45 Replies to “Interstellar – Building A Black Hole – Official Warner Bros.

  1. I wonder if they are actually going to travel into the black hole in the film. People always say they are wormholes, but I would think that if the gravity is so strong is would just crush you. Perhaps that's how the theoretical antimatter is created 😛

  2. I never understood why we would see a black disk in the centre of the lensing, shouldn't some light be bent enough to look like it comes from the centre and thus "cloaking" the black disk? 

  3. I guess I'm a bit confused. If this is really how black holes function, wouldn't they give off a massive amount of light, which would therefore allow us to easily detect them from earth, and perhaps even see them through telescopes, as we do stars? 

  4. I'm no expert however, it looks like they are viewing the Black Hole in terms of 5 Dimensions…looking at the equation and the use of the term 'Brane' (Higher Dimensional Space in M-Theory).
    If so, it looks like they are keeping the Black Holes' imagery consistent with Higher Dimensional Space…will they be looking at space travel through Higher Dimensional space rather than Warping?!
    BTW. In regard to the Black Hole images; the disc across the top and bottom are actually the accretion disc at the back of the Black Hole (which normally would be obscured). You can see them in the image because Spacetime around the Black Hole has been bent sufficiently for light to rotate >90deg, both above and below….so, you're looking at the top and bottom surface of the disc of the BACK of the Black Hole at the same time…as well as the frontal view.

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