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  2. How many analysts and socialist investors predicted a market crash if Trump gets elected?? Here we are 3 years later and the economy is getting stronger…. How many times do these fools need to be proven wrong?

  3. This so called economist, couldn’t be more wrong. The economy is going to boom, can’t any very see the historic number? I am not an economist, how come these guys are so negative. This National is going to do very well, simple because we have the best President ever, which has proved everyone wrong

  4. Might as well call the Democrats Nancycrats. Most of them don't think for themselves. They just follow Nancy like baby chicks on the path to a socialist swamp.

  5. Of course the Never Trumpers will predict slow growth. Never mind the trade agreements, never mind the jobs. This guy is a real Debbie downer. My guess is he is earning major money on the stock exchange and doesnt want people to know it. When it comes to the News, dont listen to this guy. Listen to a qualified stock broker. This guy is just an analyst.

  6. The skeptic's also say NE Patriots always going to lose, THEY'RE ALWAYS WRONG! just like the bottom would fall out after The 2016 election

  7. Suuure.
    I'm going to listen to some Investor because they always make good decisions right?
    2008-2009 begs to differ.
    They can go stuff their opinion somewhere else. Professional Con artists. Nothing more.

  8. Probably a Trump hater. But, I’m under the belief that all good things slow down, and correct . It’s not going to keep climbing indefinitely. It will drop. It’s part of it. Peaks and valleys always. It can certainly be managed better by some then others but it always goes up then down and back up again.

  9. Dah! It has to slow down occasionally. How much further can it rise without interruption? A drop is inevitable. It's a no brainer.

  10. It's hard to understand pure technical language of business standards in FOX Business. It's how thats how it is 🤷🏻.

    Who has ever know ME🙅🏻🤴🏻!

  11. Right because we can just turn off historical high's. That's the nature of the market. As I recall we were already supposed to be in a recession…just more lies.

  12. Everything will collapse when we say it does. Which will be just before we take us back to the gold standard. The central bank is finished, as well as the federal Reserve. The globalist are finished and no longer going to be in power.

  13. So called "experts" have been WRONG about everything economy related for a very long time.
    Also, the rolling stones are satanist SCUM.

  14. Come on Fox we all know there's been economist saying everyday for the last three years the economy and stocks will collapse shortly and they were wrong for three years straight because they are trying to hurt President Trump and many people refuse to give him credit for our best economy in 50 years because they believe the collapse has happened and it's only a matter of time before it manifests itself by financial collapse!

  15. We finally got real growth after the recession. If the economy grows a little slower, that will be ok. Better than run away inflation. As far as the market, I actually might be able to survive after we retire. Thank God. Wait, as long as a socialist doesn't get elected, that is.

  16. Maria Bartiromo will slowly abandon the Trump camp and grab as many of you as she can! Watch her Debbie Dingall interview on the eve of the seditious impeachment vote! She is sympathetic to Dingall (who voted to impeach the president on NO CHARGES) not to Trump! We commentators called her out and Fox Business turned off ALL comments and erased them, hundreds!!!

  17. Idiots predicted a crash if Trump was elected, then it's a recession heading into an election year, bunch of non elected never trumpers why give them air time

  18. Just for the record , since 2017 the Dow has had over 40 record number closings.. But you wont hear that from the ClintonNewsNetwork or MSDNC. Or from the Socialist investor speaking here.

  19. 30,000 after USMCA gets going. I predict those economist will scare some into selling off and the economist will buy up those fears pennies on the dollar, like always.
    Just hold your stocks and 401k's away from those whom want your hard earned money.

  20. Another Fox "expert". What a joke. USMCA will rock. The only thing the Democrats can hope for is taking credit for the Trump economy. Look for the Democrats taking credit for USMCA. There is still a ton of infrastructure work and millions of unemployed to absorb. This "expert" is blind to the overhead.

  21. He is guessing. He can't see the future. No one can. He is not God. So he needs to stop saying he knows what is going to happen.

  22. It's amazing how these people keep reporting this as news when they all were stating how bad it was going to be if Trump got elected! It's like these educated idiots that run a company down and then get an awesome severence package! That is ignorance gone to seed and keeps coming back like an unwanted weed!

  23. I don’t believe any of these people. I can see for myself that people are spending, working and enjoying vacations. Under Obama everyone was scared to spend because their job could be gone the next day. Love Trump and appreciate him everyday

  24. This guy was predicting a market crash in 2016 if Trump was to be elected… yea, he needs to get a job he is better suited for..like fake news pundit.

  25. I hate liers i think someone should look up this guys prediction and blast them ALL show he's a lier expose every person who goes on tv and opens their mouth expose them make memes and sink THEM

  26. Another loser to NOT take investment advice from.

    They are like horoscopes, it tells you your going to feel bad you will, even if you win the lottery.

  27. RegentAtlantic CIO Christ Cordaro is one of the bigot who  said market will crush in 2016 if Trump win the election. No one should take him seriously.

  28. The greater the attitude you go the more difficult it is to go higher. If this is true, let’s appreciate growth at all because we didn’t have any for a long time and more of this economy is what we need.

  29. ATT??? What???? they are the parent of CNN!!!!!! And, I heard HBO is planning a series on LA Porn and NY porn industry. A real gleaming star for social good.


  30. Hahahaha!      We have a great economy!   The growth has been GREAT and of it slows a bit  –  so effing WHAT??   All those dire predictions  –  never came to fruition.   Just another talking head  –  blah,  blah,  blah.

  31. Time and Time again they are wrong, as a mater of fact Growth will be the highest in US History. This story makes Fox look stupid again

  32. A BIG BS ! If this economy falter's it will be because of the evil forces against the American people ! Democrats are evil !

  33. 2% was the "new norm" Obama's economists told us 4 years ago. Trump has averaged 3% GDP growth. That is one hell of a gaslight to call that a "slowing" recovery.

  34. I feel awful about those new to the Stock Market. They don't know when to pull out. They are those who are not wealthy and will lose a lot of money.

  35. Who to believe? Almost every time I look at a financial program it either is full of doom and gloom for the future or things are so rosy and only good things are goin to happen. With a 22% gain in my IRA I can only smile and hope for continued good fortune.

  36. His income is based on how many people he can convince need his services ….so tired of "professionals" being negective = all dems ?

  37. Obama didn't have a magic wand, but he had an old Bat to help with his predictions- how did that work out? Is he throwing his Bat and balls onto the field at the start of the 2020 season

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