Is Labour Still Relevant to the North and Working Class? | Paul Mason

People ask: Is Labour still relevant to
the north or to the working class? Well, I was born in a working-class town
from a working-class background. Whenever I go back to northern England
I see that Labor in many ways, is the only source of hope for some
of the small towns and suburbs, that have been completely left behind. And indeed to be quite frank smashed
over the period of the last 30 years. They want their local rail
services to run on time, to not break down, to not be crowded,
to not be hyper expensive. They want hospitals and A&E
departments that work. They want places to live that they can afford. The real tragedy in this country, is so many people just don’t believe
any of those things are possible. You put your head down, you get on the
shitty train journey that takes forever. You go to the A&E and you wait for
hours and you think that’s normal. It’s not normal not in the 5th richest
country in the world. Let’s break out of the fatalism
let’s have the imagination. What kind of country
do we want to be? We’ve got a Prime Minister who
has prorogued Parliament, suspending it against the law,
lied to the Queen. Is even now playing fast and loose
with all the rules of the election, his entire campaign is based on lies. Then you got Labour, which is offering to
transform the country with investment. To try and reverse climate change
with a green new deal, to respect the norms and rules of
behaviour of a developed democracy, and whether we’re in or out of Europe
it will turn our face towards Europe. We won’t become a colony
of Trumps America, we won’t be subject to chlorinated
chicken, rat droppings in our food. You are kidding me! There’s a mouse in here! A mouse? Oh my god…no… Privatised NHS, so there is a big choice. And it’s a historic one because once it’s taken
I don’t think it’s going to be reversible. If Johnson wins, it could be the last
free and fair election we ever have. I’m Paul Mason, if you can please support
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70 Replies to “Is Labour Still Relevant to the North and Working Class? | Paul Mason

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  2. If you want to be recognised like the Canary has, try dropping the constant negative headlines Novara are just as bad. We hate these pathetic negative narratives aimed at Labour. Just saying.

  3. Why mention the shit of the last thirty years, when Labour were in power for much of that? Our vegetables are chlorinated already, so get off that bandwagon. Stop your fear propaganda.

  4. The working class has been destroyed … the electoral system is rigged … the tories will win … here come the yanks …. it's all too late …

  5. Nice video but please don't dumb your message down with the clip from Ramsey's show – I don't feel that added anything. No problem with adding cut-aways just feel this one wasn't the right tone for your message / style.

  6. Labour's policies are really popular, the big problem is the media assassination. The media machine is hard to beat – just some examples of bs!

  7. Well Jeremy and Momentum Types Don't Use Right Language or Arguments to Win the Northern Vote or Unite the country With Islington and Liberal Types you seem to allow English Poor to Follow False English National and Cultural Myths England Needs Economic and Cultural Rebalance to Native Britons and Reverse Climate Change Hahahaha OH GOD Natives Know Better Actually South East is Sun Parched Land With Easily Sun Burnt Blondes

  8. If boris gets back into power ,just look at his voting record and what his lot have done to the north of England,you guys in the north are going to be fucked royally by the Torys once again and again and again,it will be bad down here in the south for the working class but you guys are getting fucked

  9. Before I even started to play this video I was screaming "NO"!!!! I'm in my 70's and have vored Labour all my life. Not any more.

  10. Is Labour relevant to the working class in the north? It is not even a valid question. Today's Labour is the only labour party in my lifetime (64) that is relevant to the working class, that wants to improve our lives. Build a sustainable future and end poverty and the disgrace of food banks.
    I am though sick and tired of this north south crap. Yes the wealthy in the South have benefited from the snatch and grab austerity tories but if you think the working class have a cushy life come down south a see the poverty in the areas we have not been pushed out of. Compare your mortgage repayments to ours and the price of gouging renting landlords. I thought everyone realised the streets of London are not paved in gold.
    Yes the wealth needs to be spread. Yes the N AND the SW needs investment and lots of it but an empty stomach, crippling debt and a life with no future is the same in the N, S, W and E.

