How To Use Quick Fix Plus 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review & Directions FREE SHIPPING!

Alright…[Laughing…Quick Fix Plus, synthetic novelty
urine used for, you know, anything you want to get rid of, you know, toxins. This is toxin free urine…for fetish needs…any
kinky stuff going on. This is this is the deal. The real deal! Contains urea. It’s a chemical compound found in real pee;
also in cigarette butts. Just so you know. [clears throat] Comes with a little bottle filled with everything. The synthetic pee has a little temperature
strip just so it’s warm, you know, don’t want cold pee on you…or [Inaudible]…gotta keep
it warm.[Laughing] Comes with the heat pack so you can keep it
warm, you know. After you pop it in the microwave for about
10 seconds and it gets to that 94-100 degrees, you’re gonna want to keep it warm. So you got this and heat pack…Activate it. [shaking sound] Shake it up. [shaking sound] Make it fun. [shaking sound] You know, don’t just…[slow
shaking sound] Just shake it up. [shaking sound] Do a little dance. It works better. Then you take it; put it on this; rubber band
it. You can even use like a hair tie something
fun. Little hair clip, if you like decorate. Perfect, right there. It’ll keep it warm for about four to five
hours Now that you have that, transport it in this. Because if you transport it with the squirt
bottle. You can get drippage. No one wants drippage. Premature drippage is just not fun because
if you got it in your pocket and then it drips all over you. No. [laughing] So put this on afterwards. [laughing] Once you got it warm transporting it, make
sure you got this with you. Have it in your pocket Have this wherever. Then once you get to where you’re going and
you need to put it in a cup or you need to squeeze it you know on someone’s face, chest,
anywhere where you know some kinky fetish stuff would be happening. Because that is what it’s also for. Then you put on the squeeze top and then you’re
ready to go, not going to do it right now because with my luck, I would spill the pee
all over me…so I don’t have a shower here. [laughing] But that’s it. It’s super simple. [laughing] Done!

33 Replies to “How To Use Quick Fix Plus 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review & Directions FREE SHIPPING!

  1. what if I don’t know when I’m gonna take the test ? or let’s say there’s no microwave around where I’m getting the drug test ?

  2. One thing you need to do is make sure you put the heat pack OPPOSITE side of the temperature strip or you will get a false temperature reading.

  3. Don't let it explode in the gas station microwave and then leave the urine piss all over the microwave and then have the cops arrest your ass down the road at the drug testing clinic.

  4. I used this stuff to take a pre employment drug screen through Concentra. They sent it to the lab. I passed. Thumbs way up

  5. And I’ve never had a problem putting the other cap on before never has it leaked on me yet 😬

  6. Do you need to microwave it first as advertised? And my bottle came wit a slightly messed up temp strip (it kind of looks as if someone tried to peel it off, but no one has it simply came like so) wanted to know would that damage my temp reading or is it not a big deal? Thank you for your time, and great video

  7. It does work for everyone that need it I just pass my test today I got caught smoking at work n got a quick fix and it work and went to lab

  8. So the one other time I used a precious gen of this product, I failed because the guy arbitrarily smelled it and said that it wasn’t piss. I’m told this one smells like piss, but the other thing I’m concerned about this time is the one I used before didn’t bubble or foam up like normal piss does. I read somewhere that the 6.2 does bubble. Is this true? If so, do I just shake it before putting it in the cup?

  9. Just took my test using quick fix. Temperature was good using the heating pad after I microwaved it for 10 seconds. I had to wait about 15-30 minutes before I could actually take the test. Tomorrow I find out my results 🤞

  10. Does the flip top make sound? I have a pre employment screening but apparently it's just a sheet between myself & the person doing it.

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