100 Replies to “Judge Judy Sheindlin Tells Women How To Negotiate Salary | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Judge just is the Queen of Tv , when I’m down she cheered me up .
    She’s honest , smart @ has commonsense values .

  2. Judy is right- parents threaten, but rarely follow through, and that's why kids are out here doing crazy things. As a parent myself, I know that the hardest part of being a parent is following through… no parent wants to be the bad guy, or make their kids upset. There is a system that makes the whole "following through" thing much easier. It makes kids want to be more responsible and accountable for their actions. It's called Mom Dollar Money- Despite the name, no cash is involved. Just google it if you want to know more.

  3. Judy's clothes and hair are so much more stylish and professional than the MC's. How did this messy look come about? That scraggly blonde hair with the dark roots says "poor white."

  4. how can black women attend a 'power' event? girl power is no different to 'white power' and women are not supposed to want to pretend to renounce adulthood, women only events are unacceptable in 2020, it's discriminatoratory, and tends to be dictatorial

  5. oh jesus the presenter has SO little to do! I thought you talked about everything at least! Fk me but feminazi need slaps aplenty! Thnk fk JJ does a FINE job of it!

  6. Judge Judy is right about what is wrong with this world and the justice system. Not enough tough love and consequences. Exactly why we have so many repeat offenders and high crime in almost every state.

  7. the blonde is patting her on the head! why is the blonde patronising Judge Judy? Doesn't she understand what that is prophetic prequel to?

  8. Judy is one of the most beautiful women i have seen, she's real, not trendy, not politically correct. What a human! We will never have her again

  9. Megan Kelly. OMG what a weirdo she is. Like a crazy primary school teacher who goes nuts coz she gets to sing a ridiculous song with 5 year olds.

  10. I was today years old when I realized Judge Judy has a last name. She’s always been referred to at my home as Judge Judy.

  11. Judge Judy does the opposite of what the feminist narrative demands: she doesn't claim victimhood status. She doesn't say that she is institutionally oppressed and that the world never gave her a chance. She stands on her own competence and value and relies on the rational self-interest of those she deals with to recognize her value.

  12. Well…the end of this video. See, that’s great. But ultimately, if the person on the other side of that discussion says I’m not paying that much, Judy can say ok bye. Not everyone can…and that’s the problem. I’m sure she struggled. There’s no doubt in my mind. But it’s also possible that she forgot where she came from. She was noticed. That’s the key. Not everyone gets noticed and not everyone has the privilege to say pay me my worth or I’m gone. She’s on tv and lives in a huge house. She doesn’t talk about money because she’s a 1%. So, that being said….

  13. JUDY ,,,, You look and act the some as my Aunty ,,,, you both can pass as twins ,,, my Aunty has passed away ,,,, love your no ,,, nonsent ways , love your show ,,,

  14. Meg 🤮UGHHH🤫SUCH🤫🤫A🤫🤫🤫sell out..
    Oh but how I love judge JEWDY yikes baby your ear hair is much longer on one side than the other tho….oopsy

  15. I don't know why Judge Judy doesn't want to run for President of United States or run for Senate. it does not matter the age..Just to cleanup some nonsense going on now. She knows she will win.Kelly ask her why she is quite.?

  16. Judge Judy is someone I truly admire! I’d see her on my grandmothers tv screen everyday after school and I still tune in today to gain lifelong wisdom! Thanks for the tips on negotiating Judge Judy!

  17. omg, she just called her a "little OLD lady judge"…..ummm, how is that not offensive …would she have said that about a man at the same age. Meghan Kelly is dumb; socially

  18. This woman hasn't got a clue on law..one off the many stupid things says is wen a person takes evidence say says not intrested..well if I think it's relevant it is important..or she says not intrested..well she should be..good job she ain't in the uk she would be laughed out off court..we're did she get her so called qualifications..Disney land..she is a joke

  19. Some people think Judge Judy is prejudice, I believe their correct. Judge Judy is prejudice against law brokers, and she should be, it's her job.

  20. It was that moment judge Judy, when my ex and i looked at each other and said..Not only are they not helping her, their hurting her. Thats what my ex did for me.🤗

  21. A little subtle hint I picked up from Judge Judy just then. If the physician's assistant retires and they are indispensable, the physician may retire too. Hence you can ask for what ever you want.
    But ponder this, if you ask too much and the physician can't afford it, the physician is faced with the prospect of folding up shop or paying something they can't afford.

  22. Is she tough enough to step up to supreme court level or like the showing of justice. Which we love her either way. She has a good life of show and as a celebrity

  23. I'll never forget my best friends brother went to judge Judy and she called him a male chauvinist pig . I died laughing bc at that time in his life it was true .

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