How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #59| $8,500 From news paper ads

hey angel how much was your first wholesale deal 8,500 8,500 what up what up family happy Wednesday I'm bringing you guys another subscriber first wholesale deal interview once again all I'm asking you is if you like me to continue this subscribe first wholesale new interview where I bring people on that recently closed their first wholesale deal to have a with you their stories and how they got their first deal done if you like me to continue doing it and if you find value in this episode then what I need you to do is smash a thumbs up and let me know and if you don't like it you don't find any value smash that thumbs to him drop me a comment and let me know why cuz I believe if you have the balls to do it but you should have the balls to tell me why you didn't find any value in this episode alright you guys and if you recently closed the first hole show do shoot me an email over to wholesale to millions at and show me the mone which is the picture of the checks man prove it to me alright so I would love to get you on and obviously let you share the stories to the whole entire family and for those of you I'm gonna take a little time here before I get angel to come on and share your stories for those of you don't know I'm running a 2k web class what that is is for the first 20 people that once you join me you spend the whole entire day with me on July 28th alright that's on a Sunday July 28th I'm taking on 20 people it's a web class you don't have to fly anywhere you don't have there's no hotel or anything hotel or motel none of that you can be able to come from your home what I'm do on that day is I take 20 people on and what we gonna do is we gonna dice X and figure out where you're at in your business I'm gonna give you the tips the strategies the company we use the whole entire system helping you basically figure out where you're at right now and try to get to where you want it to be put a system in place for you whether your beginning or wedding or you doing a couple deals and you try to get to the next level what my goal on that day is for you to break to give me your goal and I'm going to you an action plan for you to execute and implement all right and it's only for those of you who's ready and who's committed it's $2,000 per person or per couple right so whether you're single or maybe you're you your marry husband-and-wife boyfriend/girlfriend is $2,000 the first 20 people and for those of you who don't see the value in this let me share something with you really quick what if I can give you one tips one strategies that gets you to make one extra deal a month or maybe do and then a deal in the next three months or four months or five months get whatever that is you want to unlock you see I believe in life to get what you want you either pay with time or money I'm there are people listen to me there are people that have made it just by watching YouTube video and implement and made it I'm just saying this is for those of you who say Kong this is exactly what I need it's not for everybody and they are seeking for something like this in spending instead of spending the Nate the time the next three months four months five months six months trying to figure this out I'm gonna give you everything you need on that day alright give you the the right way to start so if you're ready email me over to wholesale to millions wholesale to millions at and I'm ready to rock and roll with you and spend the whole entire day with you on July 28th so no further ado whoo angel I'm gonna let you take over man and tell everybody your stories and then how you got into the whole wholesale on your first deal bro I'm basically uh my background – cloud-first working is just uh just factory work man I don't know Kong if you ever I know you said you did 30,000 a year and all that and in the factory man when it's when it's cold outside it's cold in there and when it's hot outside it's you got sweat dripping down and I feel you bro so yeah I mean I'm a high school dropout man I know you know represent bro represent as far as this whole so deal man I honestly got it off a little newspaper ad not even an ad it was saying it was gonna be auctioned off it was gonna it was the same who's gonna be auctioned off and I called I skipped rinse the number is skipped wrist number I called the guy and the guy was pretty much hey you know you can just just everything's being worked out right now as far as with with the little lawyer just give me a call back so I eventually call them back and lots of that deal around me and July 3rd I just closed on the Houseman dude angel you're representing high school dropout bro I'm proud to say I'm high school dropout cuz you know why man cuz I see all the other kids going to college wondering around while they spent the next four years eight years trying to figure it out trying to collect the debts dude I am starting out at Ground Zero I'm freaking rock and roll and not collecting up the debts and and just freaking out life right away of what I want and go at it dude so good I love it man love it man so now so when did you stir when you strap on a school bro 2010 oh wow okay I drop out I drop a dude I was mentally dropped out when I was a freshman bro yeah when I was freshman dude I was battling with insecurity so so bad that I cried to school I cry in school and then I cry coming home from school because when I was in school for those of you knows we take like ESL right ESL English as a second language dude and I get picked on so bad bro so so bad so hated school bro hater school they teach you everything that the real world that you don't need to know what do you know algebra why do you need to know the Papa you know what I mean come on you go no I actually actually had a job now man and they actually told me that I got a high school diploma online like back around after that like a year after I dropped out they just called me like months ago and said hey you know at the job that I'm at they said this high school diploma said accredited they gave me 60 days to go get my high school diploma my 60 days actually is today I still don't have it now you know III started it just to get it done you know my little brother just graduated and he just he just he's 18 and just he just got it somebody you know I thought I escaped it for nine years I guess too hard to have a nine-to-five that's what you need so I was ready to get it but today is actually the day today is July 10th they said I'm supposed to have it I still don't have it I mean other with the $8,500 man I'm just gonna go I'm gonna up the marketing a whole lot more than what I did cuz basically what I did last time was a 50 cent newspaper and some skiptrace thing that I do with my brother so so let me ask you bro before we get into the whole details on the deal here man let me ask you bro so what are you gonna do there you see they sup bro so what are you gonna do 60 days up God is definitely there with me man cuz I got my money right on time I don't have I didn't even have Kong I'll be Hollis and I'll put it on the whole internet I didn't have little to nothing on my big account you know one minute liar came in I can always give me another job man I can always give me another job I'm gonna go ahead and you know I feel like the odds are with me as long as I'm calling every day I'm calling every single day and I see and it's not like I'm starving or nothing and it's not like you know I got money to pay there to pay the mortgage and I got money to you know eat and I'm not gonna let it go all the way down until I go get a job I don't know gotcha brother so what you're telling me if that job tells you hey no diploma your fire then you'll be like hey then you're ready to go yeah I mean if they told me hey you know you can stay that's fine and you know just another 30 day then that'll be great but if not hot fm I don't wanna bro angel I'm with you Brown you tell me to go get high to your high school diploma bro it's almost like you want to kill me like if you want to kill me just kill me for the job that I'm doing there I'm just doing the same repetitive thing over and over and over I understand if I was in tonight you know if I was