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Kathod: Yes
HR:Need to fire these people K:But why? HR:I’m an HR. It’s my job profile. K:Okay leave This hiring firing keeps on happening. But once it happened When 4 HRs were fired at the same instance You won’t find this in office records. This story is mine. Hello Hello, am I talking to Mr. Kathod Yes, speaking. Janab, have sent you a picture. Please have a look. I’ll call you back after two minutes. Hello hello excuse me. Jimmy! Jimmy!Jimmy! Yes Sir! There was a call on it, check whose call is it. Sir what’s the password. Your wife’s birthday. Sir Yes Give me the phone, you have copied this number, right? Hello Janab! You would have seen the picture by now. Kathod Sir! Kathod Sir! I’m listening. There’s no point searching on truecaller. I’ve bought a new Jio sim. Now listen to me carefully. I want HR Spiderman, HR Superman, HR Batman, and HR Dhinchak Pooja not to be promoted but to sign their resignation And now you will do this for me. Today! Now! Sorry But I am unable to understand. When after a month of struggle, your bank account receives a bounced cheque Then you don’t go shopping You beg in front of HR These four were giving me less salary And I will make them unemployed today. But who are you? I I am the one who is afraid of making his account on job sites I am the one whose mother thinks I’m going to war when I go to work. She calls after every two hours and asks If you had lunch or not If you smoked or not If you excreted or not Actually she wants to ask if I got fired or not. I am the one who is the first to enter and last to leave the office. I am also the one who gets abused by Boss Whoever makes the mistake, janab, Only I pay for it I am also the one Who is afraid of sending CV elsewhere If I get a worse company then what will happen. You would have seen the college campus. Just pick any face from it. I am that. I am just a wannabe clumsy intern. So how did this wannabe clumsy intern woke up today immediately. This didn’t happen immediately Kathod Sir You called us on Holiday You made us work on Sunday I’m just replying on A Salary Day Hello So what did you think Kathod Sir! So you want to say Interns will get a permanent job from resignation of these guys? They will anyway be mistreated Sometimes this office, sometimes that office And yes People like Dhinchak Pooja will make them dance Who are you? Means? Means are you sales or marketing? My department has nothing to do with this It has everything to do I told you my department has nothing to do with this. I’m just a wannabe clumsy intern. Wannabe clumsy intern? You are shit scared, right? Maybe Be specific. Yes or no. Yes Then remember this. What you are proving by waving the ‘wannabe clumsy intern’ flag I don’t want to prove anything Kathod Sir I just want to say there’s a lot of anger in us interns. Stop trying us! We are intern by force. Not by choice. And what do you think. Those who keep us as interns are smarter than us? Are do an internet search In how many groups recruiters are looking for interns. For free. But it is our mistake, janab We apply very quickly. One or two posts, and we send CV But we are also helpless janab We also have to find a girlfiend That’s why we become intern so easily. Alright So someone left you Why? Should I be waiting for the day someone leaves me? Yes If you want to know, then listen There was one in your office. Some 20-21 years old I don’t know her by name Just that I used to smile looking at her And she used to ignore giving a weirdo look. There were many such girls, janab. Didn’t know anybody by name And one day! One day when I was staring at her. Then she showed me her engagement ring with her middle finger. So you are doing all this for those girls, right? No no Kathod Sir! I am not that despo or cheap. I knew what rejection is And I’ve seen it earlier too. But this won’t be acceptable Kathod Sir. Some HR won’t sign on a bounced cheque to tell me if my career is screwed or not. This is wrong, a crime. They are proud of cost-cutting, cost-saving, financial planning. I am proud of myself. And yes! I am doing this for nobody else by me. So that when my son applies for a job He earns a good salary and job status I’m unable to understand you. My reasons and banters are different, that’s why! Maybe. Be definite, yes or no. Yes When they fire hundreds like me then its alright When I ask resignation from 4 of them, its wrong? Janab, in your place, every intern is expected to get screwed like a common intern And be punished in the name of salary And just look at yourself. When you thought he is an intern Good that he’s not a manager, we will catch him easily. Why? Didn’t you think of it? No No, it’s nothing like that. It must not be like that either. And yes I will send you the remaining pictures. But you just send me the resignation letters of the four of them. Thankyou GodDamn It! Jimmy!Jimmy! Did you find our which interns are on leave today? Sir today’s the salary day, we don’t call interns on salary day. Sir, please sign these papers. Sir take this. Sir here. What is this? Sir these are the termination letters of 4 of them, I’ll scan them right away! Kathod Sir! I have received resignation of those 4 HRs. And yes! I don’t have any more pictures of yours apart from this. I know! I had just shot the beginning. Not of the climax! Felt great talking to you. Vice President Kathod! I am intern, Department of! I won’t tell you about his department! Otherwise you will know. That who gets screwed the most by HR!

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  1. wow fabbbb acting n story both keep going … soon famous ho jayga ye channel ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Acting was damn good
    The script could be more improvised…
    M not someone to judge your content, m just mentioning these things coz I want u guys to do better….๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘

  3. Haha nice one vineeta but i still believe you will do your best in next video. Will wait for next video. Keep the good work you have the potential. I love that department wala k baad wala scene and it's was perfect.

  4. Nice effort team.
    Concept is attractive.
    Vinnie very nice but as an actor u need to take care of your action's continuities and its repetition. Overall very nice effort. Well done.

  5. very cool….great work….great acting….all the best team for future work….Shiv Prateek you are rocking man….our next Rajkumar Rao….screenplay could have been more crisp , dialogue delivery was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ , Loved the character of intern as well , all the best !

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