How to sell on amazon and Start Business on Amazon with $500

Hey, everyone. This is again me Ashraf Ahamed, Founder and CEO of AMZ Trainer and I’m very much happy to catch you again in this new video today We are going to talk about how to start Amazon business with $500 If you are looking for more Amazon related tips tricks and more videos don’t forget to [subscribe] our channel Just click on that red color subscribe button so that whenever we post new videos you will get notification And we have a lot of contents. That’s correct. So let’s jump on to today. So today is about can I start the business? Amazon business with $500 or not. Many of you might be thinking When it comes for Amazon do I need $5000, $10000 or $15,000. Hell No no short I always tell people Your investment is depends on the cost of the product right so for example the planning to purchase a product from aliexpress or alibaba there are a lot of China and sourcing side which I am going to explain in couple of minutes so if the product prices $2 from China to Amazon for $500 you can launch 250 units this correct 250 It’s correct so say if the product price is $4 Which means for $250 you can launch 50 60 units, 6×4=24, so you can learn 65 – 70 units So basically your investment and Everything depends on your initial How many units you going to purchase and let’s see if you have just finer dollars? How can we start this business right? So let me show you how you can do that? So let me share my screen share screen and share and go here Let’s say okay, so for example now. You’re going to see say you’re going to charge you Let’s see what we can launch here yoga mat right okay? Let’s say your yoga mat and you want to launch this yoga mat. It’s going good. You’re seeing like okay I want to start this particular product right it says some fitness and let’s say it’s selling between $19-20 dollars right let’s say want to launch the exact product and Go to Aliexpress or Alibaba type the same product and just type yoga mat right that’s it. I mean Sourcing Alibaba and selling on Amazon, so you’re looking for only hundred units a let’s say minimum order is hundred just give okay, and Let’s give search it’s going on right, so these guys can see here. Let’s say 100 pieces so he’s selling between $1.88 to $5.88 that’s all so let’s say this guy is $3 So let’s go here inside so basically this product is $3, right? so the same Same at same Yoga mat and let’s go to Amazon and look at the same colors Red Blue violet they have everything so surprise is $3.2, so if you have finder dollars if it is a 3.2, you can launch around 150 units right 150 units this one you can launch you get through test the game you can do it so now let’s say this product is a Three dollars on shipping is one for dollars right so we can purchase this product for four dollars Right and then you can still in Amazon for $20 and Amazon fees might be five dollars and your profit will be $15, so let’s look at how to check Amazon’s fee. It’s something called FBA revenue calculator Let’s go here if we have any calculator what you have to do Is there is a concept called ASIN? So just click this this is your ASIN, so let’s say control C Go here. Just type in ASIN such right say you’re going to sell this product for $19.99 and then For $19.99 and calculate so now Amazon will tell you what is their price they’re going to charge you three dollars and Amazon fulfillment phase ten dollars, so let’s say ship to Amazon so if this product you may need to spend maybe one dollar because it’s a very light weight and cost of products or Supplier is telling three dollars. Let’s say three dollars and let’s put calculator So by selling this particular product your profit is $3.52 right? That’s correct So maybe you can put one dollar for advertisement So you profit is two dollars so sell 100 units you can make two hundred dollars. That’s it So you can launch 100 or 150 units by using $500 and you can get your money back So this is how the entire business model works so you can launch any product if it has more demand you can go to Alibaba And then say example if the supplier says no, I will send only 500 units or thousand units, right? I mean some suppliers tell that then we have this little cheat sheet Right or we have this aliexpress good aliexpress type the same product yoga mat, so you will get the same product here Is 19 and let’s go to prize and Max is four dollars But sometimes you can find a product for less price and see one dollar 53 cents. It’s a yoga backpack and Yoga mat and see here yoga mat right so the same product 3.67 you can talk to them and How can you do this is you can talk to these guys? I mean you can click on the particular sellers name you can initiate the chat find out hey I need 100 of this particular green color to be sent to US. How much you charge right so they can say like hey hundred Units let’s say 100 units and you have to choose epacket and under the waves. It’s a say this one and let’s say I think they have 3.67 and Let’s say one unit of 3.67 is $56. There is something wrong, okay? I have to change this to a packet which is correct Click ok and It says eighteen dollars right with shipping so if you do if you do bulk shipping It won’t cause this much so what you have to do is talk to these guys saying like hey I need this particular color blue color to be sent to my my factory or warehouse in US and then talk to these guys Automated what they do is. They collect your product from China. They can do the labeling for you, so for example They can do you are made in China logo or our Brand logo everything they can do so basically this is how it works you can directly order from Alibaba send your goods directly to Amazon Or you can order from aliexpress and then send it to your home if you’re in US You can receive it your home And then once you receive you can do the pic hun Pack which I’m going Explain in the in the upcoming videos so you can do that, and then once it is done then you can ship it to Amazon start making sales and Start making sales right then let’s go back here sharing Okay, so this is how it works and it is very simple I? I mean all you need is just $500-600 just 1500 units because you need to Explore the business you need to test it You need to see what is going on because unless you try it you will not know what is going on, right? So you need to find out? How can you find a product? How can you search a product? How can you talk to supplier? So it’s a cycle so don’t fall into trap if someone says like hey, you can make million dollars using Amazon blah blah blah on One day. It’s just asking right? what is the investment so This is what I’d suggest you just go ahead and to Select some products and then even you can purchase from Walmart or thrift store. If it is a good quantity quality then you can Print your label and ship it to Amazon and I know your confusion if now you are looking for more training, right? I know, that’s why we have our AMZ Trainer so if you’re looking for more videos of we have a 15-20 videos in product selection, 20 videos in supplier selection, 40 videos in module three listing optimization and everything and experience selling module Monthly coaching calls everything we have. So if you think like you need someone to walk you through saying like hey Steve Hey, Rob, you that’s correct. It’s you. It’s you you whoever wherever you’re sitting right, so if you think like So I’m your guide I’m going to walk you through the process saying like this is how we do it to select a product This is how you select your supplier, and this is how you create your listing so everything has been covered inside AMZ Trainer And I’ll catch you soon with the next video just subscribe to our channel and if you need to learn more about AMZ Trainer is go to or email me at [email protected] I will I will help you signing off and catch you later

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  1. How much marketing is needed to get a private label product at the top of page 1 on Amazon???? Is it about good keywords and a well made product page or do I need to put out advertisements and stuff like that?

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