in a accounting firm or something yeah you know you don't have your high school diploma for the same repetitive stuff that I'm doing it's almost like changing tires like you know how you don't have you're gonna have to let you go got you bro hey dude so angel how are you now bro I'm 27 27 28 all right bro dude 27 bro dude let's freakin get your get your things together get your life together and let's get this business rock and rollin man cuz yesterday I interview Joel dude 21 bro closes first freakin wholesale deal for 52g bro so do it let's do it let's rock and roll man you're 27 did no more time to waste it let's go so now here's so angel let's talk about when did you initially or how did you first of all how do you discover wholesaling bro okay well my brother man my brother my brother went he told me he went to rich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki hmm he's a webinar a seminar free seminar and he said he left at the upsell pretty much $30,000 of yeah we don't have that type of money here my dad went and he said he heard the word wholesaling and I guess he started looking it up he told me around November and I was telling him like a man I was looking at this dad I'm like hey man that sounds like a numbers you know some numbers game you got you know and he was like all right all right he got his first deal in February okay for how much first 7400 okay and when I saw that I said I'm in so I started basically around February okay February really looking at videos you Brent Daniels and and that's that's that's really how I got it all off my info all right all right all right did okay here's a tough these these two question bro is the tough questions and I want you to answer them honestly from the heart bro who did you discover first my brother told me about my dad even my dad there's like there's the Asian guy yeah yeah so yeah so you discovered me first yeah you okay bro this one is extremely hard who's your favorite I'll be honest it I to be a whole lot more relatable man we are we we we were we're both not from here you know what I mean so obviously I would say just as far as we laid ability goes yeah you you know what I mean hey bro angel even if I was a lie I love it bro so for all my high-school dropout for all of my people that are coming from another country emigrate it come on man she you guys let's get our act together and let's freaky show the world what we're made of man let's rock and roll man so angel about your first deal man so you start in February which is that's when you started right connecting knowledge and when so when did you close the first deal again last week July third okay so February March so March April May June July you guys that's five months right did I say all right is actually my third contract that I signed that I got signed that I locked up my first two actually at the castle my numbers weren't right hmm okay let's talk about your first deal you're close one and then I want to talk about the other two okay so you found this you found the seller you found the seller from an add-on on the newspaper you like you put the ad on the newspaper no I saw the ad and they said it was gonna be an auction oh okay it was going to be an auction property okay and then you skip trace and call the seller yes okay yes I had the address on there so I skip traced obviously through the tax assessor you can find out who owns it and you can obviously get sure man now which everybody's gonna ask which skip-tracing company did you use bro we use get genie skip skip2938 a beware able to contact the seller and then now the puppy is vacant is it owner occupies a rented situation okay so now you call the seller the property is vacant what so I want to know is did you lock it up on a contract on the first call on the second call like what's what's what's the deal bro when I had first odom straight from the newspaper I said hey you don't call and see if you'd consider an offer on your property he said yeah that'll be fine but I'm currently working with a lawyer right now and I need to wait you know he kind of didn't want to do nothing now because he knew that time was approaching where all that paperwork was gonna end as far as the family member that he had with with with on that house it was him in her and she had passed away and he needed that name to be on there in order for him to sell or finalize the paperwork as far as that okay gotcha man okay and then now okay now I want to know is how do you get the property lock up on a contract oh okay I'm sorry man on that first on that first call he told me contact me in two weeks so I contacted him exactly I in two weeks I told him hey can we go see the property he agreed we went over there he uh he wanted thirty and my price in my mind after my math I was there's a whole lot of houses in that area they're older houses fifties 40s and they're tearing them down so I'm thinking this is like a teardown and I've already drove around that area so much that I can then I'm recording different addresses and I'm looking them up to see how much they've been selling for so I I know I obviously it was gonna be for land value so my price was obviously fifteen I offered him half he was like no I can't can't do have and we basically long story short we basically had the whole thing at 23 and when I offer 23 he actually didn't even we actually didn't even agree I actually walked out that day in the car kind of like oh man I don't know he hidden hidden we didn't sign the contract he called me the next day and said hey we're ready to lock it up I said okay so good and and when we got the whole thing signed we got the whole thing signed at a fast-food restaurant took two hours to sign because we were talking I can you know and he's actually a pretty cool guy yeah so basically you build rapport dude my my first wholesale deal was signed at McDonald to bro at McDonald yeah bro my I think my my third or my fourth was also at McDonald well you know this deal I got the I got the contract signed in McDonald's with the seller and I got the contract signed with the buyer at a different McDonald's not too far from there Oh bro oh man okay dude okay now I want to know so what's a our view on the property a RV it was around 51 how did you know that I just got an REI probe REI probe kind of gives around around an estimate I honestly when I market it the whole property onto a local Facebook Marketplace are to the to the investors I honestly put hey possible to tear down 42 you know what I mean and then I just put my price down I didn't put my repair I didn't put no ARB or anything I had two people interested one guy on there man ended up threatening me with with with the law and and I know this tough man I chose not to do business with him after he didn't agree on my terms he wanted things his way on his terms and my brother is the one that's like hey you gotta take control of this contract you're the one you gotta take control it's not them over you or nothing so but I ended up finding a buyer Khong offline just a Latin guy I went to go to the local mechanic and I told him hey he's a friend of my wife's and and my brother-in-law's and I told him hey I was I'm literally spreading the word around I told the discount tobacco store owner right next to me to him I said hey I got this property I had already total months ago that was doing this real estate thing and the mechanic guy referred me to this other guy that said he wanted to buy the property and that was a guy who ended up going through the whole thing with me Wow bro okay no okay bro so you estimated the ARV is about 51,000 okay now what was the rehab what do you ask me the rehab the whole thing was livable man the whole thing was livable had like a whole other on the chip me on the roof and all that I would say you know it all depends on whoever's looking at it and as far as their budget but with less than three thousand dollars man they could get any little repairs done and it the whole thing is livable so basically it's three thousand and repairs so basically it's so the house doesn't have like does the house is not like the granite granite countertop stainless steel like it doesn't have all that it's just like like a standard ready to rent kind of thing right okay