How To Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers From Your Listing Successfully – Step By Step (Part 1)

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I want to talk about my favorite topic of all times hijackers those of you that
have known me know that hijackers love me they just do I don’t know why okay I
do why it’s because my product is selling once your product is selling
super hot you are going to get a hijacker so what is the hijacker a
hijacker is a third party seller who saw your listing on and thought
wow I have a similar product or Wow I do have that product and I’m gonna list
right under this seller so I can make a few quick bucks um
don’t do this you guys I don’t you know the funny thing is a lot of people don’t
know that they’re hijacking I’ve actually spoken to a few sellers
randomly in Facebook groups and they’re like oh what’s hijacking and I’m like oh
my gosh anyway um they there’s a way to get rid
of hijackers and usually for me I send them really hardcore cease and desist
letters I have an amazing template in my Amazon facebook support group Amazon FBA
winners the link is below get your free template once you join
anyway back to my story and my hijackers I discovered my first hijacker I think
two weeks into one of my products so I started selling my product and then I
think like I don’t remember a few weeks in I had a hijacker and you
know you have a hijacker when you’re not making any sales when you’re looking at
your listing and it will say from these two sellers or if you have more than one
hijacker it will say from these three sellers
so that’s yourself and your two other hijackers which is completely insane
because I’ve had that happen to me too but anyway back to my first hijacker
story I noticed this and I messaged them right away was the first thing I do you
guys is you have to make sure that you have the buy box your buy box means more
to you than it means to lose money because if they have the buy box and the
customer buys on your listing and they ship out a product that is not
yours the one star review two star reviews or whatever the bad reviews are going on
your listing not theirs so make sure that you have your buy box how do you
make sure okay well you just search your listing and it’ll say the seller who
who’s the seller is that you or is it the hijacker so for me in my instance I
always had I had both hijack both types of hijackers FBA and FBM the ones that
you should be really worried about you guys are FBA hijackers because it’s very
likely that they have your product that is a hundred and ten percent identical
they have your barcode they have your product and they just shipped it into
the warehouse listed it under your listing to make a quick few bucks so
most of my hijackers were actually fulfilled by merchants FBM meaning they
had the inventory and they just manually ship it out to my customers and those
are fairly like in my experience I was freaking out the first time but after
getting about five hijackers that were FBM they were fairly easy to get rid of
if you send um a very scary cease and desist letter as I mentioned earlier I
have a free template for that in my facebook group basically the letter
the first initial letter that you will send them is I’m not gonna say word for
word actually don’t remember it word for word but it’s basically saying hey our
company is trademarked with USPTO and you are not authorized to sell your
product under my listing please remove your product immediately this is your
first and last warning usually I would say 75% of the time they’re gone they
saw the letter they’re scared and they decide to leave because they don’t want
you to sue them they don’t want you to report to Amazon or whatever if they don’t
leave which has happened as well you send them another message a few hours
later don’t wait don’t wait until the next day and don’t wait 12 hours you
send them another message three to four hours later and you say something like
this have contacted my attorney and they will
be in touch with you very quickly we have also notified Amazon that you are
not authorized to sell under this listing again remove your listening
immediately or we will be seeing each other in court something along those
lines now I never have to go past the second message because if I got that
message I’d be shitting like I’d be fucking scared holy shit someone’s gonna
sue me because I want to make like two bucks so chances are they will leave but
if they don’t and it has happened many many times you keep sending the messages
okay and you have to make your self yourself sound big never make yourself
sound small there are sellers that I have talked to and they’re like oh my
God my hijackers not leaving and I’m like well what did you say to them
and they’re they’re like oh well I was just telling them that you know how
we’re so hard on my product and I spent so much money on and I’m like dude no
one who wants to hear your life story about how you put your product up on
Amazon they just want to hear that you are not wanted here but you want to make
yourself sound so big that’s like yo man like my company is freaking huge or we
are going to sue your ass if you don’t leave right now right this instant
so that was one of that was one thing I told people every time they had a
hijacker that you need to make yourself sound superior look superior so they
would go away they would leave your listing immediately there’s one thing
though so I know a lot of you guys are not trademarked and I wasn’t trade
marked before and the trademark process is super long it could take like six months
maybe even up to a year so if you don’t have a trademark but you want to use
your cease and desist letter to scare them I always suggest bluffing a
trademark number so basically it’s like hey my trademark number is one two three
four five six seven eight we are registered with the USPTO and leave my
listing immediately or I would be in touch with you I know your address blah
blah blah that should scared the shit out of them
so I have actually done this and you’re probably wondering okay well the
hijackers just gonna look me up on a USPTO website or Google me or whatever
and then they’re gonna find out that I’m lying and then they’re not gonna leave
that’s actually not the case because they don’t have the time like a lot of
them don’t even know how to look up a trademark on the USPTO website like they
are so clueless they just wanted to make a few bucks like I said and you found
them you caught them and usually they would just leave you alone this has
worked 99.9 percent of the time they don’t look up your trademark number
because they simply don’t know how they’re shit-scared so yeah that’s
basically it how we can get rid of your hijackers I do strongly suggest that you
trademark your product when it is selling so if you are selling even if
you’re selling steadily like 10 to 15 units a day and you know there’s a lot
of potential growth with this product you need to get a trademark or else
