instagram meme pages are running a black market

I love Instagram. Where else would I be able to post stuff like
this . . . and get away with it. If I posted this anywhere else, people would
just call me unstable and self-absorbed. More than usual. But there’s one thing I’ve been noticing
on Instagram a lot lately. And nobody’s talking about it. Welcome to week one of Scam Month. That’s right, this November, I’m super
cozy, and all four videos are going to be about scammers! Week 1: Instagram Scammers, then we have Jay
Shetty, Raid Shadow Legends, and uh, what’s his name again? Oh, Shane Dawson. November 24th. Before we get started, I have something really
exciting to announce. I’m making a video longer than ten minutes. It’s going to be almost 30 minutes long,
and I’m going to upload it on my second channel as a premiere. So, subscribe to my second channel, I put
a link in the pinned comment and description for that. But that’s enough about myself. Let’s talk about me for a second. Or more specifically, memes for a second. I am a meme connoisseur. If you send me a meme, I’m definitely going
to laugh, but I’ve also definitely already seen it. Sorry. I get my memes from all over but Instagram
is generally my favorite, because people post 10 at a time and I don’t have to put effort
into finding them. You look at your phone in when you wake up
in the morning, click into the meme, swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe, and then bam. it’s
3 AM. And you still have to edit your video. My sleeping pattern is just—to even call
it a pattern is a crime against mathematics. But because the average meme post on Instagram
has about 7-10 slides, I starting seeing some weird things thrown in with the memes. Weird advertise-y things. So I decided to conduct a mini-investigation. I looked at a LOT of memes for this video. Uh, most of them were pretty awful actually. But I found enough to realize that Instagram
meme pages are running a black market. So here we have a Marvel meme post from @couldn’t_choose_a_fandom. I’m not a big Mavel fan, but I enjoy Marvel
on the gram. Just not when it’s connected to a scam. Okay I think I just accidentally invented
the art of poetry. I find new things I’m good at every day
and it’s so annoying, like why coudln’t God have just given me a list. But as you notice, this post has four slides. Slides one, two and three are just overused
Marvel memes. Then slide four: bam. Link in bio to purchase. So my first thought was . . . these look awful. If you let me wear something like this out
in public unironically . . . you do not love me. But I decided to be brave and follow the link
in the bio anyway. It takes me to Beautiful Halo dot com. So here we have a bunch of truly awful Marvel
merch. Now, I didn’t get to the bottom of whether
or not this was official Marvel merch, but I was born with eyes, so . . . I mean, look
at this. It hurts. And seeing as the tab is called “Superhero
Merch” and not “Marvel merchandise”– Yeah, this is . . . this is fake. So this already weird, right? Random shop selling random merch, being promoted
by a random Instagram account. But this is just one example. Or so I thought. Here we have the account: @IsThisTumblr. There are seven slides, and slides one, two
and three are tumblr memes. And then slide four, more clothes. Now, these aren’t Marvel clothes, these
are just like . . . a Walmart version of Hot Topic, which is kind of like saying a Walmart
Version of Walmart. But I follow the link and their bio and BAM. I’m back on Beautiful Halo. It’s just a different section. Looks like more copyright infringement though,
I see Pikachu, Kermit the frog. I like how the Kermit one says . . . cute
cartoon dinosaur pattern. You’re already disrespecting our boy by
putting him on this Godawful hoodie, AND you’re not even going to use his real name because
you don’t want the legal smoke . . . but then you’re not even going to get the species
right? Wait til Disney finds out that you ripped
off both Marvel AND the Jim Henson company. These people are begging for a lawsuit. So we have two different accounts pointing
to Beautiful Halo. That’s when I started getting a weird feeling
about this. @isthistumblr and @couldn’t_choose_a_fandom
have nothing to do with each other, but they’re both promoting the same service. And you know where else that happens? YouTube! This is a brand deal. I love sponsorships, next year I’m going
to find one for every single video, not even kidding. But I also legally have to inform you that
it’s a sponsorship. I can’t just be like hey guys, I just want
to interrupt myself for literally no reason and tell you about Beautiful Halo-VPN-Share. No reason, but I have a code with them . . . somehow. I don’t where it came from, but apparently
you can use it to save 10%? So that’s really weird, but there’s a
link in my description. For unknown reasons. That have nothing to do with sponsorships. Like, just say it’s sponsored by Beautiful
Halo, or at the very least that you’re using an affiliate link, because that’s actually
required by federal guidelines. But here’s the thing. I can’t ever leave things alone. If I find one , I want to immediately find
ten more. So I was wondering, what other online stores
