Israel Business Forum 2016

this is about bringing people together.
Marketplace believers from around the globe and introducing them to the
Body of Messiah here in the land. We take them to the ancient roots of their
faith through the pages of the Bible bringing them into modern reality of what
Israel is today – The land of opportunity and investment. They get to meet local startups and
government officials and learn firsthand about what God is doing through the land. If you have a sincere desire to try to help build the Body here, then you’ve gotta come here and see it,
and get to know the people. Take the opportunity because it’s an unbelievable experience. Yes, the tourism is one piece of it, just being able to understand the history here. But it is really… what is the future?
And you can be a part of something really great. It really gets me excited is to see local believers engage in the marketplace. To see the hustle and bustle of that day. To see people talking and moving and deals being formed in one place at one time is amazing to me. The kingdom of God is about
relationship. Its people and the connection between
them that really is the House of God. Because this is going to be one of the keys for the Kingdom of Yeshua in Israel. To be able to see people engage. To be able to see people go into the marketplace and be a light in it. That’s exciting to me. We want to invite you – whether you’re an
entrepreneur, investor or business advisor to step into something new. Invest yourself in the land of Israel, in its people and watch your investment become a harvest as you join us next year at the Israel Business Forum.

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