Amazon is not going to take you seriously so this is another thing never
ever contact Amazon when you have a hijacker because that raises big red
flags because and you never use the term hijacker because they actually like
professionally speaking it’s just a third party seller and they actually
told me that hey like when you signed up to be a pro seller on Amazon you
actually agreed that Amazon is an open marketplace and anyone can sell what
you’re selling that’s actually part of the agreement that we are not aware of
because obviously we don’t read like the 10,000 pages of terms and conditions when we
signed up anyway talking to Amazon is like talking to a wall they’re not gonna
help you remove your hijacker unless you have a trademark if you actually have a
trademark serial number and everything certificate whatever and you send that
Amazon which is 100% legit they will probably will remove your hijacker
within a few days you actually just send you an email and say you know we have
successfully removed this person so that’s why you need a trademark
so you have the power to get Amazon to help you remove that hijacker without
any questions if you don’t have a trademark and you go to Amazon you start
picking up your phone this is what happened to me my first hijacker I
was like holy shit I’m just gonna call Amazon I’m stressing out I’m gonna email
them gonna like chat will them like I wasted hours and what did they do
nothing I got an email back like 14 days later
oh sorry like we can’t remove this seller because you don’t have a trade
you don’t have proof of a trademark and not only that but sometimes I have heard
horror stories where they actually would go through your inventory close down
your listing for investigation to make sure that you’re legit that your
product is legit and the hijackers was not and that’s not an
issue that’s not like a problem that you want to run into you guys you just want
to make the process as simple as possible send them a cease and desist
letter lower your price to get your buy box back and once they’re gone put your
price back to what it originally was another thing I want to point out was
that a lot of people think if they are FBM and their price is lower than yours
that they won’t have the buy box because your FBA
that’s actually not the case for me like not like for me like for example my
product was $15 and then the FBM seller hijacker their price was $10 for some
reason they always had the buy box like I didn’t understand why like I thought
since I’m fulfilled by Amazon anyway I don’t know the algorithm or the measure
or how they determine that so let’s go over the steps again okay when you get a
hijacker you have to make sure that you have your buy box lower your price to
just a penny even a penny after right under their price so you have your buy
box so your customers are still buying your product and not theirs
second is to send them a very hardcore cease and desist letter third follow up
with them three four hours later they’re not gone you’re gonna send them
another message and third if they’re still not gone
which I’m pretty sure they will you will have to let them just sell out now you
have to check how many units they have and this is a really big thing so go on
their storefront put your product which is their product put their product into
your cart and check how many units they have if they only have one unit I
actually suggest you guys to just let them sell out because there’s just no
like no one has the time to monitor these hijackers on every day and then
like you know like you don’t have time to send them like all these messages well I
don’t have time to send and be on my computer like for 12 hours a day and
just check up on them so usually for me if I have one hijacker that’s FBA I
would just let them sell out whatever just make your money and leave and
usually they don’t bother me again because they just want to make that
quick buck like I said but if they were FBM and you put the units in your cart
and they have like a hundred units you need to make sure that they are like
that you are going hardcore with these letters and that you’re gonna get
a trademark and everything and they will go away the Chinese people actually
you get really scared like they get scared easily for some reason and they
usually just leave your listing so make sure whether they are FBM or FBA
usually FBA hijackers they have your exact product because you’ve either done
a giveaway or you ran like some kind of promo and they actually bought
your product for like 90 percent off or whatever and they’re just trying to make
a sale so in most cases if it’s like that it’s actually quite harmless like I
know it’s annoying I know it’s like I know it’s such a big piss off but at the
same time like it’s quite harmless they just want to make a few bucks from your
product that they bought from like Viral Launch or Zonjump or whatever so if
it’s like that then you can even buy your own unit from them to make sure
it’s yours I’ve done this once where my hijacker was FBA and they had
one unit so I’m like all right I’m like I just don’t have time today I’m just
gonna buy it and they’re off my listing immediately right once once the
inventory is gone from the hijacker they are automatically off your listing
which is a relief so another thing that I actually recommend is helium 10 helium
10 has a free they’re able to watch two ASINs for you for the free plan if
you guys don’t want to pay there’s two ASINs that they are willing to watch for
you if you ever have a hijacker they will text you and email you right away
so I actually have two products that I already signed up with them I think
I’m gonna get a plan actually because I have more than two products now anyway
they alert you right away by text and email if there’s a hijacker on your
listing which is good because you can just enjoy whatever you’re doing and not
always have to feel like you have to be in front of your computer and watching out
for them or when you’re out or whatever so usually like this has happened when I
was like at the beach and there’s like a hijacker I’m like I just got a
text message and it’s like a third-party seller is selling your product or whatever
and then I freak out by luckily I have backup
I just called my boyfriend and tell him to hey you better send this cease and
desist letter right away and make sure I have the buy box so make sure you have
some kind of support in case you have a hijacker if you’re a big seller
especially but yeah that’s pretty much how you can get rid of a hijacker it’s
super annoying and irritating but it is what has to be done if you want to save
your product and not have your customer and leave you those nasty one-star
reviews that you are not gonna be able to remove anyways you guys I hope you
enjoyed this video like comment and subscribe below if you have any more
questions about hijackers feel free to contact me in my facebook group amazon
FBA winners I’m very active every day and I try to respond to everyone thanks
for watching

