How to get more energy at work? || Episode 5 – Tea Talks with Jess

– Hey and welcome to Tea Talks. My name’s Jess. I am a nutritionist, yoga
teacher, and personal trainer. And I spend a lot of my
time coming into offices, and delivering workplace talks. As well as running my online
nutrition and fitness clinics. So, I’m taking a series of questions, and today’s question was, how can I get more energy at work? So firstly, energy is one of those, for me it’s a currency of great health. And there’s nothing like
having amazing health, sorry, amazing energy. And I think that when
you have great energy, life is so much easier. Work life is easier, you know, family, like, being to play with kids. If you have children. But just generally, like
showing up with energy. And when energy is a limiting
factor, life is harder. So, who doesn’t want more energy? And I think one of the things that is common to majority of my clients, no matter kinda what their health goal is, whether it’s to, you know,
get in shape or, you know, either they’ve got a more kind of chronic digestive issue or
adrenal issue, whatever it is, one of the kind of common trance across a lot of my clients is a lack of energy. So, today’s video is what three things might you able to do to increase
that energy in your body. So, firstly, let me talk
about energy zappers. So, there are obviously certain foods that are going to detract
from your energy bucket because they’re a lot more processed, they require a lot more
energy within the body to even, you know, process them. And they also contain a lot of things that are unrecognizable to the body, so your body has to do a lot more than if it was a fresh,
whole, unprocessed food. So, obviously, that energy that’s taken up by digesting it gives
your body less energy to do more energy-yielding and
energy-generating processes, such as just even feeling more energized. So, firstly, the first tip is just recognizing just how much processed food is currently in your
diet, and is there a way that you can, you know,
make just subtle switches here and there to just decrease that kind of processed load on your body because then that’s gonna free your body’s detoxification and digestion processes up so that you can actually
enjoy more energy for you. A second tip is increasing the amount of energy-rich foods that are coming in. So, foods that are gonna add energy to your energy bucket are
foods that contain B vitamins. B vitamins are, there’s a
whole family of B vitamins, but they’re typically found
in green, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. B vitamins are required
by our mitochondria, which you have hundreds if not thousands of mitochondria within each and every single one of your cells. And those mitochondria help to actually manufacture energy within that body, they’re like our body’s energy batteries. And if the right
nutrients aren’t coming in to power those guys,
then you’re gonna notice a reduced output of energy. So, B vitamins, how can you add
more green leafy vegetables, more nuts, more seeds into your diet? One of the easiest ways
is makin’ smoothies, which is why I love smoothies, ’cause it’s it’s so
easy to creep those in. So, if you need any smoothie
recommendations, let me know, you know, juicing can
be a really great way, but I find smoothies a lot more practical because it takes less time kinda wash up. You can also just whack it in and you just can, you
retain all the proteins and the fats and the fiber
but that’s a little bit, versus it being pulped out in a juicer. So definitely increasing leafy vegetables. And I think another way
to increase your energy is to prioritize sleep. I know it’s not that exciting, and, but yeah, prioritizing sleep and making sure you’re drinking enough water. One of the most simple things you can do is just making sure that you’re consistent with your water intake. As soon as you’re dehydrated, you’re gonna notice it in your brain and
you’re gonna feel foggy, so just eradicate that kind of deficiency automatically by just being consistent with your water intake. Even if it’s herbal teas,
you know, drunk cold or hot, it doesn’t matter, but just
kind of pure, clean water and prioritizing sleep because if you have low sleep quality or not
enough hours of sleep, then you’re immediately gonna feel sluggish and low energy, and
life is gonna feel harder. So, there are so many other things, but those are kind of the things that I, the factors that I found made the biggest difference with my clients. So, if there’s one that you know that you’re not kind of consistently hitting, give it a go, make it a
priority for this week, and report back and let
me know how you’re doing. Thanks so much, and I will
see you in the next video. Bye!

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