are doing this? Here’s a post from @tumblermemes, where
the 4th slide is an ad. And you know what, I don’t think it’s
a coincidence that they’re all on the fourth slide. Four out of ten. That’s, in the middle, closer to the beginning,
which is where most sponsorships are found in YouTube videos. So this ad says “My dad bought me this portable
mini projector from @zeeverastore. We spend quality family time by watching old
memories on this awesome projector!” Wow. “My dad bought me”, I like how they’re
trying to make this ad look like . . . not-an-ad, but like a meme. This does not look like a meme. Show me somebody in the age range of . . . being
alive that says things like “we spend quality family time by watching old memories”. But I still clicked the link. Now we’re on Zeevera dot com. Zeevera? I’m just going to call it the Photoshop
store because none of this stuff looks real. Now we’re on the Photoshop store, which
appears to be another online shop, but selling home products instead of clothes. But this one is advanced. This one has reviews. “Maggie Witting”. 5 Stars. “Like! Picture: for those watching movie is no screen
film or a smart TV Full Hd… but to watch good in a dark room!” I mean, now I have to buy it. Look, I have nothing against people who struggle
with English. I struggle with English sometimes, and it
is my native . . . and only language. But if you’re going to make up fake reviews
with names like “Maggie Witting or Colten Fahey” . . . maybe try to make the English
sound a bit more convincing? Also, none of these review pictures actually
show the product working, and they’re all five stars. This is so sketchy. When I decided to start Scam month, I didn’t
think I would actually find scams this easily. This next post is from @slu—oh, I’m not
going to say that. These are like cute Twitter memes. But then the last slide: Sunflowers symbolize
adoration, loyalty, and longevity. This necklace opens up to a message saying
“you are my sunshine!” So this ad is supposed to look like not an
ad, but a Tweet from @hadexoxox. 10,000 followers, and all she seems to do
is retweet baby photos and cat photos. Oh, and links to other jewelry stores. Yeah this is definitely a real person. So the website from the Instagram post is
called Lavandulas . . . Lavandulas? It looks identical to Zeevera and Beautiful
Halo. This one at least seems to be real jewelry
though. I mean, it’s probably very cheap, and they
were still using deceptive advertising practices but, you know. Jewelry seems real. Real cheap. So we’re up to what, three stores now? This one is from @artisttoolkit, they post
art memes and the last three slides are all an ad. “Tag a friend and if they don’t respond
in 2 minutes, they owe you this dino”. I guess I’ll try. @ArianaGrande. I’m sure she’s my friend, I bought all
her albums. Now, again, the dinos themselves seem to be
real. The reviews definitely look a lot more real. But if all these people bought it through
these Instagram posts, they don’t realize they just gave money to a company using deceptive
ads on them. It’s honestly kind of upsetting, these people
are just trying to live their lives—well they’re scrolling through Instagram—These
people are just trying to escape their lives but they’re being targeted with these weird
ads, many of which seem to be promoting scams, and all of which are definitely scummy because
they’re undisclosed sponsorships. Now the last post I have to look at is from
@memeplanter, and lo and behold, the fourth slide is an advertisement. You know what, on my Instagram account @dangelno,
I’m going to start posting 10 photos at a time. The first three are going to be ads, but the
fourth photo is going to be a picture of me, and then all the rest are going to be ads. So @memeplanter posts an ad for Special Airpods
case. And now I’m on Zeevera. And right off the bat, I see Mickey Mouse,
Monster’s Inc, and Elmo . . . all in the same picture, so. I think we get it. All I have to say is, I want to be there for
that lawsuit. What gets me about all of this is . . . I’ve
done sponsorships before. I have no problem with accepting money to
promote a service. But at the same time, I have an audience because
of my content. Say what you will about the videos I’ve
uploaded, but at least I created them. I mean, it’s a low bar, but I passed it. These meme pages are taking screenshots of
other content, adding no commentary, and then getting brand deals out of that. But they’re not even willing even to tell
you it’s an advertisement. Now, I’m aware that I just gave Beautiful
Halo and all these other weird stores a ton of free advertising, because you know, tens
of thousands watch my every move. But honestly, don’t buy anything from Beautiful
Halo. Consider this an anti-sponsorship. Do no buy anything from any of these people. But, if this video gets . . . any amount of
likes at all, I’ll make a video where I purchase all of these products and then test
them out myself. But that concludes week one of scam month! And until then, looks like I’ve gotten ten
minutes of content out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe
if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 220,000 subscribers. Okay bye.

