Informale Clothing Review & Try-On | Casually Tailored Summer Outfits For Men

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today I am doing a try-on and review of a new brand
from Australia called Informale. [MUSIC] Okay so a quick table
of contents for the video before we get started. First, I’ll talk a little bit
about the brand itself. Then we’ll try on each of the individual pieces so you can
see the fit, style, and details. After that I’ll put together some outfits so you
can see the pieces actually styled. And then we’ll wrap things up with the
verdict. So Informale is a new brand from
Australia. Started in 2018. The idea behind this brand was to create quality
casual clothing. And I would go a little further than that and say from my own
perspective that it’s not just quality casual clothing but it’s clothing that
puts a little more of a sartorial or stylish flair on what really are casual
basics. Everything is made in Melbourne, typically in limited quantities. The
brand is really focused on supporting sustainable businesses and also to be a
part of the process all the way from the design phase to the actual manufacturing.
Fabrics. Fabrics are a huge part of what Informale is all about. Only natural
fibers and classic fabrics from the worlds of tailoring, sportswear, and workwear. And the fabrics are sourced from right there in Melbourne and also
England and Italy. Now, design. As I mentioned, all of these pieces are really
versions of casual basics. You’ve got shorts, trousers, and jackets, which is
pretty much the entire range of what Informale offers. These are casual,
relaxed, sartorial, and cut in what I would call a classic style in the
old-school sense. And you’ll see what I mean when I try these on, which is going
to happen right now. First up, we have the S005 linen drawstring shorts. 100%
linen from England. Elastic waist with a drawstring. Zip fly. Double reverse pleats.
Two welted pockets in the back. I am wearing a size 32 here. The cut is full.
The fit is loose. And these are meant to be worn much higher on the waist. I wear
them pretty much right at or a little bit above my belly button. One thing to
note is that I do have these rolled up twice. It’s
what they recommend. I recommend it as well. Otherwise they are definitely a
little too long. I might even make the cuff a little bit bigger. And also I have
ironed a crease into them to give it a little bit more of a tailored look. Next,
we have another pair of shorts. These are the S011 safari shorts shown
here in olive. 100% cotton twill from England. And again high-waisted and meant
to be worn that way. They have a double buckle on the front, which along with the
double forward pleats really gives it that sartorial touch. Quick sidenote:
forward pleats, more typical of English tailoring. Reverse pleats, more typical of
Italian tailoring. These shorts have a button fly with horn buttons. Two patch
pockets on the back with horn button closures. Cut is full with a looser fit.
And again I have done a double roll with a crease in the leg. Up next, trousers.
These are the T005 linen drawstring trousers in stone.
Basically the trouser version of the shorts. 100% linen from England. Elastic
waistband with drawstring. High rise. Zip fly. Double reverse pleats. Two welted back
pockets. Loose cut. Wider leg. And you will notice that I do have these rolled up
twice. We’ll show you the length with them unrolled and you can definitely see that
they look much better on the shorter side with a cuff.
I would even entertain the idea of having these cuffed by my tailor, but
that would definitely take a little bit of the casualness out of them. Final
garment is the amazing SJ02 safari jacket done in collaboration with
Craftsman Clothing. Absolutely phenomenal piece. 100% linen. Four exterior patch
pockets with box pleat and flap with horn buttons. Five buttons on the front.
All horn. It comes with a belt and buckle. You can choose to buckle it or tie it. I
prefer to tie it if I’m going to wear the belt. But it also looks great without
the belt. Broad safari collar. Pleated sleeve at the cuff with a single button
closure. Inverted back pleat. Two interior pockets. And a bemberg lining. It has all
the bells and whistles. The fit is perfect. This jacket gets an A+. Now let’s
actually style some of these pieces. Here are the outfits.
So I consider each one of these garments to basically be a statement piece. And
when you’re wearing a statement piece it’s always best to kind of simplify the
rest of the outfit so that that particular garment is the focus and is
not competing with anything else. Kind of going against that here by pairing the
safari jacket with a safari shorts in ecru. But, you know, I’m attempting na
advanced style move. However, these pieces look great with
simple tops. Nothing is better than a white crew neck t-shirt, in my opinion.
Notice here that I did cuff the shorts but I didn’t crease them in order to
show you the contrast between crease or no crease. Keeping the safari vibes alive
with the Panama hat on top. Datograph on the wrist. And Castaner espadrilles
to anchor the outfit. Next, just swapping out the safari shorts for the trousers
that actually match this jacket for a ful- on safari suit. Again, white crew
neck t-shirt. Panama hat on top. And switching the espadrilles out for some
tan leather sneakers. This is a great vacation look. I would totally wear this
out to dinner at a resort or for cocktails. Next up we have the olive
safari shorts. I decided to quote-unquote dress this up a little more by wearing a
button-up shirt. This is linen by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Completely necessary to
roll up the sleeves here. If they’re down it just looks too dressy. Plus, if you’re
wearing shorts you really don’t want to have long sleeves even if the shirt is
linen. And then on the bottom here, the black suede Belgian shoes. Breaking my
own statement piece rule here again with the wild printed shirt paired with the
navy drawstring linen shorts. I think it works here though because the shorts are
darker. Cuffing the legs, very important. Panama hat up top. Black espadrilles.
Again, this is a vacation outfit. Going on vacation soon, so that’s where my mind is
at. Finally, a casually tailored all linen look, featuring the stone trousers
paired with a light blue linen band collar shirt, which is from J.Crew. I
threw on my white baseball cap by Vilebrequin to dress it down or kind of
embrace the casualness of the look. And then sort of throwing a little bit of a
wrench into that by finishing it off with black suede Belgian shoes. Now for
the verdict. So, to be honest, when I got the shipment, opened it up, and tried the
stuff on, my first reaction was I don’t think I can pull this look off. I’ve worn
higher waisted stuff before but this is much higher. The cut is much more
generous and looser than what I’m used to. I loved the shots of Steve, one of the
founders of Informale, that I saw on their Instagram as well has his own
personal Instagram. But I was just not convinced seeing myself in the mirror
for the first time. So I did actually DM Steve on Instagram and say, man, I really
don’t know about this. I’m not sure about the fit. So he asked me to actually send
him a couple of photos so that he could assess, much in the same way as if I had
been in the showroom. So these are the photos that I sent to him and he was
actually extremely pleased with the fit. Said it looked exactly like it should.
And encouraged me to spend a little more time before kind of making a final
judgment about whether or not I really couldn’t pull it off. I also tried them
on for Robin and I was actually prepared for her to not like them at all because
the style is so different than what I usually wear. But much to my surprise, she
loved them and even made a comment that the trousers, in particular, reminded her
of the style of trousers that Cary Grant wore in To Catch A Thief. So, long story
short, I took Steve’s advice. I tried them out a little more and, and he was right.
The style grew on me. I got used to seeing myself in the style. And I came to
really, really love these garments. The style of these pieces is very unique.
Maybe not for everyone. But I would say that if you like the way they look, it’s
definitely worth giving it a shot. Now beyond the style factor of these
garments, I have to say that the fabrics are top-notch. The construction is
amazing. And they are extremely, extremely comfortable. And that is what Informale
is all about, in my opinion. You have great styling, amazing comfort, quality
fabrics, and excellent construction. As a result of all that, price is on the
higher side. Linen shorts are around $155. Safari shorts, $162. Linen trousers, $196. And
safari jacket is $510. This is a wonderful casually tailored or sartorially casual
brand well worth checking out and giving a try. So I’m really interested to
know what you guys thought about Informale. Leave your comments down below. I
will put links to the Informale website as well as their Instagram down
below as well as links to all of the garments mentioned in this video. And, as
always, complete outfit details. Thumbs up if you liked this video. Hit that
subscribe button. And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored.

