren’t gonna
aren’t gonna work anyways so here it is guys cheapest way to look for off-market
apartment deals again if you guys have any questions gonna leave them down
below and I’ll be more than happy to answer those questions for you
all right guys take care well hello there you made it to the end of this
video congratulations and that probably means that you liked our video and you
loved what we did so be sure if you want to get more information more YouTube
videos from us about real estate investing be sure to subscribe to our
YouTube channel and hit the bio icon to make sure that you get notifications on
our future videos about real estate investing

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