Introducing TechSoup’s Office 365 Setup and Support Package

We all know how powerful the cloud is,
enabling us to work anywhere and connect with anyone
as long as we have internet. As powerful as they are though, they still
remain problematic for charities. Mainly because in the lack of budget, IT support,
training or just generally not knowing what they need. Are you one of these organizations? Don’t worry! TechSoup is here for you with its Office 365
Full Setup Support Package. With the package, not only will we provide
you with a robust suite of cloud apps We’ll also help you in setting it up, implementing
it and even training your staff for it. Is budget a problem? Don’t worry! Not only is the package itself affordable
but we’ll also help you qualify for free and discounted Office 365 subscriptions to cut
costs. We’ll also offer you free consultations with
our experts, to help you understand how Office 365 can help you, find the right subscription
for your needs and also to plan your setup and training. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin your digital transformation by
contacting us at [email protected] to book your free consultation today.

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