93 Replies to “Informale Clothing Review & Try-On | Casually Tailored Summer Outfits For Men

  1. Steve has got such great style and I had no idea he had a shop! I think it looks really good on you, Brian. I also had to get used to it as well, but that's the look I've been developing recently; more loose (probably more tapered though) yet sartorially casual outfits. Love all the outfits, but 2 and 3 were absolute killers

  2. Brian, I can appreciate being apprehensive about the fits but you looked amazing in all the outfits! Perfect vacation vibes.

  3. what i love about this video is that, although it is sponsored content (which you are transparent about!), it is so GENUINE and doesnt at all feel like youre “selling out” or being disingenuous. i appreciate the honesty!

  4. The jacket is great. The other stuff.. Too high, and the shorts are too loose. I'm way conservative in my own taste to be able fill your brave shoes. Hats of to you sir.

  5. Myself dont like a high fit, i like the safari jacket. Got 2 myself although more a field jacket, in italian blue and military green, Italian brands.

  6. The Safari jacket is dope. I find the rest of the design, especially the shorts, hark back too much into my grandpa's territory! I don't think I am brave enough to go there!

  7. Really good video, I can really appreciate that jacket. It looks great. I keep thinking I need to embrace a higher waisted look. I think the fit is too full for me, I can imagine getting away with the trousers but the shorts are too lose for my personal taste.

    Great work on the video.

    Informale have a great looking website!

  8. The olive shorts and the long sleeve dress shirt look is just killer! I can't even put into words how cool you look! Same with the crazy floral print shirt, just undeniably cool.

  9. I want to rock a Panama or similar hat. Could you maybe do a guide on how to get that ‘vaycay’ look without looking like a m’lady-neckbeard?

  10. The linen trousers are amazing! Maybe they're the only piece i like, but i'm excited for the future of the brand!

  11. Thanks for showing us the variety of new items.  Not a fan of the high waist pant/short….but really liked the jacket.

  12. The rise on the shorts are too high. They make your torso look too small and awkward. Your first impressions were right on. Calder looks great in his clothes on Instagram. I wish the jacket was completely UNLINED, as it is meant for hot weather wear, lining is not a good idea.