so basically just just a stander – just a standard updates which is it just have Formica countertop and it'll basically the three thousand you figure it probably just needs some new paint and carpet new paint house so even the wood could be like you know it's it's a it's hardwood flooring and this is like original hardwood flooring so all they had to do was this you know us and that thing off and shine it pretty much everything else man honestly it's move-in-ready without updating much you know like even the stove you know like everything is pretty much work and in working condition gotcha I gotcha you guys don't the reason why I ask these questions is for those of you who who are having trouble calculating rehab costs so you can make the seller in the offer because when I first got into it I have no construction experience right so I don't know how things how much think cost how much it cost to fix anything up so I'm letting you guys know when you when you run your comparables make sure you look at all the house that are soul does have granite countertop does have stainless steel appliances there's the bathrooms does it have tile floor tile surround or is it just a regular tub shower is it just a regular normal countertop regular kitchen like if you walk into a rental property like an average rental property is that the condition now if that's the ARV then you want to make sure that you you compare your property to that one if if if the area does not support like granite countertop stainless steel like if the area things are selling for in the area the Reich doesn't support the granite countertop which mean the whoever is gonna buy fix and flip it doesn't need to put in granite countertop which is gonna save her money right they just put in they just need to put in stand there stuff that's why I'm asking angel these question because you guys got to know the difference because if you're in an area that everything is standard like everything is still selling for standard and you're trying to put an ARV on oh you know if I put in granite countertop maybe it's gonna worth more but the area comes doesn't support that so even if you put in granite you're not gonna get much more out of it so that's that's what I'm trying to tell you guys here maybe this is just a place where hey they just do a rental upgrade and it's good enough um okay now man I'm gonna ask you so how much you think this this house can run for um I would honestly put it out at like from like and at least 700 a month okay and how many bedroom a bathroom bro it's a small one oh it's a small one-bedroom one-bath okay okay good for you know you know a couple in one kid gotcha okay man so you found the buyers off market so the buyer went out and saw the property yeah yeah he saw the property man and he wanted it immediately okay I'm sorry yeah man so so you got under contract for 23k how much do you market out to the buyer for I put it I put it out 3232 okay so you so so your initial with you you want to make 10k correct okay so 32 and then now the buyer walked through the property so kind of kind of share with me in that process bro the buyer was pretty much it was pretty much obviously you know just how anybody would they were pointing out everything that's bad you know you this would have to get done this will have to get done and I'm like yeah I know I mean that's why we're selling it as is you know what I mean that's why that's that's that's what that's that's what I was telling him um yeah man he he had came in and um he was just interested man immediately you can tell it in him he was like you know like as as he was saying the numbers I'm I'm inside man just like excited you know I'm I see somebody's interested I had I didn't tell him yes or no at that time I told him hey I have to get back with my partner he's the one you know he's the one that's that's pretty much in charge of me pretty much so that way it's not all I mean just like you say come yeah man I gave him a call two days later cuz I had another guy come in that's the guy with with the attitude and that that guy was out from offering me 35 but that guy wanted like you know 14 day he wanted to check if the house was condemned and all this stuff and you know he I don't know he sounded like a whole nother he sounded like another wholesaler to me I don't know I talked to uh I talked to a whole selling friend here not too far from me and he said you know what he what he was asking for wasn't unreasonable and I said okay well I mean yeah sure so hey ain't you quick question bro you got under contract for 23 a RV is 51 K and the house only needs about it so seems like the house is in decent condition yeah yeah then now my question to you is why do you why do you mention that the house is to tear down well because the neighborhood the neighborhood they're dirt they are doing houses just like that in that area they are knocking them down and building you know spending I don't know fifty sixty thousand dollar houses fifty sixty thousand in material and putting a hundred and forty 170 thousand dollar brand new houses on there that's what my guess was hmm gotcha man interesting okay well the dude like the house that they're knocking down is its exact same condition as this house yeah they're all they're all bill you know how the neighborhood's built all around the same time some of them some of them people old taxes on them like this one yeah but yeah man they're just there's a couple neighborhoods in here that are these houses are made and you know thirties forties fifties and they're knocking them down and these people just building brand new houses so now you got a brand new house old house and the whole house you know what I mean sure it's starting to mix a little bit but eventually I think that's the plan around you see the thing is here's here's question bro I mean you know there that's why people go in and buy property and fix and flip them because they can actually go in and it's you know it's obviously gonna cost less then building new construction because you're gonna go you you're gonna come in you're gonna tear it down now you're starting from Ground Zero again going back up that's why people buy fix and flip because they can go in there they can updates the house right which means they're all the materials are like the house is already there and they can come in and update it and make it like brand-new construction to blend in with the new house I just don't know why people would buy it in in a decent condition and knock them down the only time that people tear it tears it now it's because the house really needs to be tear down like it's like like right like you will spend more money in time to fix the house up instead it's just knocking down tear down and bill anew and Plus you whoever it is got it for extremely cheap price on it like just just note before the value of the land I'm kidding I like this it just doesn't make sense if it just doesn't make sense to me if people buying a house that seemed decent like it's rent ready everything it's good and they're not going down and built new house and it's worth 51 and then built a house that's only another $50,000 more hey as far as the teardown as far as the teardown I put that on there on to the you know to the investors I guess you know bigger bigger investors on Facebook because I mean that was just that was just my thinking at that time I know as far as the US market people it's not really you know in their eyes this is this is livable this is ready you know good to go that's a good point that you are saying oh yeah if it's really if you know most of the houses that they tear down they're paying for the lot size yeah bro so so so dude this this is why I'm gonna help you out right now bro because I don't want you to shortchange yourself now my next question for you is when you put the ad online did you have pictures well there's a link yes okay there were picture included yes okay you guys basically here man and I'm sharing with you because I come from and I come from starting out as a fixing flipper and when I see people pull post an ad and said this house is a teardown listen which mean in my mind this house probably gonna be a teardown right so which mean I'm thinking hey the price got