How to Start a Business With No Money (Or Little Money): Dropshipping!

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how
you can start a business with no money. And trust me, this is not gonna be some mumbo
jumbo self-help talk. It’s gonna a step-by-step tutorial. Now, when I say that you can start business
with no money, I don’t mean literally no money. I mean basically no money because you’re only
gonna be making a tiny, tiny investment. And in this video, I’m gonna be teaching you
two different business models to choose from. Business Model A will only cost you $23.88,
and I mean it will really only cost you $23.88. It can make you potentially thousands of dollars
a month. And frankly, I make no apologies for the fact
that this business model costs $23.88. If you don’t have $23.88, then you really
should not be starting a business. And best of all, this business model will
work for you, even if you don’t have access to a credit card and have a bad credit rating. After that, I’m gonna be teaching you Business
Model B. It costs $67 but it makes money a lot faster than Business Model A. But, to
do this business model, you’re gonna either have to have access to a credit card or about
$300 to $1,000 to start with. If you have access to a credit card, then
this method is basically free, besides the $67 investment, because of the fact that after
you spend the money, the business model is gonna basically give it back to you within
two weeks. And I’ll be explaining why and how that is,
later in this video. Now, both these business models are e-commerce
stores. I’m gonna teach you how you could open your
own profitable e-commerce store. Business Model A has you selling in your own
store, on your own website, whereas Business Model B has you selling on Now you’re probably wondering how you can
start your own store with basically no money because surely, you’re going to need to have
to spend money to buy stock and inventory to sell, right? Well, actually, you don’t. Thanks to a wonderful product sourcing method
called dropshipping [SP]. Okay. So what is dropshipping? For my subscribers here at Wholesale Ted who
already know this, you can feel free to skip this part. For those of you that don’t know, dropshipping
is the name of a type of product sourcing, and it is your key to starting an e-commerce
store and business with basically no money. Now let’s say that you wanted to start an
online store where you sold electronics. You probably think that you would have to
go out to a manufacturer or supplier and buy a bunch of electronics to then go and re-sell,
right? After all, if you don’t buy a bunch of electronics,
what are you gonna sell in your store? Which of course then means that to do this,
you’re going to have a bunch of start-up money to buy all of the electronics, right? You’d need thousands of dollars to do that
and it will be a huge risk. What if no one came to your store? What if no one bought your products? You’d have lost thousands of dollars and be
stuck with a bunch of electronics that nobody wants. But let me propose an alternate solution for
you. What if you could set up your own store and
list a bunch of electronics to sell? Then when a customer orders that item from
you, you go to the manufacturer and you order that one single item that the customer has
ordered from you. Then, instead of getting the manufacturer
to ship it to you, you get the manufacturer to ship it to the customer directly. Wouldn’t that be great? It would mean then that you wouldn’t need
any startup money to sell products because of the fact that you’d only be buying each
individual item that the customers have ordered, using the money that you’ve already paid you. Well, this process has a name, and that name
is dropshipping. In addition to letting you start an online
store with basically no start-up money, it also means then that you don’t have to ship
each individual item to the customers, making it a super simple business model. The manufacturer does that for you. In this industry, we call shipping the item
out to the customer order fulfillment, and using this business model, the manufacturer
does that for you. All you need to do then is focus on setting
up the store and then getting people to come to it. And you can get people to come to your store
for free. So let’s recap our business model quickly. Firstly, we need to find manufacturers that
will let us dropship [SP] items from them. A lot of manufacturers will only let you buy
in bulk, so we need to find these little manufacturers that are willing to let us dropship individual
items from them. Secondly, we need to list the items that we’re
dropshipping for sale online. As I’ve said to you, I’m gonna tell you about
two different ways to do that. The first is going to be in your own store
on your own website, and the other is going to be on And I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of
each, so keep watching this video. And three, we need to get people to buy our
stuff. Luckily, because we’re dropshipping, our business
model have very little risk. Because if nobody buys an item from us, then
we didn’t lose any money by buying it in advance, which you normally have to do if you open
up a store. Of course, on the other hand, if we don’t
sell anything, then we don’t make any money either. So we really need to focus on getting people
to come to our store. And of course, I’ll be explaining how to do
that, so keep watching this video. So, let’s jump into Business Model A. This
is the business model to follow if you are stretched for cash and you also have bad credit. It is, however, going to take some time to
set up and get going. You should be realistic about the fact that
