IBM Spectrum Archive: cost effective storage for the cloud

data fuels business today enterprises are creating it at a breakneck pace they’re analyzing data to gain real-time insights and inform business decisions they’re also storing a lot of it but storing data economically and sustainably is a challenge many companies have turned to cloud storage to ease this burden but even in a cloud achieving the lowest cost requires optimizing how every bit of data is stored and that’s where IBM spectrum archive can help spectrum archive supports a policy-based lifecycle management of data as data ages it’s automatically moved to a lower more economical storage tier migration continues over time to the lowest cost format creating easily accessed storage tiers with inexpensive tape reduces the cost of storage for data that does not require the access performance of primary disk and for static data that is in frequently accessed but still has performance requirements spectrum archive ensures efficient recall data is indexed and metadata stored on flash or disk based components for fast easy queries but relatively slower retrieval times whether data is stored on tape or disk it’s just as easy to access and transparent to the end-user businesses today want to move fast they want systems and processes to be agile with spectrum archive companies can realize the accessibility speed and performance they need to manage their data over its life cycle IBM spectrum archive efficiently and dynamically stores data at its optimal cost and changes the economics of storage for on-premise off-premise and cloud storage you

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