Industrial Designer VS Product Design Engineer! Job Listing

yo yo what's up design lifers welcome back to the channel it's Jimmy and I'm here to help you with your design life a lot of the times you guys ask me questions and I'm happy to help you out but there are some answer or but there are some questions that you guys ask and I really don't know the answer to them usually a lot of questions I'm still trying to learn here too and I don't got the answers to everything question that you guys have been asking me and I kind of wondered the same thing and so I kind of just want to learn this along with you guys so let's just go on the journey and learn what a product design engineer is it's called product design engineer and so it's kind of like who who are these people you know what do they do why why do they have the word engineer in their name are they product designers or the engineers you know so it's always been very interesting to me set up just you know going ahead and googling this and reading out a definition of what a project design engineer is I like to do is to jump into an actual job listing of a company looking for a product design engineer and look at all the different responsibilities that they list out and what they expect for this opening that gives me a real you know realistic view of what they actually do on a day to day basis let's just jump into the computer and just learn together what project design engineers are and how they differentiate all right designers I found this listing on the good goob and it is for Google and so let's hop right into it product design engineer consumer hardware if I see a listing like this should I apply for it am i the right person for this type of opening it says product design in it but it also has engineer at the same time so let's see what they actually are looking for I'm not gonna read all of this he'll probably skim through it real quick a member of a fast-paced multidisciplinary team you will use creative and diverse range of engineer experience to explore solutions a variety of engineer problems ok immediately it already sounds to be very very engineering now I wonder what kind engineer is a mechanical electrical what type of engineer are they actually looking for as a product design engineer you participate in the design analysis prototyping of new concepts that's kind of like what we do I mean I do analysis and prototyping of new concepts as a product design engineer you endeavour to reinvent the shape of electronics by balancing comfort performance and appearance wearables VR pixel laptop tablets chromecast and home ok googles mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally acceptable and useful only one thing consistently stands in the way between our users and the world's information hardware our consumer hardware team research ok Volvo law so essentially you're going to be developing a product all right I know I jumped around a little bit there guys but you guys can go ahead and check out the full listing read it yourselves links should be down in the description okay so responsibilities manage the subsystems and/or individual parts designs from the concept to production so pretty much developing it from concept all the way up into production essentially what an industrial designer does oversee supplier partners of subsystems and/or individual parts design from concept to production ok so this is usually when they have an in designer fly to the Far East sometimes to check out some of the suppliers check out the production line and just actually meet the people and sometimes when you build that relationship you can have lower prices later and have more trust that the supplier will pull through with your order root-cause design challenge is to improve design to successfully take products to mass production so diagnosing figuring out problems no big deal exactly what we do design for function reliability human factors manufacturability and cosmetic requirements so some of these I would say are more stronger suited for engineers like probably manufacturability possibly reliability but as far as like function as far as human factors and cosmetic requirements those are what industrial designers do so three out of those two I would say are highly highly favoring industrial designers so next is qualifications minimum qualifications are a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering sure product design alright so there we go that is us there's no doubt in my mind now that this job listing is for industrial designers product designers this is exactly what we do I was actually unaware that we can also be applying for product design engineer positions but apparently industrial designers and also mechanical engineers can apply for this position alright so four years of relevant work experience with consumer and handheld product design so that's essentially what I do I am a consumer electronics designer I design things with PCBs in them experience with CAD tools Pete see creo and mechanical simulation tools okay so this one is probably more engineer I wouldn't have this stop you guys from applying because this is just one bullet point you know somebody has to sit here and and create this list here and you also can always learn this on the job if you tell them that you know how to use SolidWorks really really well creo is like Pro II it's a program that everybody uses over in the far east in China all the suppliers all the engineers that's the program that they use and it's very similar to SolidWorks so I'm pretty sure that it's it'll be very easy to learn if you already know how to use a CAD program specifically SolidWorks that's actually a program that I'm gonna learn pretty pretty soon with coming the next couple months and manufacturing simulation tools okay that's something that could could be learned on the job as well experience with mechanical design of plastic and metal components PCB FPC okay so PCB is essentially just circuit board printed circuit boards and those are the little green boards or whatever color they're in now and that's where they solder on all the different components like chips and all of those resistors and whatnot and acoustics used in consumer electronic products okay so no big deal there guys eight years of relevant work experience so that is a big one I do not have eight years of experience I have about two years of professional experience and so I wouldn't I want to hold this I wouldn't have that hold me back from applying to this because I feel that if I were to go into the interview show them my work I am confident with my work I'm confident with my skills I have done things that other industrial designers haven't done yet and so if I were to sell myself you know be professional address will do everything that I promote here at design life then I'm sure that me and you guys will go in and crush it and maybe I mean some places are just very strict depends on the place the pen the person running depends on the person hiring if they really really really need an 8 year and you know what it's cool just to go in because maybe they won't hire you for this position but they'll hire you for another position that happens so often guys just don't let things stop you go ahead you if you can do all of this stuff don't let that eight years of relevant work experience stop you just go ahead and meet them figure it out go through the interview process and then you know even if you don't get it you'll learn something from it I wouldn't let that stop me at all experience collaborating with in instructional design and electrical teams okay and hands-on fabrication experience booyah easy alright guys you know that is exactly what we do as industrial designers you know product design engineers apparently we can do that too I know that as industrial designers we need to know just as much we don't know the technicality we don't know the physics we don't know the numbers but we need to know just as much when it comes to what will work and what won't work alright guys that is about it for this video I learned a lot just from reading this listing and it actually is super cool open my eyes and open me to even more possibilities that I was unaware of and I hope that it did the same for you guys if you learned something from this video definitely hit that thumbs up button and also if you want me to do more of these videos there are other cool listings that I found and so I am happy to go over it with you guys and it's cool making these videos too I learned a lot as I go with you guys so definitely leave it all down in the comments let me know what other things you want me to talk about hit that subscribe button guys so that my videos come right to you guys and don't forget to hit that Bell button don't don't don't forget to hit that Bell button so that you will for sure get notified when I upload my next video which won't be tomorrow because actually it is my birthday tomorrow I'll be turning 28 years young and so I'll probably just you know do something fun go out to dinner um but I will be back on Wednesdays guys visit design life to grab an awesome awesome design life t-shirt if you identify as an industrial designer or any type of designer a product design engineer this is the t-shirt to represent yourself design life brand also follow us on Instagram hashtag design life brand to check out our original daily content that we create and post on a daily basis which is a lot harder than it seemed guys all right my name is Jimmy and I'll catch you all design lifers in the next video peace [Applause]