any business model that doesn’t require any start up money is going to require you to
exchange your time instead of money. There is no magical PayPal button that you
can just press and money pops out. You either invest money to make money, or
you invest your time to make money. If this doesn’t sound like you and you want
to start making money fast, then feel free to skip through to Business Model B. But for
those of you out there that want to exchange your time for money, keep watching. Business Model A has three steps. One, creating your online store on your website,
two, finding products to dropship in it, and three, marketing your products for free using
search engines. So let’s start on Step 1, Building Your Online
Store. Now, it’s actually really cheap to do this
and to set up your own store on your own website if you use a web host called iPage. You can start one for just $23.88. Now, I’ve actually got a free video tutorial. It shows you how to create your own online
store step-by-step using iPage. To watch this video for yourself, simply click
on the link in the video description below. Now, just one quick note. In that video, I mention the fact that you’re
gonna need a logo, and you can actually find free logo designs to use on the internet. Or alternatively, you can also use a website
called, which I also recommend in the video, and you can get a logo made
for your store for $5.58. If you choose to do this, it means it’s gonna
bump up the cost of this business model to $29.38. When you’re setting up your store, you should
pick a type of product to specialize in. For example, in my video tutorial, I set up
an online store that specialized in selling coffee accessories and equipment. This is gonna be important for Step 3, so
keep those in mind. Let’s move on to step two, which is finding
your dropshippers [SP]. For Business Model A, the best way to do this
is is to go to a website called AliExpress which is an online free directory containing
lots of Chinese dropshippers and suppliers. So that’s really all you need to do. You just need to go to and
find a bunch of products that are related to the store that you have set up. When you’ve found a much of products on AliExpress,
you should go ahead and list them in your online store that you set up in Step 1. Now, I show you exactly how to do this step-by-step
in my video tutorial. And again, you can watch my video tutorial
on how to set up your own online store using iPage by clicking on the link in the video
description below. And be sure to put a nice markup on the product
price. Because you’re dropshipping products from
China, they are super cheap, which means then that you can put a much higher price on it
when you sell it in your store. When a customer comes to your online store
and buys one of the products that you’ve listed, just go to and buy it from
the supplier and get it shipped directly to your customer. In my video tutorial on how to create your
own online store, I explained to you how you can set it up so that you can accept payments
from PayPal, which means that you will get the money that the customers give you immediately. You can then use that money to buy the item
for the customer from AliExpress and keep the difference and profit. I explain this process deeply in my video,
“How to Dropship Products from AliExpress.” To watch this video for yourself, simply click
on the link in the video description below. In that video, I use a case study of an AliExpress
dropshipping store called World of Harry. It has been created by my friend Yarrow [SP]. Now, World of Harry is making him over $1,000
a month in profit, and he also has a portfolio of other AliExpress dropshipping stores that
are earning him over $4,000 a month. Take this item, the Sirius Black Wand. On his store, he is selling it for $27.90. Whenever a customer buys it from him, he simply
takes the $27.90 that automatically gets paid into his PayPal account and then he goes to
AliExpress. There, he buys it for $9.39. He has the dropshipper ship it directly to
his customer. He then keeps the difference, $18.59 minus
some small PayPal fees, in profit for himself. And that’s it. That is how super simple the process is for
Business Model A. But the business model is not yet over. That was just Step 2. Now we need to move on to step three, which
is marketing your store through free search engine traffic. So, usually when you set up your own dropshipping
online store, you need to pay for traffic and marketing to get customers to come to
your store. And quite honestly, paid traffic is definitely
the fastest and easiest way to do this, but of course, we’re trying to set up our business
for just $23.88, so we can’t do this. And to do that, we’re gonna have to use free
marketing techniques. And the best free marketing technique that
you can use on the internet is search engines. Trust me, this isn’t as technical as it sounds. It’s just gonna take a bit of time, and you
need to be prepared for that. Let me show you what I mean by using Yarrow’s
store, World of Harry again. If you go to Google and type in “Harry Porter
Guitar Picks” and click search, Yarrow’s store comes up as the third result. Yarrow makes sales from people who type in
the name of the products that he’s selling into Google, find his website, and then buy
through him. The higher your website appears in the search
results, the more clicks you get and the more sales you get. Now, Google’s search engine determines which
websites they show at the top using a complex algorithm that they have developed. But there are ways to gain the search algorithm. What you want to do, is you want to take all
the products that you put into your online store in step two and to optimize the pages
