How Your Brain Works

[MUSIC PLAYING] KidsHealth presents
“How the Body Works,” with Chloe and the Nurb. Whoa. Well that was a big one. I’ll say. Hey, where did the brain go? That nose tornado scattered the
brain all across Bodylandia. Hello, children. I am the cerebrum. Oh, hi, friend. Do you know where we
could find the brain? You’re going on a
marvelous adventure to find four important
parts of the brain. Wow. I am the biggest
part of the brain, the thinking part of the brain,
and the part that controls your voluntary muscles. Without me, you wouldn’t
be able to dance or talk to your friends. No dancing! Oh, dear. I am the cerebrum. I store your memories,
and make it possible for you to have
feelings and emotions. I’m located right here. By weight, I’m more
than 85% of your brain. I’m split into two halves. The right half of
the cerebrum controls the left side of your
body, and the left controls the right side. You need different
parts of the cerebrum to do different things. Everything from doing a math
problem to playing the piano. Ooh, that’s amazing. I am kind of amazing. Now, on with the adventure. Just follow the
brainy brick road. Follow the brainy brick road. Follow the brainy brick road. We will, already! You don’t have to be
all pushy about it. Boo. [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] I’m the brain stem. [SCREAMING] I connect the brain
to the spinal cord. Could you stop yelling? Sorry, we scare easily. I’m located at the base of
the brain, where I connect the brain to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is
a bundle of nerves that is protected by the spine. The spinal cord is the main
pathway for information to flow from the brain
to the rest of the body. Wow. Nice to meet you, brain stem. I’m in charge of all the
functions your body needs to stay alive, like breathing
air, circulating blood, and digesting food. And that, you do. [HUMMING] Hey, Nurb and Chloe. Hi, Bridge. Well, I guess you could say
I’m sort of like a bridge. I’m part of the brain
called the corpus callosum. I’m a thick band of
nerve fibers they connect the two halves of the brain. That’s impressive. Oh, hi, friend. Nice to meet you, friends. I’m the cerebellum. I control your balance,
movement, and coordination. I’m located at the back of
the brain, right over here. It’s my job to
keep you balanced. Oh, that’s amazing. Well, let’s see: cerebrum,
corpus callosum, brain stem, cerebellum. I think we’ve done it, Chloe. That’s right. Your adventure is complete. Now, just click your
heels and you can go home. Click my heels? That’s not very scientific. [POOF] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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