Introducing Logitech Capture

Looking for an easy way to start creating content with your Logitech c922 – webcam. Then, Logitech capture is the perfect choice for you. Logitech capture allows you to record video, take snapshots and can be used as a virtual camera in your favorite video chat software. You can download logitech capture from Once you’ve installed, let’s add some sources. You can add two sources to logitech capture. These sources can be any combination of Logitech webcams or capturing a desktop from your PC. Once you’ve added a webcam, you can customize the settings such as adding a colored border. The streaming preset will set your priority to framerate and is useful if you be recording something with high motion on your desktop. The video calling preset will focus on exposure or lighting. And is good, if you’re using logitech capture in conjunction with video chat software. When using the zoom feature, you can use the pan and tilt to adjust the framing of your camera. You can also adjust a variety of settings on your camera such as focus, white balance, brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. If you have a green or a blue backdrop, you can activate chroma key to remove the background. In the Advanced Settings, you can enable camera mirroring. If you add a desktop as a source, you can also apply a border chroma key and mirror the desktop Now that you’ve added your sources you can use this section to switch between or layer your sources. If you are layering your sources you can position and adjust the size of the smaller source. You can start a recording or take a snapshot here. But let’s look at the sayings first. In the recording sayings, you can apply a filter to your sources. Your resolution can be set to either landscape or portrait if you decide to make snapshots or videos for mobile. Next, select your recording quality frame rate and video encoder. Select where your recordings and snapshots will be saved. Some advanced features, include a countdown for a recording on snapshot is taken taking enhance snapshots and excluding logitech capture from desktop capture. The audio menu, lets you select your audio input and out devices. Audio input captures audio from your microphone and audio output captures audio from your PCs playback device. The transition menu, lets you select from a variety of effects along with the duration. You can set hot keys to switch sources, pip shots, start/stop recordings take snapshots and mute, unmute audio input or output. You can save your settings to a profile. Logitech capture is a great tool to get starting creating content. If you’d like more features in the ability to stream with your logitech webcams. we recommend checking out xsplit broadcaster.

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  1. It seems to be a great software, but I couldn't find a way to select an area in the screen to be recorded. My monitor is large, with a resolution of 3440×1440. I want to select a 1920×1080 area in the screen to be recorded, and not record all available area. How can I do that?

  2. I'm using this program well, but i can't find how to save recording video as .avi . It is only saved as .wma so i can't see my recoding scene and only heard recoding voice.

  3. Logitech, I'm getting corrupt .mp4 files that wont play or open. I recorded a 30 minute video but the file size was only 15MB. a 10 sec vid is like 100KB, so the file sizes are super small. They were captured in the NVIDIA NVENC codec. Im not familiar with that, it was the only option and on by default. How can i watch my videos?

  4. Just bought a new Logitech 4 K Brio camera and for the life of me Logitech Capture will not load as I trying to figure if it's Bitdefender as I allowed Webcam access or NVIDIA Gerforce Experience as the software hangs on the load screen.. The setting softwear works fine.. Windows can see the webcam and ACDSee video software sees the camera but not Capture…. On my other PC it does but I trying to find why not on my mail PC … and for the LOVE OF GOD do a dark mode … option

  5. The software will not let me select a Source to record. I have my camera plugged in and my laptop has a built in camera. Does anyone know how to fix this

  6. Why do i have a POPUP asking me to Download this software, to get the full functionality from my device download logi, this is on MY desktop PC not yours logi, so wasting time now, how do I get this popup off my PC, the services list on task manager doesn't have a process for logi, what are you *** hiding it under, you have no right to use CPU to generate popups to get me to download purchased your software, I expedited better from you Logitech, I will be seeking advice.

  7. I need to get rid of the logi logo from the corner of my video. How???
    When I've edited the video a time-date-title stamp is added to the opening moments of the video – how do I get rid of this?

  8. Version 1.0.553 is missing the "exclude this app from desktop capture" option in the advanced options of the recording settings. So the only screen I can record is the Logitech screen. I figured this out by downloading the owners manual. Pretty big flaw in the product.

  9. I don't know what you guys did but the picture quality is absolutely TERRIBLE now..the screenshots are pixelated and the blacks are horrible…the video capture can't even keep a steady 30fps and I NEVER had a problem before…I have been a user of the c920 for 6 years now and this new software ruined it for me

  10. For some reason capture is recording some buzzing or tinn noise from my guitar when playing clean .. switched to windows camera app noise gone .could never get it fixed.

  11. It's absolutely the shittiest program ever made. I prefer the old one but there is no download link of that on your official website… We're forced to use this shitty program? Nice.

  12. Thank you for not taking 5 minutes for each thing like I've seen others do. BRAVO for explaining how to use this so efficiently. I just downloaded the software and needed to know how to use the features.

  13. does any body know how to get the water mark away cause in the middle of the video it just randomly disappeared.

  14. Oh! " Say That Again?" "Audio Output Setting, Captures Sounds From Your Speakers " I had understood that Audio Output setting, was where the sound from the player would be sent too on playback. I get it now… That's probably why I have been getting echo, when I feed my electronic keyboard in the Line in on the PC. I want to record my keyboard playing using the Logitech camera, but have the soundtrack fed from my electronic keyboard, and Not the cameras microphone. I had been getting double beats, Noticed some slider in the windows sound mixer panel "Logicapture.exe. Turning that off/Mute seemed to stop the echo. Very good quality camera from Logitech, can't fault it. So, still not quite sure about the Sound input/Output settings. Yes, Input for the device to be recorded. But Output? Seems There is no other option than my Speakers. Sound output comes from the chosen playback software.

  15. why it is so suck? I can't decrease exposure or make any detailed changes. why I can't open tiny settings in this capture? This software ignore all settings in LOGITECH GAMING software, and this soft has no advsnced settings. its awful crap!

  16. Audio lags and is off-sync slightly with an external mic. Any idea how to fix this or tweak settings?

  17. yeah…its nice it installed automatic and shit…but I would like to actually see the captured video…because all I see when I play it is black screen and sound…any advice?

  18. I thought this video would show me how to use this software for You Tube Live streaming and still be able to use the C920 Logitech Webcam controls when streaming? There are plenty of videos showing the features of Logitech Capture but not HOW TO actually use this with You Tube Live Streaming is missing.

  19. I've just started to use the Logitech c920 for streaming however the Logitech logo is in the webcam and I'm not sure how to remove this. Is the logo removable in the software or is there a separate setting?

  20. Where can I get a video encoder that will allow me to import the video to Corel video studio 10?  It crashes Corel video studio. 🙁   I just bought this video editing program.

  21. how do you remove the widescreen aspect of the picture? its bugging me alot since i am trying to create my own emotes but i cant because when i resize in gimp 2 it squishes the picture.

  22. There's all these questions about the software here and no responses from Logitech. Personally, I do want to know if we can get rid of auto-exposure and if we can get rid of the 'logi' watermark.

  23. Your older software and camera's supported motion sensor activation. I wish you would bring that feature back! I may have to go back to my old camera.

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