and make some modifications so that it fits with the Google algorithm. To do this, make the following modifications
to each of the product pages that you created in step two. Number one, pick a key word for your product
page. The key word should accurately represent what
you’re selling. So let’s take a product that I use in my video. The whirlpool self stir mug. My key word for this product was “self stir
mug.” Next, to optimize my page, I put the key word
in my title. This is the equivalent in Google to what is
called a meta title tag. You don’t need to know what it is. Just follow the instructions that I’m giving
you. Next, I wrote a description for my item that
was 400-plus words. Google likes to see at least 400 words on
a page, and it rewards it with the highest search engine rankings. Next, in my description, I made sure that
my key word “self stir mug” made up at least 1% of all my text. So, for example, if your description was 500
words, you’d want to place your key word in your description at least five times. Make sure it reads grammatically correct and
sounds natural. Because my description was between 400 to
500 words, I made sure that I used my key words at least five times. Next, I made sure I used my key word “self
stir mug” in the first 50 words. Google likes to see this. Plus, it means that it will be in something
called your meta description. That’s a technical thing that helps you rank
in the search engines that WordPress automatically generates for you out of your first 50 words. WordPress, if you don’t know, is a free software
I recommend when using to set up your store. Next, and this is something that I didn’t
do in the video tutorial where I showed you how to set up your own online store but something
that you should do anyway, if you want to optimize your page with Google, is when you
upload your thumbnail image following the instructions that I gave you in my video tutorial,
come here and put your key word in the box that I have highlighted for you. The technical name for what you were doing
here is that you are adding your key word to the image out data for the thumbnail image. Again, you don’t need to know how this works
or why it works, but just trust me, it works. So go ahead and modify all the items that
you have uploaded to your online store as I just described. And there are three other things I want you
to keep in mind when you’re optimizing your pages for Google. The first thing is that you should not ever
copy and paste anything when you’re writing your description. This includes the AliExpress listing for the
item. Do not come in and copy and paste the description
that the manufacturer has provided for the item in AliExpress. Your copy needs to be original, otherwise
Google will not be happy. So, again, don’t overthink it. Just follow the instructions. The next thing I want you to keep in mind
is that it takes time to rise up in the search engines. Search engines like to wait a few weeks before
raising up your pages and their results. Don’t expect this to be done overnight. But if you consistently add at least 10 to
20 products and you’re optimizing it using the techniques that I showed you, you should
start to see results within about a month. You’ll start to see that Google is sending
you visitors, traffic and customers. So just be consistent. Add the products in the way that I taught
you, and be patient. And thirdly, Google likes to see that the
pages on your website are all relevant to each other. Remember earlier how I told you to pick a
type of product for your store to specialize in? Well, this is exactly why. Only add products that are relevant to your
store. The more specific in niche you get, the easier
it will be to compete with other product pages in Google. For example, if you search for “boys toys”
in Google, you’ll get over 51 million different pages. But if you search for “Nerf Technical Vest
Dart Holder,” you’ll get less than 100,000 results. And yes, you can buy Technical Nerf Vest Dart
Holders on AliExpress. So which key word do you think is easier to
rank for in Google? Well, obviously, it is the latter. Go niche, go specific. Don’t make your store about something general
like boys toys. Make it about something like Nerf guns. Let’s move on to a fast and still relatively
cheap or free business model, Business Model B. This is, of course, also going to be a dropshipping
business but instead of dropshipping products in our own online store, we’re gonna dropship
them instead on In our free e-book, “How To Make $10,000 a
Month by Dropshipping,” we outline the step-by-step process. If you want to read the e-book for yourself,
simply click on the link in the video description below. But I’m gonna explain it to you in this video,
so if you wanna see it for yourself, just keep watching. Now, this business model involves three steps
as well. Number one, you need to find USA based dropshippers. Number two, you need to identify low-cost,
high-demand products from the dropshippers’ catalogs. And number three, you need to hijack existing
Amazon sales for this item or similar items, and to steal their traffic and sales for yourself. Let me explain the advantages and disadvantages
of this business compared to Business Model A. One big advantage is that you start getting
sales faster. The reason is because you are listing the
items for sale on, which already has millions of interested buyers coming to
the site daily. You don’t have to do any work to bring the
customers in. They are already there. And two, it’s a lot less technical because
you don’t have to set up your own store. Amazon’s website is really easy to use. So if you find the idea of Business Model