to be for the locks I you gonna mark it and say hey this house you know this house is teardown so I'm thinking about hey I'm just gonna pay for the price of the lights so when I see your price is more than the lock value I'm probably not gonna be interested okay so I'm just saying not every buyer but if you if you market your deal wrong it could cost you like it could cost you a deal cuz if the house is not a teardown and you mark it as a teardown when people say oh this is a teardown and he wants 23 okay or I'm sorry 30 32 K but most Lots in there I buy for like 10 K so to them is like it's not even a deal right so so they're not gonna even click on it so I'm just saying that if you like like if it's not a teardown you should not market it's a teardown otherwise you cutting yourself uh you know what I mean it's like you should sew in a foot so the guy that you went and talked to came out and look at the probably realized dude dang dude bro this is not a teardown it I could buy this effort for uh for 32 K and then i I don't need I don't even need to do anything you know put three thousand into it now I'm at like 35 after all the closing costs you probably be at like 36 five or whatever and ran it out and get seven hundred seen Brent in red so to him is like wow this guy think and let me tell you this too bro when you say it's a teardown right so so in your mind so I'm telling you guys all this so you guys understand here this you guys this like these are the kind of stuff that comes through experience they come with experience you will not read this in the books or watch anybody because they're not gonna spent the time to analyze your deals to analyze what's going on all right and that's why having a mentor is for to some people it's huge it's a game-changer now check this out bro in your mind let's just say that in your mind this is a teardown right in your mind yeah this is a teardown guess what did if you get a buyer to come in and and they gonna negotiate but with you bro they're gonna negotiate as this is a teardown even though they know it's and it's not a teardown but because you don't know right because you mark it as a teardown so they think oh you you must think this is a teardown so they're gonna negotiate with you from the value of the land even if the price is right to them but they're not gonna tell you bro that's why I come see and say this is wrong that it's wrong this is wrong that it's wrong right so through experience you will know that yeah dude that is wrong but it's got only gonna cost this much to fix it right so they can't play you you're right through experience but I'm telling you that so in your mind when they negotiate with you they're gonna negotiate with you as they tear down they're gonna say angel bro you know man lots in here are going for like dude like 20-something G bro like you know this is a teardown bro I'm gonna tear the house down and I'm gonna build a new crazy but it's not like crazy I guess by my evaluation probably is from me looking around the area and like for example they got two houses to pretty much the same size as where two houses would be on county records for like 75 this is just you know they have to knock down some trees and all that I saw some houses on there some houses I've sewed around there for 36 and Dave David when I look at them now they're brand new houses and then when I go to Google and I searched the county records they've paid around that same amount that I was asking for it that's why that's why I kind of gave it that number you know what I mean but I mean what you're saying this makes sense that's what happened with my first contract I locked up a contract at too high now this place was a livable this place you really have to tear it down okay for all he said we're all wobbly and stuff gotcha dude okay so I'm also gonna help you analyze why I'm gonna help I'm gonna give you some tips on the two deals that you didn't lock down and maybe it will help you trying to figure out on the next deal if you can't how you can make it work now before I get into that listen you guys you know when I get emails I get emails from agents that sent over to me and say come do this this house is a teardown do those to me are gold like I love those emails like when they sent over to me man say this is a teardown I love it because the thing is dude most people are not in constructions don't know dude until the house is freaking like this is like a disaster it's leaning like they found it like it gotta be so destroyed that it's a teardown but but some Asian goes in there and see all the mold and and see all you know the kitchen is gutted the bathroom is gone and they're small all over the place and it just looks nasty they think you know what and the roof got more like got issue and they think yeah you know what this is to tear down so when when I get email like that bro dude I negotiate from the value of the land and that's where the agents mine is at as well trust me dude the agents sent over to you they said it's a teardown dude they dude I'm gonna help so many of you here when they sent over an email and say it's a teardown dude not to me it's a hot lead cuz you be able to negotiate the property for the value of the land okay so cuz that's where I start my negotiating with an agent knowing that when I knowing that I can probably save the house okay you guys there you go man some tips now angel let's go into let's let's finish this deal real quick man so you sent it out for her for 10k for 10k more now why did you end up with 80 what 85 84 85 I had I had put it that uh I had put the contract at 23 and I was yeah I had locked up the contract at 23 and I slowed it at 32 so it's 9k I'm sorry but okay now I agreed to pay the closing cost with the buyer ah gotcha gotcha okay man gotcha gotcha okay so when you market the deal you didn't tell hey buyers gonna pay all closing costs what the seller no no no no so you got the probably on the contract with the seller and as a buyer you say hey we paying all your closing costs right who I'm saying when you market the deal to your buyer I'm sorry did you tell your buyer hey that buyer is responsible to pay for all the closing costs yea or nay yeah but I told him I you know he wanted it or you know just okay guys I was asking him for six I asked him for six thousand dollar earnest money deposit and he deposit it immediately so gotcha bro and so you good you got the buyer to put 6k9 refundable that's good bro that's good now how much earnest money do you put up with the seller $10 make me holla man $10 for and and and what an eighty four eighty four hundred bro so so basically I'm so so did the buyer negotiate with you on the closing cost to the Bayeux negotiate with me on the closing cost I think Mike Mike me like like which mean did the buyer say hey I'm buying at 32 and you pay for the closing cost I just want to know kind of how that were no no he understood it was it was 32 and then it was gonna be you know like 30 29 or daddy – right okay yeah yeah we didn't agree no like take it out from my side no no no so I'm saying okay for example I'm the buyer and I said okay so 32,000 great I'll buy it I'm just saying why did you end up paying for the closing cost that's all why do you I just I offered offered like hey you know I'll pay you half of the closing cost we'll do that no more what's so wait so did the buyer even brought it up like this if I even bring it up about the closes oh no no okay hold on did the by understand because you market the deal you're like hey buyer pay all the closing costs so the buy understand that right well when I marketed that was on Facebook nobody nobody so this is off market so this was like to the phone sure that I found and then I saw him in person when I saw him in person we were pretty much talking about price sure and that's what I just open my mouth and I guess you guys I hey you know what man I made a bunch of mistake and I still make mistake until today but I understand where you're coming from bro you're excited you're freaking all jacked up you're excited I got a deal I got a buyer this pie is ready rock and roll did and you just don't want to mess the deal up I understand bro I understand but what I'm gonna do is just giving you some tips