  13. Hello Brian, thank you for the video, I really liked that you have your honest opinion. IMO, you could pull off one of those once in a while but definitely not two in the same outfit, also the prices are outrageous.

  14. Keep push the style envelope not my style but it does remind me of the the style Kirk Cameron wore on the sit com in the 80’s I would rock the very last one the blue shirt thanks again👌🌟

  15. I used to wear this style and cut but over the last 18 months eventually got so fed up with all that cloth and it began to feel a bit cosplay.

  16. Hi Brian, I like the Informale clothing depicted in the video. I’m wondering how you like the linen, as it shows wrinkles pretty easily. Nice presentation of the clothing and the outfits you put together. As always, great job! I enjoy your Channel and your productions. I always come away with at least a few good ideas. On another note, I recently enjoyed your review of Summer cologne fragrances. Are there one or two of the fragrances you might recommend which last for more than an hour or so and are moderately priced? Thanks for your consideration…Ed

  17. I think these look great! I've been wearing higher rise trousers for about a year now and it was definitely one of the best style decisions I've made. They reach all the way to the natural waist, which makes for a better anchor point, they make my legs look longer which makes me look taller and leaner and most importantly they are a LOT more comfortable than low rise pants. So far I've only gotten compliments from people as right now they are something not a lot of people wear. I think most men are afraid of this look because we are used to seeing low rise pants since the late 1960's but honestly, after getting used to it I've realized how disproportionately long torsos look with low rise trousers. I personally think that we are moving away from the low rise and skinny trend to a fuller but tailored cut and a high rise, which I personally think not only looks more proportionate but is a lot more comfortable.

  18. Have been following Steve and Informale from the beginning and I absolutely love the style. Great vacation feel 👍

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  20. Great video as always Brian! I think look#2 and #5 were the best because of the overall silhouette, as the whole outfit seemed in line with the looser and flowing fit. I also had a look at Mr. Calder's instagram and whilst he does look great in his own clothings, I think it's also more awkward for us to see you in Informale because we're just so used to seeing you in more fitted clothing normally!

  21. The shorts, with all my respect, "I'm reviewing the cloths not you", the shorts look like those of a very old man who is wearing diapers beneath them, So utterly ugly and unsexy. and the rest is mediocre level or below, the material may be good but the style and tailoring are Awful.

  22. When you had the wife look at those shorts/pants and mentioned they are a statement. did she say in a special way? If you didn't ask her perhaps…

  23. Take no offense Brian but all i could see was your Datograph. I had to rewatch the video again and again and again…. ok i think you got my point right?! Thanks for the video you look awesome as always! Take care.

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  25. Robin: I've never liked what you wear, please wear these everyday.

    Great items. But how is their safari jacket model different from Craftmans'?

  26. Brian, you absolutely rocked the last outfit. Even the cap, which I can never do. The shorts, my friend, not sure about them on you. Keep the great videos coming.

  27. Love the style and design of Informale but I do wish the cut was a bit more modern and tighter. I feel the brand is brilliant to bring back the vintage style but I also would have liked them to maintain a more modern fit. Like you say Brian about your style, classic with modern sensibility.

  28. Really intrigued by the linen drawstring trousers. Maybe next summer I’ll pick up a pair. Or let’s see if they do a winter fabric version of it, such as flannel.

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  30. I love wearing linen shirts but I prefer that its slim and fitted because of the fabric. The high waist looks good only for tall and slim guys.

  31. 🤔 don’t know if it’s the high rise shorts/trousers or that white tee thats bulging that makes the look seem odd, but loved the jacket 🧥

  32. The printed shirt with the shorts looks really good, the linen shirt with shorts, not so much. Moreover, what's the deal with so much drawstring these days.

  33. I love your channel, but seriously man; those linen shorts are ill fitting, horrible, + putting the wearer's life in danger of ridicule. Do better Informale.

  34. The style of the items you showed are great and I saw that The Rake gave Informale some praise on instagram about their clothes.

  35. The jacket is to die for , loved the colour and styling. Two thumbs 👍👍. I was not feeling the length of the shorts, I would probably have then shortened by a tailor. Same for the pant. I should be in Melbourne in January. I'll try to check them out

  36. Hey Brian, so this informale has kind of a Suitsupply look to it and I liked some of the outfits but I would have swapped a few things out, for example: Outfit #1 is great but I probably would have went with suede or unlined chukka boots, same for #3… for Outfit #4 you can probably get away with a blazer over the shirt too, just my opinion!

  37. High-waisted pleats are going to be in for the next decade. I believe this trend is just in its infancy, so its probably why you were unsure at first.

    Also, that Safari jacket looks amazing on you. Thanks for the presentation as always! Have a blast on your summer vacation!

  38. I like the style. I like clothes that are unique and something you won't see very day. I mean I wear an ascot so ….Do you thing the price points match the quality?

  39. I wish the company and the founders all the best. Unfortunately the style is not really for me. I like the jacket, though, but it’s too exotic for my style to spend that amount of money on it

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