Irish PM says Brexit extension would be better than no deal

What’s been put on the table
by prime minister Johnson is not supported by business
in Northern Ireland, by civil society and is only
supported by one political party, so I think there’s a long way
to go before we can get back to the position where we
have an agreement that actually carries the support
of the people of Northern Ireland and the people of the
Republic of Ireland as well. Democracy matters and any
agreement that affects Ireland deeply, of course, has to have the support
of people on both parts of the island. As I’ve always said, Brexit doesn’t
end with the UK leaving, it just moves to the next phase
of negotiations. So my preference is that we have
that agreement at the council in the middle of October. But if the UK government were
to request an extension, I think we would consider that.
Of course we would consider it. But I think most of the EU countries
would really only consider it for a good reason and that reason
would have to be put forward. But certainly, an extension would
be better than no deal.

58 Replies to “Irish PM says Brexit extension would be better than no deal

  1. this guy is a clown is playing a high stakes game with the future if the Irish Economy.. he is doing so for personal career ambitions and he is trampling all over the peace process.. the backstop is an economic tool.. nothing more

  2. Ireland still owes the E. U 45 billion Euros from the 85 billion bailout. Ireland shouldn't even be in the European Union they were neutral during WW2 and didn't fight for the freedoms that others gave their lives for. This is why Europe is taking its side. Ireland is going down the toilet.

  3. The Pro EU position is to no do breast and to spit in the face of 17.4 million voters and British democracy …..there is no doubt they just want to delay, delay, delay with the hope that one day they can just cancel or do a deal in totally false and manufactured desperation which is a remain deal – like T May's remain deal masquerading as 'leave' …..

  4. Given that you have done bugger all to help the situation Even though something like 70% of your trade goes over the boarder I think it’s a bit late.


    3500 INJURIES


    28 LOSE EYES

    18500 ARRESTS




  6. No it would not. It would be massively damaging for business. How many times do they have to tell you? Get on with it !!!!

  7. An extension amounts to staying in the EU forever against the democratic vote of the people. It would be a betrayal of the British people, a failure of democracy and a serious danger to the sovereignty of this Country.

  8. Bodge-it Johnson is like the captain of the Titanic that thinks the heat of his invective and the warmth of his charm will melt the iceberg before the ship hits it.

  9. Oh no, not another Brexit shift. Hey Englishmen and Brexiteers: Did BoJo not promise you a few days ago that he would rather be dead in the ditch than ask the EU for another extension. And now? Now he wants to ask for the shift! – Do not you realize what the man is for a spineless big mouth? Please take care that you disappeared with the 31st from the EU !!! No one is taking you seriously now.

  10. Theresa May's attempts to deal with Brexit were shambolic. It was like watching one of Leonardo Vinci's comic operas. Boris, for all his faults, appears to be trying to get us out of the EU. If he fails or falters, then Nigel will be there to pick up the pieces – and the Brexit vote.

  11. Leo Varadkar one of the Most POWERFUL men in the European union Also one of the BOSSES of colonized Britain….

  12. An extension for what?, we've already had 3 years of wasting time, thats what the EU does best is just waste time, its time to get this done once and for all.

  13. “Democracy matters” but in the case of Brexit it doesn’t. Do us a favour Leo and just say you want the UK locked in the EU Forever.

  14. The friendly tyrants who run the EU are horrified that Britain is LEAVING. This spells the end of the EU. The Guardian (in the pocket of the Globalists) want the British to think LEAVING is no big deal and not worth the effort. Trust me, this is the last chance that Britain has to save itself from enslavement. Things couldn't be more dire, if the British miss this chance to LEAVE.

  15. Looks like we are heading for a WTO Brexit if he's a voice of authority on the issue. It would be the cleanest and simplest outcome. Would give the UK a better position to negotiate a proper deal.

  16. So long as we keep subsidizing Ireland, they'll reject any deal proposed. They can't even afford teachers and doctors because of the tax rates they afforded american companies.

  17. People in the comments really think a deal is possible till nov. XD they really need to look at the proposal and the laws that are broken by it.

  18. They don't want to lose the money train, it's all about money the uk pays in 14% of the EUs budget, if all 28 countries paid equally it would be around 3% each. The UK is paying for other countries when the money should be spent on business and infrastructure here! No Deal. Trump is right about a lot of these countries not paying their way.

  19. Yeah let's extend for another year like 3 years is not enough if you can't accept what we propose then we walk away on no deal.

  20. Yeah cos that's what you and the EU want….desperate, desperate attempts to stop brexit and false hope that the opposition will reverse the result… only lose what you cling on to….tatty bye EU

  21. Boris Johnson's Brexit plan hangs by thread as EU dismisses weekend talks ►

  22. I just cannot comprehend people that keep saying "let's leave with a no Deal, we will be fine". Fine meaning what? Based on which calculations? Considering that a large number of people voted without even studying a bit the matter first, not knowing what EU means or let alone what article 50 is, I doubt that it is fully understood how bad can be for UK a "no Deal Brexit".

  23. if the eu are in such a strong negotiating position and they need to make an example of the uk as to make other member states think twice about keaving why won't they just kick us out with no deal?

  24. The uk will not leave for another 36 months at least lol what was it 40 billion at 1 billion per month lol what a joke, you might as well just force the uk into accepting the Euro now and force it to stay in the Eu. What a joke

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