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  1. scam month is off to a great start! anyway, what's not a scam is my second channel, where i'll be uploading a very special video soon:

  2. “ i find new things I’m good at everyday and it’s…


    – d’angelo wallace, 2019

  3. There are some legitimate reviews of BeautifulHalo (and its various aliases) clothing, and they're not only very cheaply made, but they are WAY too small. I read the blog post of someone who wound up giving all the clothes to her elementary-school daughter because they fit the kid and it wouldn't be much of a loss if they got stained. I would not be surprised if they use pictures of a better product for their previews.

  4. several years ago, a bunch of really big tumblr blogs started doing similar shit – they'd promote certain things but pretend they weren't getting paid to do that (i think some were weight-loss pills or some shit?), they'd claim they were using the product or service and talk about how fantastic it was in posts with other people who were also involved in the same thing. in the end, a bunch of big blogs got deleted, most famously, or infamously, the tumblr user who had the url "pizza", and had at least tens thousands of followers just because of her url (i say "infamously" because she was kind of annoying, and what was worse is that she had done some racist shit and never rly bothered apologizing, she just tried to pretend it never happened). when blogs started getting deleted, nobody really initially figured out it was because of the ads, and tumblr staff didn't tell us anything i think, so people started freaking out because they thought blogs were just getting deleted at random for no reason at all.
    there are still some that post ads, especially generic blogs that get a lot of cute videos or funny pictures or interesting facts or whatever from elsewhere on the internet, and it's kinda annoying, they keep advertising some hoodies that are usually kinda ugly, but idk if it's legal this time (i think it probably is, though) or if it isn't but tumblr staff just doesn't give enough of a shit to do anything about that, which is possible, considering they don't give enough of a shit to do anything about anything else either.

  5. I don’t look at insta memes all that often. And noticed a long time ago that they all sell some sort of goof clothing or advertise clothing. It’s very annoying when it shit content and get an ad.

  6. There's alot of the same ads on Tumblr too but people mostly reblog them for the aesthetic and stuff bc let's be real they look like scams

  7. Umm is no one going to mention how the entire caption of the posts is also part of the advertisement?? And he didn't open them all the way to check whether or not the post was disclosing that it was an ad??? Like I generally agree with the sentiment of this video but seriously. Am I missing the joke or something???

  8. honestly i see these ads all the time and i know what they are i am just to used to it i dont even think about it anymore

  9. If this video is one big excuse to buy these products cause you just want them but you want to make some $$ out of it too… well played.

  10. Can you do one on the term “millennial” and how literally it hasn’t really been used until 2016 and everyone hating on us when I distinctly remember in elementary school being referred to as “Generation Y” and it wasn’t a problem

  11. There’s a bunch of dress companies that have different names selling the same exact dresses with same photos and everything.

  12. I’ve said this before. The way to sell crap to young millennials and gen Z is to make it seem like organic original content with aesthetic or funny memes, when it’s really just subversive for marketing.

  13. I used to think D'Angelo was the genius behind the famous channel shill, but now that he's said apostrophe is his second channel he's left me with only more questions to the genius behind it

  14. Hard to imagine a lower point than screenshotting memes, posting them on your own page and then advertising scams along with that.

  15. I think the worst offenders of this are: meme accounts that post ads that are JUST ads and people who post 1 meme, 8 likebait stuff and 1 ad.

  16. Don't forget Cambridge Analytica, and Russians used memes on fb and various other social media sites as propaganda to persuade the easily influenced to vote for Trump. If you haven't seen the documentary "The Great Hack" on Netflix I suggest you watch it. What these social media sites are using our personal data for is terrifying and the way they target ads to people is the same way Isis targets children and persuades them to join their cause.

  17. Dropshipping "gurus" reccomend starting a niche Instagram or Facebook and then later on marketing to the followers you've gained. Most merchandise is from AliExpress, wish, etc. They either put your order through the other site as soon as your money hits or rarely, they have stock they send.
    You will probably get the item but, you could also just buy it on AliExpress.

