Is This The First Family Robot? — Mind Blow #85

Researchers at the University of Bradford
are developing a simple universal blood test to diagnose cancer. And a baseball team in Korea now allows fans
to cheer through a computer and have it physically represented at the stadium by a robot. Vsauce! Kevin here – this is Mind Blow. Jibo is the first robot that will be a part
of your family. Designed by famed roboticist Cynthia Breazeal, Jibo is an interactive companion
and helper. It comes with several apps including one that takes pictures using a facial tracker,
a personal assistant that keeps your schedule and provides reminders, a telepresence app
for long distance communication and even a storyteller that uses sound effects and graphics
to entertain kids. The crowdfunding campaign aims to create a community of developers using
Jibo as a platform in order to maximize the potential of the social robot planning to
roll out in 2015. One of the longest pieces of dinosaur coprolite
recently sold at auction for $8,500. Coprolite is fossilized poop. In related news, newly discovered tracks add
to the theory that T-Rexes hunted in packs. Which is terrifying. The world’s largest laser is helping researchers
study planet formation by crushing diamonds. The 30 foot long laser along with 175 other
lasers combine to exert 50 million times the amount of Earth’s atmospheric pressure on
a single diamond and they’re doing this to learn what the core of huge planets like Saturn
might look like. Sense is a bedside monitor and smart alarm
that kind of turns sleeping into a video game. It uses a sensor clipped onto a pillow to
monitor the bedroom environment and how well you slept and gives you a score – so if the
room is pitch black you gain points but if a car alarm woke you up at 3 am – you lose
points. With the smart alarm function if you’re supposed to be up at 9:30 but you’re awake
at 9:15 – it’ll go off early so you don’t fall back to sleep. Waking you up at the optimum
time. The recently unveiled Mercedes Benz Future
Truck 2025 drives itself. It’s equipped the Highway Pilot assistance system that drives
completely autonomously up to 85 km/h. The prototype was tested on a stretch of the Autobahn
near East Germany and responded perfectly to traffic but it retains a steering wheel
for critical maneuvers. And they hope to have them on the road by 2025. Largest aquatic insect recently found in China
with a 21 cm wingspan. That’s 8.2 inches. A new study shows that fist-pumping transmit
significantly fewer bacteria than shaking hands. And nearly twice as many bacteria are
transmitted during a handshake compared to a high-five. Researchers say the fist bump
could substantially reduce the transmission of infectious diseases between people. Finding Rover is an app that uses facial recognition
to help find lost dogs. Users take a front-facing photo of their dog and if someday it gets
lost the app scans all the missing dogs in the area. Conversely you can help return lost
dogs by snapping a photo and matching the face and getting the owner’s contact info. Researchers at Carnegie Melon have created
a camera-filled dome that recreates full 3-D motion scenes. The two-story geodesic dome
features over 500 cameras capturing 100,000 different points in motion at any time without
the need for physical markers. This could be a huge upgrade to motion capture for movies
and video games and even eventually be used in sporting events and concerts by taking
advantage of the crowd’s cell phone cameras. Finally, Center Of The Sun is synced with
glitch animation representing the life cycle of an Olmec sun god. I’m gonna leave you with a Macgyver robot
that uses environmental objects as tools – and as always thanks for watching!

100 Replies to “Is This The First Family Robot? — Mind Blow #85

  1. I stopped watching around 4 months ago (for no reason really). So…now I have several of these to enjoy…Yes, be jealous.

  2. I fist bump lol done it since my elementer school years people always looked at me strange cause I wouldn't shake hands

  3. Bacteriophobic people are more apt to be allergenic. I prefer the handshake—it is more intimate and definitely more respectful.

  4. If you like this stuff- and who wouldn't?- you might want to think about building a world where it will be possible to explore this and more.  That means ending war and environmental destruction.  Otherwise, all this brilliant thinking goes to waste: if we're dead, we won't have the leisure time to do this.

  5. so I guess in the future the brohoof and the brofist will become now synonymous with professional white collar mannerisms?

  6. self-driving cars are great idea for assholes who like to drink and for people who would fall asleep at the wheel during a long drive. It also makes traveling easier and makes the roads more safe

  7. im all for robots n stuff so long as they do not become part of our daily lives… because any hacker could jut sit behind his compute and take out dozen of people….. and making robots sentient will always lead to disaster…drive less cars is already going too far..

  8. The robot is just an overhyped iPad on a swivel. You guys know that the images in the commercials for it have been simulated, right?

    Please don't buy in to such obvious bullshit.

  9. There's an app free in the play store that does the same as that alarm. It's called "Sleep as android" and it functions using the same principle of vibration. It graphs your sleep and analyses it for REM and NREM fases of sleep, is able to wake you up at the right time and even has the option to turn off all radio signals it emits (Wifi and radio) for a certain period, so one can feel safe to place their phone next to them in bed.

  10. I always dislike the ending of these videos..
    Don't get me wrong! I love these videos but the ending's music always makes it seem all serious

  11. 3:32 …I don't get it. How is this weird animation supposed to be mind blowing. What does it have to do with the center of the sun? What is glitch animation? Speak English!

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the Jibbos will take over the world? Just imagine the things growing wheels or legs and shooting things. ugh

  13. As a 12 year old, I'm honestly scared of the future. I pitifully sit on my iPad all day watching YouTube and won't have anything to tell my grandchildren or children about. Many people are giving up on seeing each other face to face,to be honest I haven't seen any of my friends outside of school in the last year. With robots and everything they will pretty much experience life for us. Many people will probably lay on there bed watching life through a screen, Whats to say you couldn't attach a tablet or a phone to a robot and drive it around. Even if you opt out on self driving cars somebody could still hack one and run it into you. Social networking is making us less social ironically. I'm saying this from many people I know that don't do anything anymore. Please promise me that you won't do nothing. I do nothing and I hate myself for it. Please.

  14. I don't understand the idea of having something finished and not releasing it yet. But only if it's very very early in construction.Like you could just release a in work prototype.

  15. The cancer diagnosis was actually made by a teenage boy, but he couldn't patent it. It's sad, he gets no credit.

  16. What if the robot walks on on you while your in the shower takes a picture and sends it to your robot technician cuz that conversation would be very awkward

  17. Great video. But I watch this to feel great about the future. That one about people worrying about germs just made the future look like everyone's gonna be soft.

  18. If we are a completely sanitary species, we will be more susceptible to getting diseases because our immune systems are weak because our immune system would've never been exposed to those diseases or germs.

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