in the future and it's real easy man and to me dude it's whatever it's agreed upon you're not trying to take advantage of a nobody you're not trying to like you're not trying to like win-win-win I'm just saying whatever it's agreed on whatever is fair right which means when you agree both party got to be satisfied right if I'm not satisfied with whatever you're saying why would I agree with you right so when when both party come to an agreement to me anyway is it felt like hey both parties satisfied both parties happy so now when you can just bring it up and say hey bro so 32,000 I hope you understand that buyers pay all the closing cost – it's not okay with you and their and at this time I could say a wait you didn't mention that which is true you didn't mention that on the call you know yeah you know with the closing on top there you know I might have to do something then that's when you approach and say okay well what can we do alright and then let the buyer tell you I I'm just teaching pretty much what you're saying is don't bring it up a list there's a problem that arises is something pretty much don't don't yeah yeah correct sure thing the thing is when we mark it when we market our deal we let the buyer know that buyers pay all the closing costs I'm just saying on the phone you must have forgot to tell the buyer so at the time you got a little nervous and you'll be like oh well maybe you know I don't want this thing to be a surprise to him so you'll be like hey there's a closing cost but but you go ahead and say it offer it but you should have said hey you know I hope you can understand I don't know if I told you on the call maybe I forgot but by appeal all the closing costs um like does that work with you and the body now say you know what no that's not gonna work bro I mean you you didn't tell me and then at that time it's the it's negotiating okay well how can we make this work right dude and it's just like a seller a motivated seller you cannot you cannot scare or push the buyer that wants a deal away of what you say right right because you make it's not like it's not like it's not like you you you you commit it to a number and all sudden you change your mind it's just like hey you know hey I don't know if I brought up to you on the call maybe I missed it but I just want to make sure we're on the same page Byers does have to pay all the closing costs right I'm just saying that it's not gonna scare your PI up if this buyer is serious and he buys property and you're not trying to do anything scam me with them dude it's just all about working it out so there you go bro so 32 you pay that's why you end up and how long do you lock the property up on a contract for 29 days 29 days so you lock it up in the contract for 30 days and how long did it take you to sell them I'm sorry I put out for 45 days it was gonna forget it was gonna expire August 6 August 6 okay and then okay got your 45 days on the contract with the seller and how long did it take you to close on it 29 days 29 days okay from from the time you lock it up to finding a buyers it took 29 days to close on it awesome man hey angel I want to say congrats bro freakin hell yeah bro eight $10 $10 earnest money too for that kind of return bro that's good man now that's what I should put as the titled man 50 Cent's new Pitt newspaper what do you guys think about that man what do you guys think about that title comment below fifty ten newspaper for an eighty five hundred bucks okay now angel let's talk about let let's talk about your other real quick and dude I really hate it when I bring guests on and I talked so much but I just want to help you guys analyze and figure out the deals behind the scenes things of how things operates and how you can negotiate so that way you can get better right so you can get better now bro what I want to know from you is man is when you talk to the seller man because I want to give you some tips on negotiating dude that's what I do 24/7 365 weathers wood fire my mom my dad my wife my boss I don't care who would this dude they saw it says so when the seller and you I guess you and the seller meet at the property right the cell asked for 32,000 wait the seller was s430 30,000 okay and you walk through the property with the seller and you offer him 15 at the time correct okay and then you guys talk back and forth and then you and then you did you mention the last number at 23,000 that's a problem that I had yeah it's a problem that I have yeah he was asking 30 offered 15 he was like oh I can't do 15 and you know I could've easily jumped to 17 but I was like hey you know knowing that I'm gonna pay for all the closing costs and all that can you at least meet me halfway and then I should have jumped 17 or something I just in the moment I think well I'm when I'm negotiating man my fingers are like doing like this when you're negotiating your body your body is giving all kinds of clues your body giving all kind of clue negotiate over the phone so we can't see you so when you guys negotiating with angels babysan start the moves you know he wants a deal [Laughter] like this I know somebody that when it comes to like negotiating they get all uptight chewing the fingernails well you know you know this is this is a thing man that is like it's a I guess you know how people mentioned like analysis paralysis right it's like you know people say you know uh negotiate the phone and then you can you can kind of even negotiate more once you see some repairs at that house or something and you know there's I come I don't know you can tell me if there's a like you know cuz there is no one way I think for anything right I personally would you know I think somebody would even negotiate better in person as far as a seller in person then on the phone there are big hard-ass and all this stuff you know what I mean like then when you see them in person they're you know they're they're a whole lot nicer so I mean I I don't know that's that was just my thing it's like I like go seeing them but you you recommend just talking to him on the phone yeah bro so so you're saying on the phone that they're like a big gorilla and then in person they're like a freaking teddy bear so the things that they change oh man when you negotiating it's like so many of you are having issue with this and I'm telling you so many you don't know the importance of knowing how to talk and negotiate with seller do this it's the one thing that I like listen to me those of you who follow me and who believe and trust what I'm saying dude spend some time learn how to talk and negotiate with seller I promise you will put more money in your pocket all right and and that's why I that's why I push not that I push but I'm just telling those of you who having this issue dude my King Kong sell a script we'll take you to the next level so because when you cuz cuz dude what if I'm able to give you one tips one tips in the script that helps you to get the seller than $500 $1,000 and all you paying for the script is 495 now angel watch this did when when you when you when you mention a number okay so the seller 130 thousand you offer 15 your your next question should be just like what you said hey you know we paying all the closing costs and everything like that we're buying that property as is you know you you think that you can help us out by going a little bit lower not say meet-in-the-middle by going a little bit lower then see where the seller comes down and then the go shape from there yeah II had went down to 25 when I told him that that's when I said if you can meet me in the middle in the middle it's not a 23 bro right well he said 25 and then that's when I should you know again another learn lesson just remind myself of calm down in a moment you know yes we've because I'm probably not breathing yes calm down breathe and also to is that do not worry about you know losing a deal if the number works the number works if it doesn't work it just doesn't work you just walk away now now what you you mentioned the 23,000 and he even said I'm gonna think about it he said don't talk about it with his wife okay you guys let me tell you something man and also all that way on the next deal you know angel before you guys make your final offer or before you