A daunting because of the technical elements to it, then this could be the business model
for you. But now, for the disadvantages. Firstly, it isn’t easy to find USA based dropshippers. When you wanna find Chinese dropshippers,
it’s really easy because all you gotta do is go to AliExpress, but there’s nothing free
like that for USA dropshippers. But luckily, there is a really good paid solution,
SaleHoo. It costs $67 to get a subscription. That’s why this business model costs $67,
because it gets us access to a huge directory of USA based dropshippers. And we’re quite lucky then that, as well as
SaleHoo being the best directory for USA based dropshippers, it’s also the cheapest. It means then that we’re gonna have to spend
as little money as possible. There is also something else you need to be
aware of. When a customer buys an item from you on Amazon,
they hold the money for 14 days if you are a new seller. This means then that say a customer buys a
$50 item from you on Amazon, you are not gonna get that money for 14 days. Now let’s say that that $50 item actually
costs you $25 to purchase it from the dropshipper. Well, you’re gonna need to find $25 in the
meantime to purchase the item from the dropshipper while you’re waiting for Amazon to credit
you the $50 that the customer has paid. Now, after 14 days, Amazon will pay you the
$50 minus some fees, but you’re still gonna need to have some money to buy the item in
the meantime from the dropshipper. Now because Amazon pay you so fast, it’s actually
a really good idea to use a credit card when you’re purchasing items for dropshipping. I recommend that you get a credit card that
gives you a bonus for using it. I have a credit card that gives me air miles
whenever I spend on it, and it’s a really nifty bonus. If you use a credit card, then you’re not
gonna need to use any capital for this business model except for the $67 to purchase your
SaleHoo subscription. Of course, if you have bad credit, then you’re
gonna need some start up cash to hold you over. I recommend having at least $300 to $1,000. All right, step one: Locating USA based dropshippers. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to use SaleHoo to locate USA based dropshippers. This here is SaleHoo. It is my number one recommended directory
for finding low-cost dropshippers and wholesalers in the United States. So what you’re gonna do is come over here
to SaleHoo and log in to your subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, you can
find the link on how to get one in the video description below. But I’ve already got one, so I’m just gonna
go ahead and switch browsers to enter my members dashboard. Once you’ve logged in to your subscription
like I have, just come up here to the wholesale directory button and click it. Now this is gonna load up the wholesale directory. As you can see, they’ve got suppliers in all
sorts of categories. They’ve got suppliers that sell baby gear,
they’ve got supplies that sell home and garden products, pretty much anything they have. So what we wanna do is, you don’t wanna pick
a specific category because we don’t know what we want to sell yet. So just come up here to the search button
and click search. What SaleHoo has now done is just loaded up
all of its different suppliers, no matter what they sell or where they’re located. What we now want to do is, we want to narrow
down the suppliers so that we can find USA dropshippers. So let’s filter the results by region. Just come here and click region, and then
click “North America.” This way, we’ll be able to narrow down so
that we can easily find USA dropshippers. So what the wholesale supply directory has
done, is it has narrowed down the suppliers to only show ones that are based in North
America. What you now want to do is you want to filter
the results to only show companies that are willing to dropship. So come here to “supply type” and select “dropshippers.” And now the directory has filtered the results
to show us only North American suppliers that dropship. As you can see, all of these suppliers here
are based in the United States and they dropship their products. So that’s step one. We have found a big list of USA based dropshippers. Now it’s time to move on to step two: locating
high demand, high profit items to dropship on Amazon. And this is actually really easy. Simply open up the catalog of each supplier
that you’ve located and then go through the items on the catalog and compare the prices
of the items to the going prices on Amazon. When you find an item that’s priced lower
in the supplier’s catalog to the going price on Amazon, then you should dropship that item. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you exactly how to do this. So I’ve got for you a supplier: H.L. Dalias
[SP] Inc. This is a supplier that I found by filtering
the results like I showed you earlier. So they were really interesting to me because
of the fact that I saw that they were a multi-line wholesale distributor of electronics, industrial
items and sporting goods, and I’m personally a very big fan of dropshipping industrial
items. It’s something that people love and don’t
consider. So what I did was, I went and checked out
their website. And this is what I found. Now you can imagine that if you discovered
this for yourself, that you would be kind of a bit put off because of the fact that
it’s actually really ugly. The interesting thing though is that when
it comes to USA dropshippers, a lot of them have really ugly websites like this here. That doesn’t mean that they’re not legitimate. And in fact, oftentimes the websites that
are the ugliest seem to be the businesses that sell their products for the lowest cost. The reason why their websites are so ugly
