In Short: Marianne Bertrand on the gender earnings gap

(smooth music) – Looking back in
time, we’re trying to explain the gender gap in earnings. It was always an easy
explanation to point at, which was gender difference
in terms of education. Women were not going to
college at the same rate as men. They were much less likely
to go to business school, law school, as men. What has been happening
in terms of education is exactly the reversal of that. Now, women are more likely
to enter college than men. They’re more likely to
complete college than men, and gender differences in
terms of the representation of women in business
school and law school, while they’re still a bit less than 50 percent, this has pretty much evaporated as well. I think the puzzle now has become: How do we explain gender
difference in earnings when there’s no longer a gender difference in terms of education—in
fact, the opposite of that?

2 Replies to “In Short: Marianne Bertrand on the gender earnings gap

  1. 93.8% of all work place deaths are men – Men on average work more hours than women. These are two of the big reasons for the gender pay gap. Dangerous jobs pay higher wages than safe jobs it is called danger money. Feminists are being very dishonest they are looking at only average yearly earnings not average hourly earnings and they are totally ignoring work place death as they know that the vast majority of work place deaths are men.

  2. Men work more hours on average, men work more dangerous jobs on average this results in 94% of all work place deaths being men. Check out the video – what about the gender work place hours gap?

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