accept the sell offer listen to me man get a commitment when you get a commitment first it's gonna help eliminate I want to think about it I need to talk to my wife my husband my boyfriend my girlfriend my mom my daddy my uncle my dog my cat and my let the Chihuahua all right get it commitment first man and saying hey you know what um Bob so Bob I mean if I can get my if I if I can get my team to jump on this you know I'll probably need to make a quick call since you're meeting the seller I'm gonna make a quick call if I can get my team to jump on this and you know you're at 25 I'm at 23 and I I don't know if a 23 thousand will work but I'm just saying if I were able to get an approval for my team manager for twenty three thousand are you ready to rock like are you ready to rock and roll and show and sold me the house see right so get that's not how you say but get the commitment first that way when he said yeah you know what it's gonna work you know what I still need to talk to my wife about it okay well Bob you you know you do want to go and make the call to the wife and ask her if that work if that would I work for her you know I'm gonna try to do my best I'm gonna get on the phone with my team manner and see if we can get this done right here and then you know so basically what it is is you're just trying to get the commitment first before you make your final offer so it's so it helps eliminates that I want to think about and and and talk to other people and because you are positioning yourself to be the one that makes the final decisions not the seller because if you leave it up to the seller that's what the seller is going to do the cell is going to be like you well I need to go and talk to my team manager and you're sitting hoping wishing waiting and praying so angel to answer your cut to answer your question man you know whether do it in person or over the phone you know I really think man it's really it's really personal choice it's really up to you right there are people out there let's say hey Kong I really want to go meet the seller in person well my question to you is why if you can lock it up on a concert for the phone would you still go meet the seller some say yeah I like to go meet the seller and kick some freakin tequila shot or I want to go meet the seller and take them to McDonald's and built a relationship I want to meet the seller to see to see how pretty the seller you know what I mean so I'm just saying like we do it virtually so I don't see seller I don't see property any more once I understand that I can lock it up on the contract over the phone I say well why would I spent the time and waste the time and energy to go meet the seller well calm you don't have to you can hire somebody well that's another employee but you got to bring on but you got to trust but you got to train for them to go out there and do what you need to do well what have you taking on a different market well you know who you know what have you gone in in a different market you gotta fight you gotta find another people you gotta trust and you got to train up I'm just saying what if I can help you eliminates all that and lock prop it up on a contract over the phone like it's the ratio is it better you know that I that hmm man that's a tough question if I meet the like uh if the like to me if seller only sells property if they meet you in person then those are the deals that I cannot close the deal that I if the seller is motivated and ready to go and they're selling like to me seller doesn't have to be super motivated but if they do not have that mindset of hey I need to meet people in person to do business with those are the do I cannot close but but but if they are just if they don't have that mindset dude I close to you over the phone so ratio-wise I don't know I I'm thinking it's just how good you are on the phone how good you are at communicating and being able to present yourself properly and control the phone call because majority of you do not know how all right do not know how I'm doing it pretty much everything you know five ten fifteen twenty minutes away from me would you recommend still doing it virtually like that dude houses that are ten fifteen minutes away from me dude and I don't even go see it no no like like like I don't even go see it and I have lost deals where the seller said well if like literal is twenty minutes away from me and say hey Kong well you you got to come here for me to do business with ya cuz to me I just decided that's not the business model that I want to go with when you eliminates oh like when you listen to me those of you when you eliminates everything and choose one path to go and one path to focus on which mean that's what you ask that's how you build your business around so when you come across a hurdle well how do I get seller to sign but if you like well I can you know I can go meet the seller well guess what happened is you open up now to other things where you have to go there but if you I'm just saying like I don't even know if I say it right but you eliminates and say hey this is my business model and I will find everything that is within my business model and if it's not like deep like do you guys get why I'm sorry I say like for example I have seller that said hey you know like for some you say whoa how can I you know if I don't meet seller how would I how do they excite the contract what I'm saying to you is you need to eliminates the idea of meeting seller and then you'll be able to figure out how you can do it so when you feel like well I have to drive to them to drop this off if you don't eliminates that then you not try to figure out well how can I do it without going there what does that make sense angel yeah like like oh yeah big so basically when I decided to go virtual man I find everything that I can do virtual so I eliminates go meet the seller I do not give myself the the the like I do not give myself another way to like okay you know what well I'm just gonna go drive and give the contract to the seller because if you think like that then how can you try to find other ways you know what I mean like if you don't see there's something wrong or or how you can improve how do you seek for another like another route you know what I'm saying yeah so to me man it's really up to you like I personally like it virtual because I want my business to be virtual I want to be able to sit on the beach and make a phone call and lock it up on the contract I want to be in China I want to be in Mexico dude I was doing deals where my wife and I were in a we're in a not not Cancun but uh port abaya de Mexico i was doing deal when we're in vietnam you know what I mean so if you feel like you have to go meet the seller I'm just asking you my question to you is that if you don't eliminates that then how can you open up ideas – hey Kong how can I do it virtual man you're like right you know what I'm saying got a man and the key to locking the key to do it virtual let me tell you guys this the key to doing this virtual that people have problem with its being able to lock it up on the contrary or the phone because because there's a certain things that you have to say to get the seller to sell to you over the phone because you got to understand they're not selling a car then I could sell my couch they're not selling a freaking phone they're selling a freaking house right the bit like it is for some people it's a Hugh which investment right it's their lifetime saving so so there's certain way that you gotta say together talk to them you got to be able to overcome the objection well well I mean don't you need to see my house before you guys buy it like those are the coin questions that's gonna come up and that's where I teach you in the King Kong seller script man to overcome and and to handle all of that so for those of you I mean it like I said man for those who who's ready man who's interested um the link is in the description go to wholesale 2,000,000 calm host set to millionaire calm is for 95 for an investment now dude we don't have the time angel to talk about the other deal cuz I gap on too much bro I apologize man dude angel um let me ask you this dude knowing what you know now what kind of tips advice you're giving to those that