100 Replies to “John Krasinski Was Ready To Quit Acting Before ‘The Office’

  1. i like john krasinski but that's enough with these "quiet" movies. how many more can possibly be made?

  2. U know he was almost Spider-Man, in 2003/4 Tobey Maguire was not to return as Spider-Man and John Was supposed to replace him as Spider-Man

  3. “In a world of superheroes and people with capes and shooting things out of their hands…” 😂😂😂😂

  4. Wait what movies has he directed?
    I thought force awakens was directed by jj Abraham’s and raging bull came out in 1980

  5. John was Jim for ONE episode as a dwight prank and it was hilarious. The way it changed his life is insane. Imagine what it did for Randall Park.

  6. He should’ve quit acting. Seriously the guy can’t act. He’s terrible. I think he’s just a likable guy but is no better acting than someone in high school drama class. The dude hit the jackpot in life and knows it.

  7. Something tells me the crowd had to be told to cheer towards the end there. I got the feeling that they would have been silent the entire time which would have been awkward.

  8. so john krasinski could've been my teacher…
    damn. let that sink in.
    (also, the odds aren't as low as you'd think. i go to school about 30 minutes from his hometown)

  9. Dude credits his every success to his families, but his modesty and appreciation for other people is what got him this far.

  10. So his mother is the actual reason Jim is in the Office! Lesson: don't quit September, go the whole year.
    @7:28 was that Michael Scott lol.
    Quiet Place VERY well made!

  11. It’s so weird to see his real personality rather than jim and when he said to be with his wife I thought of “pam”

  12. he feels like he would be a math teacher. in fact, he reminds me of my math teacher like sometimes he could be really serious but for the most part he just jokes around 🙂

  13. Such a beautiful person and family! Really glad you stuck out that 3 weeks buddy 🙂 many smiles have been brought to the world since then!

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