24 Replies to “How To Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers From Your Listing Successfully – Step By Step (Part 1)

  1. I love your videos thank you. My product is helping me find my start up so I hope hijackers don’t bother me

  2. Hey Tamara, thanks for the info. I currently have a highjacker (have lowered my price to keep buybox). However I have sent multiple C&D letters with no action taken from the hijacker. They are an FBM supplier from China with 100+ stock level. I watched this video after I had already contacted Amazon explaining to them what had happened, and they have done nothing.. typical. The hijacker even had the audacity to email me back saying that their not willing to cooperate now because I've reported them to Amazon. What would you suggest? Some say buy their product, take photos to send into Amazon comparing both mine and theirs? Any info would be greatly appreciated as I'm now making $3 profit per sale instead of $9 because of this ;(

  3. Hey Tamara! Great video and so informative with nice examples. Your really easy to understand and are on point. Thanks for posting this great tip. I’ve joined your FB group as well and looking forward to more great content. Joseph Parker actually introduced me to your FB group! You guys rock 🙂

  4. Ok…dumb question but how does anyone 'hijack' your listing? You'd think in this day and age technology would be able to not have this happen?? Can you explain how your listing is hijacked and buyers then buy from the HJ's??? Thanks Tamara. Yep definitely will be taking the time to just read, read, read about everything first lol

  5. I do not understand, if you have a trademark then nobody should be able to list on your listing. Amazon allows other sellers on a listing unless it is branded. Why would you tell people to send threatening letters? Why not just report to Amazon that your trademark is being infringed on. I know for a fact if they are infringing, Amazon will block them from selling that product immediately. What you are doing here seems a bit black hat.

  6. i have a hijaker and I’ve gone from 50 sales a day to almost 15 they renew there thing everyday and put a price so low that it’s crazy and I’ve sent them you templates and there still there should i contact amazon now ?

  7. Hi Tamara! My private label product (2 items) has being hijacker for more than a week, I will use your letters at facebook. Based on your experience could you tell me:
    1) HOW hijackers link their account to our products? Im sure they didn't buy my product from me because the price would not worth it. Im the only one selling my product.
    2) Why Amazon allows it to happen??? I wrote to them an look like they just don't care… Im feeling helpless …after all my work and money I have to face it now.
    Thanks for your time answering my questions… 🙁

  8. Hijackers already watched hundreds of videos like your as well as your soecially, so they know those letters are fake, they will just laugh on our face. I cannot accept that Amazon don’t care about them, they don’t help us at all 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  9. Makes sense another FBA seller would try to make a buck off your success. After all, you're using Amazon's success to make a buck

  10. Both of my hijackers ignored my cease and desist letter. I’m planning to send a second more harsh letter today referencing a trademark and threatening legal action.

    Every time I lower my price by a penny one of them auto matches it in 15 minutes. This one even auto matches it if I increase the price SMH. The other one matches down but not up but takes 24 hours to match. I guess they have some price matching setting preset.

    I’ve decided to sit on the sidelines and play with the pricing to watch them battle it out for the lowest price. I wonder how low I can get them to sell their knockoffs for lol.

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