are just starting out and try and get the first deal bro knowing what you know now knowing what I know now somebody has started now I would say is um you know state staying uh try to try to get with somebody me it was my brother and he was just starting now he was like you know he's a couple of months ahead of me and you know try to get with somebody that's already kind of doing it you know King Kong right here somebody it was somebody just the videos are good you know to look at your own time and and and and study and and apply but you know I think it's always good to get with somebody my brother was there with for me like um he's on call like seven probably eight fifteen times a day I'm calling him like hey I got the contract locked up what was the title company you know what I mean like like for all types of things yeah give us somebody and and know that if you doing it every day call somebody every day doing something every day your days gonna come is just like literally one call away every day awesome bro love it man love it and then angel how do people reach out connect with you and start doing deals with you bro I mean I'm in the national area Nashville Tennessee I don't know if he ever came over here Kong nasha country over here Facebook angel Rivera angel Rivera I'll be under with like a black with a black jacket or something like that I got to my other one is that I have no password for so and Rivera and I'm around Nashville Tennessee area awesome and angel please shoot me a DM with with the link so I can add it to the description okay and uh you guys okay man I got a before we're gonna wrap this up but let me say something man I got I got some people man I got some people comment I and II am and say Kong you change Braille do the mone and and and you change listen to me man she dude before I feet before I even freaking start the eutychus they said Kong you never cussed before like I don't cuss to me saying freaking like freaking and ass it's not a cuss word to me right to meet all the other word the f-word right I'll be like dude and they like call your change man you start cursing now did you make the mone change doop she man come on man dude I was making or I was already making mone before I start the freaking you it YouTube the channel man I start the YouTube channel because I get so freaking bore alright I got so freaking bored and then I said you know what I see all the people out there having a channel having subscriber and all that I got excited you know people watching you and all that you know so so I like that and I decided to start bro King come oh man dude I'm thinking this October this October I think it's I think it's two or I think it's two years or three years I'm not sure man III think – yeah I see you're uploading every day for like the past couple of months you're uploading every day not every day you know seven days in a week there's there's five videos up you know what I mean in a week so yeah man did those of you who were starting out like you guys don't understand the whole personal branding and try to grow your own channel and do it it's not it's uh it's definitely a ton a ton of work you got a kid you know the content that it's and all stew at the same time is keeping it real right being you keeping it real I get so many people you know ask me so call whoa ha ha ha how do your channel grow like like it is I mean dude I mean compared to other people like max Maxwell that guy that guy max Maxwell dude for those of you who don't know max max to a man will go subscribe to the guy he has so much value and obviously his content I mean compare my content to his mind's like at level 2 and his like at level 10 man like like he like his content and the value that he gets back to the community man absolutely incredible incredible incredible and and those of you who don't know like like Instagram YouTube do it takes up a lot of time alright a lot a lot of time for those who you don't know who think it's easy but it's not man so when you first starting out right because I get people start out that wants to do the whole you know branding personal branding and the whole selling listen man pick one pick one pick one the reason why I got the whole thing you guys think like that man is because I was I was already building a business or building a system having a team in place that half that allowed me to have the extra time to actually start the personal branding and so so so so don't get it confused when you see people having multiple source of income you got to understand did their biggest source of incomes come from one thing then they put a system in place then they start another stream of income but the second stream of income you got to make sure that it ties into your first one alright you still that way you usually got board Cong you have said you got board your teeth he was working then you got board you started like you know now now you actually found something else to do right like I'd like as far as a YouTube channel oh interests you yeah bro Walter sheet so the thing is pro you guys I'm not getting like this is real I I'm not gonna fake this thing right so first we're number one I was born bro I was born right because I think we were doing like a hundred 107 a month and I was born well I was born and I was like well you know and I was only working like two three hours a day and I was like well what else can I do well like what else can I do right and then I heard Gary Vee said hey you know personal branding is gonna be huge and then right when I heard it did look you guys don't understand me when you with me dude when I hear something i frickin just go do it like take action I made so much mistake I learned so much from it but but but but but being where I'm at right now man is because I just took action right when I listen to Gary Vee bout bro the next day pick up my phone and start dating my first a video and and those of you who cakes they call well I think you make enough money you now from YouTube you need to go hire somebody a cameraman and all that dude you guys you guys know what man dude I wanna I want to show those of you that dude you don't need quality I mean like like like you as far as you put our good content is to start is to do it and I want to show those of you who thinks you need all this high-tech hog all the camera all the investment to bill I'm gonna show you watch all my video dude it's just wrong now I'm guy I got somebody to kind of help edit the video a little bit but but I still want to keep it raw right and let you guys know that don't you don't have to have everything figured out just do it some of you just that's what you're missing man you're missing the the do it tell me you just to do with the do and the IT man and also to is it stop with this crap I get people emailing instagramming and say this bro calm dude I'm 20-something man I just I don't have any mone man can you help me man call I would do whatever you say man trust me I won't disappoint you I'll do everything you say dude listen do you guys know like listen to me when I said you cannot fool winners you can fool loser but you cannot fool winner and let me let me tell you what I mean by that the people that wins that started from the bottom they know can I ask for handout they know the word whatever it takes so some of you say calling I want is so bad man baloney I call that BS all day do you know how many people I talk to and say I want to call I want it so bad man and I called them back a month later they ain't do she listen those that reach out and ask for that kind of handout they just want people to to give them their time for free to help walk them through the whole process that babysit them carry them through the whole process they do not they do not know what the word whatever it takes man whatever it takes is I'm telling you right now you say call I would do whatever it takes let me tell you what you need to do you need to sell the couch that you sit on that you play video game that you sit on and you wick you freaking watch whatever movie that you're watching sell that couch take that money and make the investment I'm sure there's something at your house that you can sell before you say come I don't have the mone all right and don't do