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Hello! I’m Tom and today I’m going to show you how we really say hello to our friends in British English. If you’re with your friends, you can say ‘alright’. For example: Alright, Elly? You could also say ‘hello, mate’, but say it like this: Hello, mate! Another thing we could say is ‘how are you doing’? But, we say it like this: How you doing? My favourite is ‘what’s happening’, and you say it like this: Hey! What’s happening? You can use any of these expressions when you meet British people and sound super natural. Excellent! So now you know how to use these new expressions, you can come and say hi to us on the BBC Learning English social media pages.

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  1. Tom tells it like it is by explaining 5 ways to say goodbye just like the British!

  2. In indo sometimes we say"helloo met pagi guyss😁moooniingg…pak kabar😹sometimes my friends in central of jakarta mix between bahasa and English…how are you kamu sehaatt😆so funny right…indonesianenglish alias bahasa campur-campur

  3. Hi
    Dead interesting video,I was so interested.
    So we could say these four words and expressions when see an English person in order to greet him:
    1. Alright, and it would be better to say his or her name.
    2. Hello,mate. For male and female.
    3. How you doing, instead of how are you doing.
    4. What's happening.
    Thanks for BBC learning English channel.

  4. My nightmare.

    I am too
    I am not too
    I am not either
    I can too
    I can't too
    I do too
    I don't too
    I do either
    I don't either
    So do I
    Neither do I


  5. What's happening Tom!
    Thanks for the video, now we know these now expressions, but we don't know how to respond? just wondering if you could make a video of complete conversation.

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