iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – User Testimonial, Product Review – Shelley

Hair loss in women is a real problem,
especially as they age and go into menopause, but it can happen throughout a woman’s life. The reason why I became interested in the topic of hair loss is back in
August of 2015 I noticed that I was experiencing it. When I took the pictures
I was like “Oh my goodness, I look like I have a bald spot!” I went through a year
from August 2015 till August of 2016 working with a
dermatologist and trying to find solutions for my hair loss. You know
working through it all I did not have any change in my hair. I did not gain any
hair growth and it was very frustrating and I was almost ready to write it up –
“Oh that’s just the way it’s going to be.” I just really am defined by my hair I
mean my blog is Still Blonde after all these years. I’ve always had really thick
hair, almost to the point of annoying. And so for it to all of a sudden be thin
it was just such a shock to my ego; I noticed I stopped taking pictures and
just really enjoying that visual aspect of my blog and of Youtube, because I was so concerned about my hair. When iRestore Hair Growth Systems contacted me
and said “Hey we’d like you to try our device.” I was excited to try it and I had
already heard about the possibility that it could work. So I researched their
system and I thought oh what the heck I’m going to try it I think it’d be
interesting and it seems easy to use and I’ll give it a go. And so in August of
2016 I gave it a 4 month trial and I really saw some great results.
I noticed not only hair growth but improved volume and fullness here and
definitely back here. As you can see over time just in those four months my part
tightened, back here this area filled in and got thicker and my temples got
better. Check out these before and after pictures that just to me leave you with no doubt that at least for me this iRestore Hair
System really did work.

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