don't make me go off I don't have the mone because I started from the bottom man started from zero man my wife and I live in a little shack behind a mobile home park we don't spend money on rent we save the money and sacrifice and living in a shed so if you live in an apartment maybe you got a downgrade your apartment man aren't you saying you said Kahn I want this bad what I'm telling you is you got to start somewhere if you are start off at the wrong foot where you are spending more than what you make that's why you don't have the mone then I'm saying you need to make the sacrifice now sell the thing pawn the thing in your house whatever it is dude tick so you can have the money to make the investment if you say Kong I want it bad and if you're not if you're not willing to do that whatever you just said to me man it's baloney because you value whatever that is more than what you say that you want that's all it is then that's all it is so because if you value something more if it's more important to you I promise you you will sacrifice the thing that doesn't work more than the other thing that you want a griot or disagree I really want to know but dude this thing been going on way too long man like that you know I've never even heard that you have said that the winners you know you can't follow you can't full winner and that's I've never heard that I'm sure it's true I'm sure like you yeah man you cannot full winner cuz winner understands dude I start from the bottom dude I nobody helps men everything that I everything that I ever acquired today man I had to pay with time or I pay with money it doesn't matter dude like like like Bink when I go when I first started dude I went a kiss a spanker yes you heard me kiss kiss ass Baker bro no literally man we pay for their vacation I buy them gifts with agents with realtor same thing I want to get into this circle and I'm a nobody i buy them gifts for Christmas I bought a gift for holiday Starbucks cars whatever it is that I need to do men I understand the word whatever it takes and I don't ask for handout I don't ask for freebies dude so for those and and I say you can only fool loser ask all of your loser the friend no ask all of them they don't understand whatever it takes men that's why I say you can fool the loser cuz the loser is just like you right your friend like like like that's exactly the same thing what they don't help you for free oh man those people that put up video and say oh I'm gonna help you I'm gonna help you do they just wants your mone she man you know that it took them time and money to get to where they are acquire the knowledge so so so so when you go tell your friend your friend buys it your family buys it right what they don't help you for free what they charge you that much that's a scammer man so so and look at them are they where you want it to be if you gotta get advisement look at the people that you get it and fight for them and ask yourself are they where I want it to be if they're not why do you believe everything they say man like why why for example I have people that is ready to make the investment ready to pull the trigger ready to to make the next leap and Austin they came home they share the ideas what they gonna do with their mama their Papa their friend that sits on the couch and played this little video game and said hey bro what do you think about this and he said oh come on bro do that's a waste of money man dude go buy a video game play you know what it's dude so so if they're not where you're at why do you take their advice my question to you is why if they if they are so good at giving you advice and tips then why are there and why are they in the spot right why are they in that spot that's dude that is just like like like my answer to you is why right the question you should ask them ask yourself is are they are they where you're at if they're not why do you listen to them and if they're so good at giving tips why are they in that spot why dude you gotta understand man the people you gotta understand man listen the people that got the results cannot do the same thing as the majority they do things very very differently man and what I mean by differently is they're mentally the way that they think the way that you think dictates what you how you operate right dictates your action and your action is what causes your results listen to me the people that made it like like like like like the people that understand that in life there's people gonna do them wrong but they don't hold grudges they shake it off man and they just move on they merge the majority let's just say when people do you do you wrong guess what they do they hold grudges they talk about it day in and day out and what that what do that do to them it pulls them down it just pulls them down and think about the people that have made it they don't make they don't make excuse ma'am they just get results they don't make excuse oh that person okay I well III shoot an email a shooter and DM you know what they don't want to give me a time of day I understand they're probably busy I gotta go get this thing I gotta get go to get this figure out like they own up to their own man they own up and they said hey they understand they don't blame nobody they don't blame the circumstance the situation or anything like that and whatever it is that they're there in man they accept it and they just like they they would like they understand that it's up to them to change their life around I'm just saying they don't make excuse I trust me in the people that I that I mastermind with dude do not take excuses they don't make any kind of skews if a company go good it's because they right have a good team and they train the good team if it goes bad they don't blame the team member they blame themselves what do I need to do differently how can I change thing it's because it's you know but for the people that blames they will blame they blame on their employee they they blame on them doing the standard but they don't understand it's them so that I'm just sharing with you that's just the experience that I went to all this mastermind with a bigger power player dude these guys the way that they thinks they way that they operates is completely different than a norm if cuz I understand that if they were normal why are they getting extraordinary results oh man angel dude I talk too much in this episode and I feel so bad man but we got to wrap this up you guys if you haven't subscribe come on man she here smash the subscribe button join the family welcome to the wholesale 2-million family now listen to me man this channel is for the massive action taker for the people that's actually gonna implement the information and take action on it and the P and it is for the people that is ready and committed to frickin change their life around they're just sick and tired and they want to get to the next level all right now if that's not you then this channel is not for you if you have chicken feet if you have you not a doer and you're a talker go on to another channel talk but this channel is for the doer the people that make happens alright and also to is to wrap it up man if you haven't follow me on instagram hit me up on IG go to call kha ng dot like a period w TM once again those of you who's ready and who's committed to join me for the one full day on July 28th I'm gonna share with you all the tips all the strategies you will walk away with man what you're gonna walk away with an action plan with all the business all the companies everything in place for you to start off the right way to build that lay that foundation and those of you who need to put a system in place you're gonna walk away with man it's the entire system so you stop being a one-man one-woman show and really scale your business up but I'm gonna share with you everything on that day answer any questions dissect your market analyzing your deals everything we need to do on that day man so if you already committed it's $2,000 per person or per couple shooting an email to over to wholesale to millions wholesale to million at once again angel thank you so much for your time buddy until next time I wish you guys the best and ciao peace outro

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