28 Replies to “Japanese Street Food | Osaka KUROMON Ichiba Fish Market

  1. Nice Video!! Every cuntry uses a diffrent too to kill there fish but its basicly the same! Keep it up!!

  2. nice! I like how everyone are turning their heads and looking at your talking into your camera. hahaha You seem to be really comfortable vlogging in public. Good for you. haha what editing program do you use? always enjoy your edits.

  3. Hey Paolo, started to like your vlogs. I like the content you made. Anyway, the key of Japanese fishes are how they process the fish. They have the thing called ikejime which is the most important reason why their fish products taste different compare to other countries. Thanks for inspiring me! I'm Going to Osaka next week :p

  4. My wife and I didn't get to go to Osaka last time but booked 2 nights there for our visit next year. We'll be staying at a place that's 2 minutes by foot away from KuroMon and seeing this video gets us all excited.

  5. I love your video's, I subscribed not that long ago so I could get an idea of where to go when I visit. I plan on taking my children when they are a little older and I am so freaking excited!!

  6. 美味しいよなぁ!


  7. My favorite city of Japan by far so much great food and culture not to mention the baseball fans are awesome as well .

  8. Hi Paolo. We staying at a hotel right in front of the Market. Leaving tomorrow for Kyoto then last few nights in Tokyo. Thanks for the great information, will definitely be hitting some of your suggestions. We are staying in Shibuya, hopefully see you around 😬

  9. When it comes to food like steak fish sushi pizza burgers bigger the better but when it comes to oysters I love oysters but personally I prefer the small ones I think they taste better and where are Beach Cabin’s at the local oysters there are huge it look just like the ones you are eating Willapa bay oysters personally not the best for raw on the half shell better for chowders or oyster Rockefellers.. I know that’s not what kind of oyster that is so maybe it taste completely different but the ones I’m talking about you don’t get the flavor of the ocean actually extremely brainy and kind of a muddy taste

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