  18. i remember seeing the website beautiful halo alot during my tumblr days in 2013-2016 where popular blogs would just start reblogging the beautiful halo posts a lot just out of the blue and if you look through the notes you'd see many users praising the website and saying that it was great quality

  19. YES FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. I've seen Sooo many small youtubers (anime, tea, reddit etc.) posting sponsored ads of cheap copyright hoodies. I know they gotta get the coin but hell those brands are unethical and I hate it when they steal from artists.

    Update: I checked what the site is AND ITS BEAUTIFUL HALO SELLING KNY HOODIES

  20. my best friends brother runs a huge meme account w millions of followers (he has ppl like snoop dog following him) and i can confidently say that he makes bank on the black market😶

  21. Im glad someone is talking about it. I have noticed the same issue here in YouTube. I remember getting recommended TikTok art videos, I don't remember the channel name, but its profile was Kermit the frog, and always at the end, there was meme merch, specially hoodies. I got all suspicious, and my theory is that a company is running the channel, and the content, even the profile, it's just to look "relatable" to us.

  22. Love this. Don't buy and test those cheap ass products though no matter how many likes, please. Its legit trash. And we don't wanna fuel these scammers, nor produce trash because. We all tryna to be good to the earth n stuff now. Right?

  23. omg no dont buy things off their website, they buy things from cheap websites like Aliexpress or Wish and resell them for 3 times the original price

  24. d'angelo…i used to be sponsored by beautiful halo on tumblr back in the day, and you had to make a daily post! people had to clink a special link you made and buy that specific item so that you could get paid from that sale. i guess since ig blew up that they'd make better money there since everyone loves memes, and people wanna get paid, probably because of boohoo and fashionnova. i didn't know they were still around wtfff

  25. these sites do the exact same thing that online stores like syndromestore, youvimi, pastelloves, yihfoo, and any other korean or japanese store u can think of. they drop ship from aliexpress and hike up the price 3x higher. if u guys want any of these items for some reason, just poke around aliexpress for a couple minutes and u'll find them all but for like $6


    They offered to sponsor basically anyone and everyone during the height of tumblr popularity, I was send multiple offers after one of my posts gained a bit of attention. They paid their advertisers with free clothes from the website. I never took the offer cause I thought it was too good to be true, and they were just scamming me. I probably would’ve gotten clothes outta the deal… and I only had 250 followers at the time. Of course, they didn’t know, because tumblr doesn’t show follower counts.

  27. There’s this channel called JoJo’s Dank Adventures and it is literally the YouTube equivalent of this. They spend the first 45-ish seconds of their videos just advertising merch, and to top it all off, they throw non-JoJo memes in ‘JJBA meme compilation’ videos just to get all their stuff to 10 mins. Memers are weird oof

  28. most of these seem like dropshipping stores theres a lot of teenagers doing this shit as a get rich quick scheme you should look into it its so sketchy and these kids all act like they're the wolf of wallstreet lol.

  29. you should talk about the tik tok compilations that put a merch ad in the middle of the video, i swear who ever is running that business is making a killing

  30. so i can say i escaped beautifulhalo. i run a “niche meme” account (basically aEsThEtiC starterpacks) on IG and they asked me to promote their shit. i looked into their page and it’s fUCKING FULL of UGLY clothes and i was like “lol no” and deleted the chat lol

  31. Kk idk if I just accidentally unsubscribed or whatever but tbh I think it’s better to just like.. bring this shiz to yo attention. On quite a few channels recently ive noticed that I’ve been unsubbed evEN THO they’re my #faves who I frequently watch and hav been subbed to for ages. Just feels a lil fishy so if anyone else has noticed this comment too or something. Feel free to tell me I’m being paranoid as well 🥴

  32. im so glad someones talking about this. i get so annoyed when im just trying to get my meme fix and im having stuff pushed onto me to buy

  33. Bruh 🚫🧢 I cannot make this shit up, I’ve never seen this dude ever in my entire life and when I saw it was recommended I thought it was a really unattractive girl and when he started talking it threw me off.

  34. I watch a lot of Tik Tok painting (mostly cause I like the inspiration) and every single one of these have had ads like the clothes one

    I don’t know if it’s the same but it looks similar

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