  11. is it hell, it's stuffed now with middle class types like this clown, whatever his origins. They'll get humped in a couple of weeks n at least part of the reason for that is political imbeciles like this advocating the disrespect of the biggest popular mandate in the country's history to remain hitched to a set of institutions DESIGNED to favour capital over labour. A radical economic programme at least some of which is not permissable under the bourgeois internationalist club rules won't cut the mustard either. Fckng joke

  12. The "traditional" working class does not exist as they have been poisoned by the media and that common sense and pragmatism have been replaced by Fear and Hatred. The "New Working Class" are those that believe in solidarity with all people attempting to better themselves through work and education. They are not petty or vindictive and they most certainly do not look down at people less fortunate than they are and blame them for the troubles in society.

  13. The last free and fair election?
    I'm not sure we've ever had one, because our voting system is so antiquated, for many, it is almost pointless to vote.
    There are so many constituencies that have been locked into the same voting pattern for decades, that even with the unprecedented uncertainty we face, many votes will not count.

    The votes for a general election should be directly represented. They should not be based on constituency results.

    In the constituency where I live, the lowest Tory result for the last 40 years was 43%.
    It's an absolute given that the Tories will win the seat again, so what does it really matter what way I vote?

    I will still vote – as a token gesture, yet my vote will not actually count.

    Leaving aside the first-past-the-post system, other ways in which our elections have never been free or fair quite simply boils down to media ownership, party donors and some really shady backroom deals.

    When vast percentages of the national press that reach millions are unabashedly skewed toward one party and unashamedly peddle lies, how on earth could an election ever be considered free and fair?

    When those media outlets are concentrated in the hands of so few and when journalism and politics are hand in glove, there is no chance of a free and fair election.

  14. Free and Fair ? Elections ?
    Oil and Water Don't Mix .
    No matter what side the coin lands on the coin is still the same coin .

  15. I am staggered that people are asking that question, when the Labour Party is the only party seeking to redevelop the Midlands and the North. I cannot help but feel that people in the North and the Midlands are turning to the Tories because they have lost belief in themselves. A vote for the Tories is a vote against yourself.

  16. The conservatives represent the aspirational working class, Labour represent the lazy and feckless who always have their hands out and expect to give nothing in return.

  17. People are so frustrated and miserable that they need a fast way to blow steam and the conservatives and the ultra right are fantastic at speculating this by giving people the means to release their frustration as hate. It might appear as win-win but as far as the people are concerned: they are turned away from the things that really contributed to their misery; they’re turned against things that could benefit them; and last but not least, they’re used and manipulated like worthless rag-puppets

  18. Please please guys vote Labour we can't carry on with this tory hell show!!! Save nhs save the workers save the planet. Well said Paul msm is dead in the uk tory propogander bs!!!

  19. The Tories and the Right wing are attacking democracy.
    Unlawfully shutting down parliament, banning protests, snooper's charter, plans to set up a Tory run human rights commission, installing Tory affiliates in high level positions within the BBC (BBC is now effectively state media)), increasing police spending, anti-immigrant+racist rhetoric, mass social media misinformation campaigns.

    Labour are the only true pro-democracy party

  20. Labour lost the swing when they announced nationalisation – but don't vote Tory pls
    UK lap up fake news, MM or most media are publishing fake news like it's going out of fashion
    Voting a Maverick will get you a clown – or too put it another way,… we don't hold all the cards, just the Joker

  21. No Labour Party are not for working class, its a lie targeting to Rich to riase tax but especially it effects to working class. And now students are need to study and find out exactly what Jeremy Corbyn's lie for vote ? The university fee scrap is lie and above all, Jeremy Corby and Labour party's all pledge are lie and not viable. So please find the truth, don't just follow what other say, even simple person can easily find out how lie designed to trick people for vote.

  22. #VoteLibDem2019 honestly really stop voting this party that took us to Iraq War, ton of waste such as 21 million pounds on NHS software that was never used.

  23. Shockingly BORIS on the WORKING CLASS……………….
    a) Drunk
    b) Criminal
    e) feckless
    & if they have children with single mothers………..
    Their Kids are:
    a) ill-raised
    b) Ignorant

  24. Its make your mind up time…..
    Whose the idiot?
    The answer will depend on the level of brainwashing you have experienced by the media……Sun, Daily Mail, The Express….Times…etc

  25. How does John McDonnell play in the north? If he doesn't have a big following, that would be a shame, and he needs to be sent on a high-powered run through northern electorates. It needs to be converted into concrete terms, but his manifesto has the prize for the north of a new era of devolution and *self-determination*.

