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  1. Great video guys as always 😄 I did chuckle at the imatation crab stick and Satoshi says "Mmmm….mmm…mmmm…mhmmm!!" Translation "This fish cake goes really well with this Asahi beer…highly reccommend!!" 🤣

  2. I prefer chuutoro over ootoro too … not that ootoro is bad, but I think the natural tuna taste is more present within chuutoro tuna, and ootoro is just a bit too fatty in taste 🙂

  3. Tsukiji fish market looks amazing! So much to eat! Adding it to my bucket list. I could really go for one of those Tara fish burgers right now! 😋 Thanks for another great video!

  4. It all looks so gooooood!! And thank you for including the info that the outer market will remain, after the fish market move! But, does that mean it’s only the Tina auction, that’s moving?

  5. For anyone going, please do try the beef organ stew rice bowl at the very outer row of Tsukiji. No gamey taste at all. Just pure bliss. I have always been afraid of eating organs but that was just a bowl of deliciousness. I wouldn’t even have guessed it’s organs if no one told me! 🤤

  6. For people that worry that tsukiji outer market will move out, I read that the outer market which is the location for shops and restaurant won't move out. Only the inner market that will move out. Here is the news link, https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/09/04/national/tsukiji-outer-market-begins-campaign-tell-people-staying-put/

  7. I heard that the fish market is going to close on oct 6, 2018 and move to the new location. Will you do an update on the new place?? Want to find good food there this Christmas. Thanks

  8. Love your vids! A bit sad they are moving before I was able to visit. Going to try the new location when I head out there in May.

  9. WOW, that Crab filled Inari looks super good! The Shrimp Tempura Musubi also looks mouthwatering, especially after you said the rice was moistened by the Tempura Sauce. Great video.

    I wonder how the new fish auction place will turn out. So sad that this market is shutting down this week and reopening at the new site at the end of this week.

  10. Wow, hello from the Philippines you make me very hungry, it looks like very very yummy,, I wish some day I can visit your country and eat the food your eating,

  11. I could literally make a quick vacation to Japan for like 4 days, visit that fish market and all its food vendors stalls anbe happy and go back home to the USA knowing I did a full culinary tour of Japan. that would be an ideal realistic vacation and worth it !!

  12. うわ、美味そう。

  13. せっかく良い動画作ってるのにクチャラーはあかんわ。

  14. So Shinichi or Satoshi, I have a question….did most of these food market places you visited in the video of the outer market move to the new market location in Toyosu? I visit Japan often and I haven't been back in a year now and will return in April and wonder if the new market is worth a visit? Thx for the great review of the old outer market!

  15. went to Tsukiji today, follow all your recommendation and it is amazing. 
    but was not able to find the fish burger, i roamed all the streets. hope next time you can share the location too. even your nakano video cannot find the nikuman so i went home sad. 🙁

  16. every video of yours makes me want to visit Japan just to eat food. I especially loved the fish burger / ginger ale place!

  17. Hey Shinichi and Satoshi, I have a video request for you if you're feeling adventurous!
    Every year, in Serbia, they have an annual grill festival in Leskovac. I plan to visit there someday to try out the food. I'd love to see you sample the different meats and cheeses. It's a bit of a trip but it would be a treat to see you do a Street Food Tour in a European country!

  18. Could you please update where they (the market) has moved to? I’ve already subscribed your channel Love you content. Great job guys

  19. We went there just a month before you shot this video. So much good food. Thanks for bringing back those happy memories. Wish we could have eaten as much as you did that day.

  20. I love sushi, catch it, fillet it, salt and lemon or not, tear it up.  what you ate in this video looks bloody awesome, fantastic,  i'm drowning in my own juices.  I, personally, would like to see more seafood videos.

  21. My favorite giveaway that Satoshi likes something is how much he moves around while eating lol it's so cute!

  22. Mmm, I definitely need to try that fish burger when we're in Tokyo again! I didn't see that during our visit a couple months ago.

  23. Hi I love your channel.
    I have a question about tsukiji.
    I’m planning a trip to Tokyo this summer and wanted to got to tsukiji for some street food.
    Would it be best to go to the old market area or the newer market?

  24. After tasting the amazing food in Japan, now, even when I travel in the US, I'm always looking for a good Japanese restaurant. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Had a question I was hoping someone could answer. When they make certain tempura,what's in the batter? Like the stuff that sorta looks like shredded cheese or coconut? You can see it when they are doing the fish. I think they used it on some katsu too. Kinda looks like potato sticks stuck to the tempura when it's done. I'm really curious. Hopefully someone knows what I mean and can help out 🙂

  26. Isn't Tsukiji market moving? Also, everything looked delicious! That crab leg looked tiny heh 🙂 but great…I did a Homer Simpson "ggahhhhhmmmmmmmm" or whatever sound that he makes when he sees and smells delicious food! I made that sound at the maguro tuna!

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