Interveners at Work

>>He’s wet. Is he wet? That’s his foot. That’s his foot. His leg. Touch
his leg, yeah. He’s got funny toes. Look at his toes. You feel his toes, yeah. OK. It’s alright ducky. Is he going to nibble
your fingers? Put your fingers out. Will he nibble your fingers? Oh, look there. Scared. The ducks are scared. [ Background Talk ] Oh, they don’t like us. [ Laughter ] [ Pause ] [ Background Noise ] [ Pause ] [ Background Noise ]>>You do it. [ Background Noise ] Good. Comb. Comb. [ Background Noise ] Comb. You do it. Lauren’s turn. You comb. Oh. [ Background Noise ] Combing my hair. Comb. Comb. Comb. OK. What’s next? [ Background Noise ] We’re going to brush,
brush, brush. [ Background Noise ] Toothbrush. Brush. [ Background Noise ] And toothpaste. Smell. [ Background Noise ] Let’s brush our teeth.>>What are we graphing
on our first line? Right here. What is this? We did this one, this
one, and this one. Those are all width,
right? So you need to make a
key here, and put, like, a little square.

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