    It always struck me that there's a "Facebookable" question to ask of the northern working class (and what's left of the middle class): Why can't the north have the same amount of economic and political power as Scotland? Where's YOUR seat at the table? Look at the difference twenty years of original devolution has made between the two regions.

  26. No such thing as a Journalist mate. As a Ex Labour Party member I would rather vote for Boris than these nutjobs. Labour are no longer relevant.

  27. Labour aren't relevant to anyone with more than one brain cell , they live in the past and would bankrupt the UK in weeks

  28. I live and work in a working class area in the North. They are going blue unfortunately. The wife and I can't bring up a family here. It's all too depressing.

  29. Anyone listening to Boris’s disdain on working class men, and single parent women? That should tell you what they think of the working class, pity so many have been brainwashed by non tax paying far right msm owners into voting Tory!🤮

  30. The so called "working class" in the North had a chance back in 83 to vote Leave and instead voted Tory. Dozens of Labour seats went blue and the UK had to wait 33 more years to get the UK out of Europe,so spare me this hand wringing crap that Labour abandoned the working class_ more like the reverse. You always get what you vote for. Brexit will be a shit show. See if I'm wrong

  31. Labour no longer represents the working class. Most, if not all of the political issues you’ve mentioned in this video and currently being discussed by politicians today have been forced into the national conversation by the Brexit Party.
    They were largely being ignored except when votes were needed at an election.
    People want real change not more empty promises from the 2 main parties.
    Labour have been taking their safe seats for granted for far too long. They need a reality check.
    How many times in the last 3.5 years have they lied to voters and let them down after getting the vote.
    Brexit Party all the way!!

  32. In the last 50 years , the working class has changed , the way we work has changed , Labour has changed as has the Tory Party . And the population of the UK has changed.

  33. It isnt , fatalism. The labour party are disloyal to Corbyn since he was elected ovewhelmingly by the labour party rank and file. He has been stabbed in the back by new labour MPs, Zionist labour MPs, who dont give a stuff about the north or the working class. The labour party doesnt represent the poor. The MPs by the way they act show that. How many jobs are going to bring back, that they allowed to go abroad under PM Blair.

  34. Labour Jeremy Corbyn's plan is to lie for working class, but he will hit the working class if he becomes Pri Minister.

  35. 1:50 <“…if Johnson wins it could be the last free & fair election we ever have>

    He's made a huge tactical blunder ∵ he’s conceded that the 2019 election, at least, is free & fair.

    Of course when the dire results arrive early on 13th December he certainly won't be conceding they are free & fair.

  36. Labour aren’t representing the working class , they’re a bunch of self serving , sanctimonious , champagne 🥂 socialists who use the working class for votes , the last thing they want is for the workers to be successful as they’d have nobody voting for them , they want us reliant on the state so they’ve got complete control over us , the benefit system is a sick 🤢 method of control , state hand cuffs , have you ever wondered why labour run areas are shit holes and remained so even after 10years of Labour being in government ? we are drones for the Uni indoctrinated elite , tell em to fuck off !!!

  37. Given Corbyn's total refusal to accept the democratic vote to LEAVE then of COURSE the answer is YES! He's a mendacious, deceiptful, duplicitous scumbag! 😠😠😠👎👎👎

  38. Well you (Labour) shouldn’t have betrayed us Brexit voting northern working class then shouldn’t you!!! Now reap the whirlwind of listening to the ( Sir) Kier Stamers waiting in the wings who have led the charge to block Brexit. If you’d been democrats and respected the vote, Labour would have won this election.

  39. Labour have covered up thousands of young girls being raped all across the north.
    Denied a democratic vote and support every terrorist organisation against the UK spitting on the Graves of fallen soldiers.
    Brexit Party for thank you 🖕

  40. The labour party is full of, and only for champagne socialists who live in north london. All front bench went to posh schools. Sent thir own kids to private schools and then still want to ban these schools. No respect for the working classes. No connection with the working classes. In the history of this country only 2 prime ministers ever went to state schools. Thatcher and Major

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