is because of the fact that they don’t have a large marketing budget. Instead they choose to save their money and
to use their money that they save to lower the cost of their products for you. And the truth is, even if you did accidentally
stumble upon this supplier yourself and you didn’t use SaleHoo, you probably wouldn’t
trust them. But because of the fact that we found them
using SaleHoo, we can see that they’re trustworthy because we know they’ve been online for 17
years, and we know that they have been in the SaleHoo directory for nine years. So we know that this here is a legitimate
supplier that we can trust. So what I did was, I went through their items
and I compared the price of the items to the prices on Amazon. What I did was I scrolled down and I found
that there was one category that really got my attention: Wire Management. Now, I can imagine that a lot of you are probably
a bit surprised. Why would wire management speak to me? Well, the reason being is because of the fact
that this is a category that a lot of people would not think to sell in. When you’re selling online, you’re dropshipping,
the best thing to do is to try to find niche products like this here that have a high demand
but lots of people don’t know about it, and so they don’t try to sell these items. So that’s why I opened up this and I checked
out the different prices. And this is something that I actually talk
about in a video that I strongly recommend, that I’ve created, that you watch called the
“Easiest Items to Sell on Amazon.” It explains to you how you can quickly go
through a supplier’s catalog like this one here and identify items that are most likely
going to be very profitable to dropship. Now, all I did was, I came here, and I came
to the first item on the list, this one here. This is a self laminating label used for [inaudible
00:23:14]. And I just copied this and I came over to
Amazon, and I came into the search bar and I pasted it in. And then I clicked search. And I did this so that I could see what the
price was. And as we can see, the price on Amazon is
$122. Now, let’s just go back and compare that to
the price here for H.L. Dalias. As you can see, it is $82. So, immediately this was the first thing that
jumped out to me, was that the price difference between these two products was really large. It meant then that there was gonna be a wide
room for me to be able to make a substantial profit, after fees, if I was to dropship this
item on Amazon. Another thing that really jumped out to me
about this listing that meant that it had amazing potential, is that there’s only one
seller for it. There’s only one seller listing this item. I know that there is because of the fact that
if we come down here to this item under it, a different item, we can see that it’s got
more buying choices and there are three others offers for $179 new. That means then that there is the main seller
and there’s the seller that Amazon had picked to win what’s called the Buy Box. And then if we come down here, we can see
that there are more buying choices. [inaudible 00:24:34] there are three other
sellers that you can purchase from. But if we come up here, we can see that there
is nothing like that. That means that there is only one seller for
this product, which means that it would be very easy to come in here and to hijack this
listing and start piggybacking off of its sales. And this is gonna be especially easy for you
to understand and see because I’m gonna outline how to do this in step three of this tutorial. Now, the other thing that jumped out to me
once I used a tool called Jungle Scout Pro. Now I’m just gonna come up here and click
on this button on my browser. This is a [inaudible 00:25:09]. It’s something that I really recommend for
anyone who’s looking to sell on Amazon. I’ll have a link to how you can check it out
for yourself in the video description below. But using this, I’m able to see that there
are 14 estimated sales a month for this product. So that means then that – we’re just going
to close this window here – the single seller for this item is selling this 14 times every
month for $122. And the really nifty thing about this here
is that if you’re gonna follow the advise that I’m gonna outline in step three, you
can come in and hijack about half of these sales from this seller. So they’re making 14 sales a month, which
means then that you can potentially be making seven sales a month of this item. That is if you had found it yourself. Now, guys, do not come and try to dropship
this item, this specific item, because I have revealed it in this video. And if you haven’t noticed, I have…well,
here at Wholesale Ted, we have thousands of subscribers, thousands of subscribers who
are going to be watching this exact same video and they’re gonna have the exact same idea. We get emails from people saying, “Oh, you
showed this item. You said you could dropship this. But I tried to dropship it and it’s saturated
with competition.” Yes, because we revealed this item to people. There’s a reason why we don’t talk about the
items we sell, because if we did, then the competition for those items would become saturated. You need to use my method here that I am revealing
to find your own items. So let’s talk about the profit that you would
be making from these sales. We would be selling it for $122 to price match
the competition, and then we would be dropshipping it for $82. So there’s quite a bit of a margin there. If you come over here to this calculator,
we can see what the profit margin is. So if we come here, we can [inaudible 00:27:03]
it to be office products because it is the category, and different categories have different
