How to Keep Your Audience Engaged ft. Zolita

Hi, my name is Zolita,
and I’m a singer-songwriter and filmmaker. My YouTube channel has
music videos, acoustic videos, Q&As. All of my videos deal with
LGBT and feminist themes. Before I released ‘Explosion’ which I like to consider
my first official music video I didn’t know that making LGBTQ content
was really what I was supposed to be doing. I think when I made that video I realised that, “Oh, this is a huge void,
especially in music and in pop music.” So, after I made Explosion
and saw that people really reacted to it that’s when I really decided
where my channel was going to be going. So when I first started my channel I think I saw YouTube as
a place for me to just put my music videos. Then I quickly realised that I could make it a much bigger platform for myself if I did more content
in between those official music videos. Because they’re
high-production and they take a long time I couldn’t do them as frequently. So, in between those official music videos I’ve been trying to do more lyric videos song uploads and acoustic sessions which have been really fun. So I think that most of my subscribers
definitely come from the official music videos just because that is my wheelhouse
as a filmmaker and a musician. But I think that
those videos that I put out in between while they may not gain new subscribers they definitely help
to keep the existing subscribers engaged keep up my momentum
and keep people interested in me as a creator. So one thing I’ve found
to be really helpful in growing a fanbase and growing a loyal fanbase is responding in the comments. So, someone who maybe
commented and didn’t subscribe to you if you comment back that just makes them feel like
they caught you when you’re still fresh. And I definitely
make sure to engage with fans and get them excited about the videos and they’re much more likely to subscribe
and keep wanting to watch your videos. So when I go to release a new music video,
I definitely make sure to cross-promote them on all of my social channels. So, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. So I’m really excited to do
more collaborations on my channel. Just because I think it’s
a great way to cross-promote channels and there are a lot of
LGBTQ YouTubers that I really look up to and I love their content and I know that
their fans would like my music and I know that
my fans would love their content. Thank you so much for watching,
and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and the Creator Academy channel.

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  2. I'm stuck at 600~ subscribers, I just realized that there's huge gaps between my tracks ; some vlogs or tutorials might be an idea to consider to fill these gaps

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  4. How about giving the "Community Tab" to accounts with 1K subs? I think that's a fair number to judge engagement by. If not 1K, then how about 5K subs?

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