How To Negotiate A Raise, According To Science

– What’s the best way to get a raise? You can take on extra projects. or work weekends, or volunteer to host a video series. Or you could use science. (bouncy music) Everybody wants a raise. But before you find yourself
at the negotiating table, it helps to understand how
people process information. Our brains are wired to work
quickly and efficiently, but sometimes that means
they take shortcuts that can lead to irrational decisions. These shortcuts are
called cognitive biases, and there are literally hundreds of them. But when it comes to
getting ahead at work, three are really important. First, there is the Halo Effect. (heavenly music) When we like someone, we tend to judge everything they do more favorably, even when they screw up. So be friendly, because
there are worst things in the world than having
a boss who sees everything you do in a positive light. (babbling water) Next, there’s the Sunk Cost Fallacy. This is the mistaken idea that if we’ve already put a lot of time or energy into something, we should stick with it,
even if it’s not working. A lot of people are
hesitant to leave bad jobs they’ve had for a long time because they feel they’d
be throwing away years of work for nothing. If you’re willing to walk away from a bad situation, though, you’re negotiating from
a position of strength. And finally, there’s Anchoring Bias. This is our tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of
information provided, regardless of whether it’s
correct, or even relevant. It can be scary to throw
out the first number when it comes to salary. But it can actually
work to your advantage. So go ahead and dramatically slide that folded piece of paper across the desk with your desired salary on it. Even if you don’t get
exactly what you’d asked for, anything they offer you will
subconsciously be compared to your initial request,
giving you a leg-up in the negotiation. Plus, you’ll kind of look
like a bad-ass doing it. (upbeat music)

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