IE Domain Registry | SME Digital Health Index 2018

today we're launching the SME digital health index 2018 and that's our annual survey of 1,000 SMEs we have a number of key findings so our first finding is in relation to SMEs attitude to digital so we're finding that SMEs are digital users but they're using their own website only really as a digital business card so we're finding that their websites are mobile optimized but they're not ecommerce enabled the second one is around awareness of the importance of being online and our survey finds that SMEs are highly aware and becoming more aware of the importance of an online presence the third finding is in relation to the barriers to going online and what we're finding is that the firmly entrenched offliners have very different barriers to the firm's and SMEs that are online and trying to ecommerce enabled out their websites so our fourth major finding and relates to the digital skills assessment and that's our new way of measuring and SMEs online health so we have effectively three measurements that go into the digital skills assessment the first one is about an ability to communicate online the second one is an ability to transact online and then the third one most importantly is an ability to boost an online presence and what we're finding is that while SM is raised at a level B in terms of communicating and transacting that a lot of them rate a lot lower a c-grade in terms of boosting an online presence you

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