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  2. Design is when art meets function. In the end it doesn't matter how your tittle will be, whether you will call yourself an Industrial Designer or Industrial Design Engineer, you have to have both knowledge of the two parts and combine them to create well designed product.
    I love the art part, art is great, art sells the product, art is the packaging, but i focus more on the functionality and sustainability part when i design products because that is when the buyers starts using the product, its the user experience that matters more for me, because tomorrow you will develop another product and you want the buyers to buy your products again.

  3. Jimmy I love your videos, but please chill on popping the music on too early or too loud during when you're speaking aha. It gets rather distracting sometimes 😉

  4. I'm an industrial design engineer. Having engineering skills (mechanical, electrical, software and more..) together with design is a must as a manager in modern product development projects ✌

  5. I'm currently choosing a major between Visual Communication and Industrial Design. Is ID the better choice because it offers wider job opportunities than VC?….

    …(an answer would be a REALLY great help)

  6. Jimmy! Great Video, I'm a 15 years of experience product development engineer. And I really encourage the Industrial designers to apply for Engineering Positions, I have hired ID's for Mechanical product design positions because I like the holistic approach to the development. However I wanted to clarify some of the key differences or points in the job posting needs. Engineers have a stronger math and physics background, we lack the aesthetics skills (I know), however when you design a product from the ID perspective then the engineering work begins. 1. How do we make this design work, how do we fit everything inside. When you work with consumer electronics we need to figure out the thermal design, antenna design interferences if there's any communication in the device (Bluetooth, WiFi, Etc), some devices require CE, FCC listings, so high voltage and outside interference simulations and testing must be done. 2. How do we make this product manufacturable, how can bring the beautiful design to remain as intact but at the same time manufacturable. How are we going to assemble the product and still meet the aesthetics, durability, manufacturability and reliability. How do we put everything together and pass the drop test?, how can we pass environmental testing, consumer abuse, etc. 3. How do we make the product reliable. One thing is a nice product out of the box, but what if it only works for a week? We need to develop a product that remains X amount of years with the minimum failure rate, here is where the statistics and math comes to work along with the test engineers. Test the product until it bleeds to capture data to perform statistical analysis and provide evidence of how reliable the product is under normal usage. If you have questions let me know, I'm open to help in any way possible.

  7. Im doing my grade 12 final exams sooooon.. Thinking to drop Business Studies, Should I? does it give me any advantage in future for this career path when I apply for a degree?

  8. Hi Jimmy, I really love your channel and like this video. Maybe in the future you can create a video about how's your experience working a consumer product specifically with PCB and other components in a bit engineering way or maybe when you're collaborating with a mechanic or electronic engineer, and how did you tackle a constraints and any other specification, etc. that would be very cool…

  9. I dont think without practicality a design is even design it is a piece of art. There is a very strong line between art and design. Design must be functional, practical. Here in India most of the industrial designers are creative engineers who take up Masters degree in design. And there is always this expectation from the designer to be sharp at the technical front too, along with artistic front.

  10. The difference seems small and they can both do each others jobs but i've heard that the difference is that industrial designers will specialise in creating the prototype and then pass it to the product design engineer who will then optimise it for manufacturing. So industrial designers are more artists and product design engineers are more engineers who focus on the manufacturability ect..

  11. Hey Jimmy sir, I am going to pursue Product and Furniture Design in UK. Is it good to go ahead. And watched your many videos and are very useful.

  12. Ive enrolled as a product designer who is becoming a bachelor of science where ive only just learned that im definitely becoming a product design engineer because everything he has said i am studying

  13. What industrial design engineering means is that you can know the numbers, the physics and create beautiful things at the same time

  14. Can you do an episode's on how to build prototypes and where to find materials to build them from concept ideas or model making, Please. Great content you are putting out there. @JimmyH.

  15. Happy birthday! I will say as a mechanical engineer wanting to also do industrial/product design that there is quite a bit of overlap. However like you highlighted there are some certifications that each discipline has that they other doesnt. Also depending on the state you might need to be a licensed engineer (took a test). I say apply if you are either because on the job training will iron out the kinks.

  16. Hi Jimmy, Thank you so much for the video , It added to my knowledge tooo as I`m a Mechatreonics engineer with 10 years of experience, and during the last year I have been pursuing my passion for design, so getting to know that there is a Job that combines the best of both worlds for me is awesome, I`ll start pursuing such job posting, Thank you so much, I`ll share it also to my FB page and will tag you 🙂

  17. Hey Jimmy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! Thanks for all the great design tips, I'm currently pursing UX design (My Diploma) & greetings from Singapore!

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