Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ellen Are Definitely Not Running for Office

Hi, it’s me Ellen. And it’s me, television star
and America’s sweetheart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Me– me, too. And then we’re both
registered voters as well. That’s right. For instance, if you wanted
to vote for me and Julia as president and
vice president, you would have to register to vote. Not that we’re running. But I mean if we were,
it seems much more likely that I would
be president and you would be vice president. You really have to
register to vote first. That’s our point. Yes, of course. And each state has
its own deadline. So if you live in Montana– For instance. –check your
deadline to register. Or New Mexico, or New York, or– Right, or Colorado. Or Michigan. Or-ee-gon. Or-ee-gon? Mm-hm. I think it’s Or– Or-i-gon. Or-i-gon? No, that’s incorrect. That’s why you’re more
vice president material. [BEEP] Oh, it’s Or-gan. No, that’s– it’s not Oregon. Oregon sounds like
you’re playing an organ, like in church. Oregon. That’s– no, it’s Or-gan. Not– it’s not Or-gan. No one says, where are you from? Look it. I see what it says. But it’s not saying the– It’s Or-gan. No, Or-e-gon. Or-gan. Oregon. You’re saying– You’re– Now it sounds– what
you say is crazy. What you sound– you’re crazy. Again, we’re not running. No. But we will be registering
and voting in that order. Go to ellentube.com
to find out more.

26 Replies to “Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ellen Are Definitely Not Running for Office

  1. You will what do for. My question for you to as well do anything as well I will make it tall 3 see I can make it on time if not I will Also Tall you now as well

  2. Ellen the world best woman will be the 1st president and you will be the VC president and are also a nice woman no doubt Ellen I pray for you to be the president the whole world will be lovely and best Ellen God be and bless you Ellen love you Ellen

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