fees. The item price is $122 because, again, we
are price matching the competitor, because we do not wanna get into a price war. The cost required is $82. The weight of the item is one pounds. When we take into account all of Amazon’s
fees, they are $19.79. This leaves us with a total profit margin
of $20.21. And guys, that’s huge. That there is over $140 a month that you earned
from this single item, where all you did was found this supplier and then found this item
that had a price difference on Amazon of $40. And then you just came in and then you just
listed it here and you hijacked all the traffic and the sales that are already being made
for this listing. And you sold…well, you made about half of
those sales yourself. And then anytime someone came in here and
ordered this item from you, you would just come over to drop shipper and then you would
just order it online. And yes, you can just order this online from
H.L. Dalias. You don’t even need to call them, you just
order it for them. They will dropship it to your customer without
any packaging so that the customer doesn’t know that it’s them specifically. It’s going to be what is called blind dropshipping. And then at the end of it, you are going to
make over…you’ll make $20.21 per sale, and it’s gonna take you a few minutes to do this. That means then that if you want to be successfully
hijacking this listing for this item, like I’m about to teach you, you’ll be making $141
and $47 a month in profit from selling this one item. And keep in mind, this is just one item. What you should be doing is using SaleHoo
to locate multiple items. If you found 50 items like this to dropship
every month, you’d be making over $7,000 a month in profit. And again, it requires no start up money if
you have a credit card. It just costs you $67 for your SaleHoo subscription. So let’s jump to step three: Hijacking your
competitor’s listings. So what gives this dropshipping model an edge
over the first one that I discussed for many people, would be that you can start making
sales very fast. The reasoning is because of the fact that
we’re gonna be dropshipping on, which means that we can hijack the sales from
our competitors and steal them for ourselves. There are two major ways to do this. I recommend doing both when you’re just starting
out. Number one, you can find a product like the
one that I just showed you which already has a listing on Amazon, and you should list yourself
as a seller for the item as well. When you do this and you get to list yourself
as a seller, you get to set the price of the item that you’re selling. Now what you should do, is you should price
it to equal the same price as your competitor, because this is going to let you share what
is called Buy Box. For those of you that don’t know, the Buy
Box is the “add to cart” button on Amazon. Usually when you buy an item on Amazon, more
than one seller will be supplying it. Amazon rotates Buy Box time and gives each
seller their turn at being the seller that gets the “add to cart” button applied to their
stock and sales. Right now this item, the [inaudible 00:30:19]
LJSL5Y31 Laser Jet Self Laminating Label Sheet only has one seller. So the Buy Box is automatically being awarded
to them. If you were to come in and start selling this
item on Amazon for the same price, as long as your account was in good standing with
Amazon, they’d rotate Buy Box time with you, giving you roughly half of the sales. And yes, Amazon does rotate Buy Box time with
new sellers, so don’t let that stop you from getting started. And number two, instead of hijacking sales
for items that are already listed on Amazon, you can instead hijack sales from categories
of items. What you do, is you find items that are already
successfully selling on Amazon and then you locate a dropshipper who manufactures similar
but different versions of those items. So let’s say you found a dropshipper using
SaleHoo who would sell you a ridiculously cheap wooden round bucket for $5, but this
specific brand was not already listed on Amazon. What you would do is create a brand new listing
for your wooden round bucket and match your price with your competitor’s price, which
is around $25. Using the advise that we give you for free
in our e-book, “How to Make $10,000 a Month by Dropshipping,” you could write an amazing
Amazon listing for your bucket that draws in potential buyers who are looking for them. Our advice outlines how to create a high converting
optimized Amazon listing. You would then hijack this traffic and turn
them into buyers by creating a better listing than your competitors, and stealing their
sales. So there you go. Those are my two step-by-step methods for
how you can start a business with no start up money. The only thing holding you back right now
from starting it is sheer laziness or maybe information paralysis. But don’t fall into either of those traps. Without action, you can’t get results. If you watch this video and you never follow
the instructions, then you will never make money. The only way that you’re gonna make money
is by actually doing it. So don’t just sit there, take action now. And if you liked this video, I’d appreciate
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video, created by us here at Wholesale Ted. It is our mission to help everyone start and
grow their own online business. That is why we’ve created a simple video which
shows how anyone, yes even you, can make $10,000 each and every month with dropshipping, even
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life-changing e-book, simply click on the link in this video description and get it

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